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Understanding Qatar Airways- An Overview

Qatar Airways
Written by Macy Grace

Qatar Airways is rated among the best airlines in the world. Its popularity and preference have been attributed to its unique services and modernity. Over the last few years, the company has put a lot of effort in establishing state-of-the-art infrastructure ranging from the Airport, its fleet, booking, and baggage terms among others. These features have earned the airline a lot of favor among the passengers while at the same time winning the airline a lot of regional and international awards. In an attempt to modernize its services, the airline has established an online portal where passengers can book their flights, manage their booking, check-in online, check the flight status and search the flight time table.

Booking flights

With the modern Qatar Airways online portal, the passengers can book their flights from the comfort of their homes. Passengers are required to log in to the online portal and fill in a flight booking form. The passengers are expected to indicate the departure and the destination city. They are also required to indicate in their booking whether they require a return, one-way or multi-city tickets. Additionally, passengers are expected to indicate the dates of departure and return in the flight booking portal.

Moreover, the flight booking portal requires the passengers to indicate the nature of the passengers; the number of adults, children, and infants. Since flights are booked on classes, the passengers have to choose between the three classes; business, economy or first class and the portal automatically generates the charged fare. Once a passenger has provided all these details, he or she can rest assured that the flight has been successfully booked.

Managing Booking with Qatar Airways

Once a flight booking has been made, one can easily manage it. Just like booking a flight, booking is managed in the airline portal. When one books a flight, a reference code is generated. This is the code that is keyed in when managing that particular booking. Besides the reference code, one is required to provide the last name and the booking appears. To manage the code, one can adjust the information provided such as the flight dates, departure and destination cities as well as the nature of the passengers. If no management is required, the booking remains as booked till the travel date.

Qatar Airways Flight Check-in

Just like booking and managing booking, flight check-in is also done online. Flight check-in is used to monitor the flight to the booked destination. The flight to be checked in depends on the destination. For example, flight check-in from some destination can only be possible only 48 hours before flight departure while others require 90 minutes to the departure time. For flights to the USA, check-in only opens 24 hours to the departure time. Therefore, passengers are advised to check the destination and departure cities before checking in the booked flights with Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways Flight Status

Just like flight booking, managing booking and flight check-in, flight status is also done online. To check the flight status, one needs to key in the date of the flight to be checked. In most cases, Qatar Airways flight status is checked through the flight route. Therefore, one needs to know the flight route; departure city and destination city. If one doesn’t know the flight route, then, the flight number can be used to check the status. With this search, one can easily check the status of a certain flight which is available in local times. However, Qatar Airways flight status and schedules are likely to change without any prior notice. Additionally, flights shown on the status search do not at times represent all possible flights that are available. To avoid any inconveniences, passengers are advised to consult the local Qatar Airways offices so as to get the latest updates.

Timetable search

It is evident that Qatar Airways has modernized everything including timetable search. The timetable search helps the passenger to check the timetable of flights flying to particular destinations and from certain departures. By keying in the departing and returning dates, one can get the time the airline’s flight timetable. With all this information, passengers can easily make informed decisions on when to travel.

Qatar Airways’ Privilege Club

Qatar Airways values the contribution of passengers, and that is why it has come up with a privilege club with the aim of rewarding royal customers. Making regular travels with the airline pays. Customers are classified as platinum, gold, silver or Burgundy members. Members earn Qmiles when members travel by airline. The amounts of Qmiles earned depend on the fare paid. The fare paid, on the other hand, depends on the booking classes and the travel sector. Once the Qmiles have accumulated for a particular period, the members can redeem them. The Qmiles are redeemable for upgrades, excess baggage, or use them to do shopping at Qatar Duty-Free shops at Hamad International Airport.

The airline also has a family program where the main family members can pool their Qmiles for faster awards. One family member is then nominated by the rest to redeem the awards on behalf of the rest.

Members are classified as Platinum, Gold, Silver or Burgundy. Being a recognized member with Qatar Airways has its rewards. These members have privileges such as lounge access, first-class check-in, Al-Maha services, increased baggage allowance and much more. Additionally, members get personalized membership card, personalized baggage tags, digital membership card, priority baggage handling and special discount on purchases at Qatar Duty-Free shops


It is quite clear that Qatar Airways has gained popularity and preference due to its up to date strategies aimed at enhancing customer service. Having modernized everything explains why many people across the world like it. It also explains why the airline has been winning awards year in year out. It is also quite clear that the airline highly appreciates the role of passengers in making it a renowned world class flight. In this aspect, it has come up with a comprehensive award strategy that awards royal customers

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