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A Travel Guide; Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways
Written by Macy Grace

I am one person who likes traveling, and I guess there are many other people in the world who are like me. One thing I have known in life is the fact that most people know nothing or know little about flights. I don’t want to call it ignorance, but I think you should know something about some of the world’s best-known airline companies such as Qatar Airways and the Fly Emirates. Before, I learnt about Qatar Airways; I thought that a flight is just a flight; it doesn’t matter the airline company that you use, but that is wrong. There are some airline companies that are considered the best, and trust me; Qatar Airways lead in the list of the best.

My experience with Qatar Airways comes as result of my travel experiences as well as my quest to know. I think I have spent a lot of time researching about flights regarding booking, cabin, baggage, and the rest. In my research, I have personally concluded that Qatar Airways is the best, not only in the Middle East but also across the globe. Instead of telling many stories, why can’t you just check the tips below about Qatar Airways, the best Airline for your travel needs?

Magic Fleets

I have chosen the world magic very carefully since Qatar Airways’ fleets are magical. Okay, I know I sound a bit exaggerating, but that is pure truth. Maybe you are wondering why I am calling the fleets magical. To begin with, I deeply hold that Qatar Airways has the newest fleets in the industry. You don’t have to fly worrying that the plane engine can collapse and the plane crashes. Such worries are not there with Qatar Airways. I am talking about this out of personal experience. Most of its fleets are new, and the oldest is about four years of age. The airline knows that things are changing, including the fleets. I remember the worry I had when I boarded a plane that seemed 30 years old from one of the most common airlines. Let me not mention the name for security purposes.

Why am I deviating? Back to Qatar Airways, the new fleets come with state-of-the-art facilities; the seats, entertainment options and much more. I know you think that I am exaggerating, but you can confirm it from another person who has had taken a Qatar Airways flight.

I like Their Coverage

One thing I like in life is consistency. Qatar Airways is known to touch every corner of the globe. Where does consistency come in? Like I earlier noted, I like adventuring; moving from one continent to the other. I guess you know how many continents are there in the world. Can you imagine me boarding Qatar Airways to the USA, Kenya Airways to Asia and Air Malaysia to Europe? That sounds hectic, doesn’t it? Of course, it does. I like consistency, and Qatar Airways gives me that. I use it to cover my trips across the globe since the airline has destinations in every airport that you can mention.

Guaranteed Safety

I don’t like dying, and I guess that you don’t like it too. For me, safety comes first as far as travel experiences are concerned. Do you know that Qatar Airways has won numerous safety awards? I thought you should know so that you may add it as your travel partner the next time you are adventuring. I have been doing some extensive research about Qatar Airways regarding the number of accidents it has been involved in. The results are negligible as far as my research is concerned. The other safety I am concerned with is the safety of my baggage. How would you feel if you just alighted from a flight just to find your baggage missing? It would sound and feel awkward. Have I mentioned their baggage allowance rates and extra baggage rates? I will tell you later but just know that their rates are incredible.

Award Winning Cabin Crew

I don’t want to talk about the environment inside the planes, but one thing caught my eyes about Qatar Airways; the cabin crew. These are mainly ladies, smartly dressed and ever smiling. Ever thought of a customer-oriented service? Then, Qatar Airways is the place to get this. I even understood why the cabin crew had been receiving best cabin crew award year in year out. For the first time, I felt like a dignitary inside the plane. For sure, this has been Qatar Airways’ main strength.

In-flight Entertainment

There is one thing that I have insisted on as far as flights are concerned; value for money. I don’t like spending 20 hours on a boring plane. Tell me, what would I be doing for 20 hours in the plane that has boring entertainment options? With Qatar Airways, this is sorted. There are over 2,000 entertainment options on the screens located behind every seat. Do not forget that the cabin is spacious enough to allow stretching and all the seats are adjustable. In some classes such as the first class and business class, the seats are convertible to beds. These classes come with pillows and clean duvets. The cabin has power sockets where one can connect a laptop and up-to-date headphones.

Do you think that the entertainment in the economy class is any less? The entertainment comes along with youth channels that have 24 hours movie coverage. There are also options for children with numerous cartoon channels.

There You Go

I have liked Qatar Airways, and surprising enough, I have influenced most of my friends to choose the airline. I may not have covered everything about Qatar Airways, but at Least I have highlighted the key things that are mostly considered when making decisions on the airline to choose. Out of experience, I feel Qatar Airways has it right; flight booking, paying tickets, checking flight status and much more. From all these aspects, I strongly recommend Qatar Airways as the best flight option in the world.

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