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Six Things That You Didn’t Know About Fly Dubai

Six Things That You Didn't Know About Fly Dubai
Written by Macy Grace

Dubai is one of the most popular regions in the Middle East. When you mention Dubai, one main thing comes in your mind; business. It is one of the places that have been encountering a large number of travelers. Now that you have an idea of what Dubai is, do you know anything about Fly Dubai?

With a few years in the industry, it has been marked to be the airline to watch as far as growth and expansion are concerned. You have heard about Fly Dubai as an airline, but there are some few deep things that you should know about the carrier.

Fly Dubai Serves Alongside The Emirates

These are two airlines in one state. Though the Fly Emirates established earlier, it isn’t many steps ahead of Fly Dubai. The two airlines are managed separately with each one of them having a separate management team. The Fly Emirates has sophisticated services and extra comfort. While Fly Dubai has only two travel classes, Fly Emirates has three.

Regarding size, Fly Emirates is considered bigger that Dubai airlines regarding fleets, destinations covered and number of workers. Regarding ticket prices, Fly Dubai charges low prices, and mainly associated with middle-class business people. On the other hand, Fly Emirates has business and first class travel options where customers pay more for extra comfort. Both of them cover different routes though at times the routes overlap. Regarding performance, a review of Dubai airlines has shown a consistent growth while the Fly Emirates seems to have reached its peak.

It Has Good But Wanting In-Flight Services

If you are a middle-class traveler, Dubai airline will be your best partner. For those who like memorable travel experiences and high-class comfort, Fly Dubai may not work for you. The good thing about their onboard services is their cabin crew. Like other Middle East airlines, their crew is multi-lingual. Given the many routes that are covered by the airline, there is a need to have cabin crew who has varied backgrounds. So, if you are boarding the airline, you are likely to be served by an Asian, an Arab, an African or even an American. This choice of the cabin crew is a clear indication that the airline appreciates diversity.

What you also like most about the cabin crew is their attire. Just like Fly Dubai’s colors, the cabin crew is smartly dressed in sky blue uniform that leaves them looking extremely gorgeous. Unlike other airlines where one gets what he wants, with Fly Dubai you get what you pay for. Indeed, onboard services are part of the ticket. The airline has adopted this so as to do away with extra costs that come with exaggerated comfort in the plane. Therefore, if you don’t want any food, snack or drink, you can as well not pay for it.

Fly Dubai Has Over 50 Routes

Within the short period that the airline has been operating, it has about 50 routes already. With every eight weeks, the airline must come up with a new route. To avoid an overlap with the Fly Emirates, Fly Dubai mainly focuses on new routes. Its main aim is to connect Dubai with new destinations.

In this aspect, the airline has connected Dubai with many African and Asian countries. Most passengers with Dubai airlines see it as a savior since they had to go to Dubai through other destinations. As you know, Dubai is a major business hub with many business people visiting it each day. With this, Fly Dubai is gaining a significant momentum that other airlines in the region must watch closely.

It Has The Best Prices Ever

With all that you have read, Fly Dubai is seen as the solution to many middle class and small scale business personalities. In an attempt to create a strong customer base, Fly Dubai has lowered its prices. Many analysts see this as a strategic move that is likely to work very well for the airline. What will amaze you is the fact that even with reduced prices; the airline continues to make significant profits. However, this is likely to work against its sister airline, Fly Emirates.  To many, Fly Dubai came at a time when economic times are hard, and business people are yearning travel at subsidized prices.

Fly Dubai Has Limited Catering Services

If you have ever taken a flight with Qatar Airways, then, you may not compare the experience with that of Fly Dubai. Qatar Airways and the Fly Emirates are known for their excellent catering services that leave everyone talking about it. With Dubai airline, junk food, and instant foods are limited. You are likely to hear people complain after being served drinks with plastic cups. In short, you may not always get what you want with Fly Dubai. However, what you will like about their catering services is the fact that you order what you want by just pressing buttons at the back of every seat.

They Have Excellent Entertainment

Even if their catering is not that incredible, Fly Dubai has installed excellent HD screens that give customers high-class entertainment. What you will not like about this is the fact that all entertainment options must be paid for before boarding the plane.

Like earlier noted, you only get what you pay for. Like any other TV subscription, Fly Dubai’s passengers subscribe to the entertainment options that they want. These subscriptions range from the basic package to premium one with each one of them offering different options. The main idea is to charge less to those who don’t have much and more to those who wish to spend their money on such stuff.

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