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Seven Benefits of Working for Fly Dubai Airline

Fly Dubai Airline
Written by Macy Grace

Have you pursued a career as an air hostess or cabin attendant? Do you dream working with a growing international airline? This is one article that you should read. In most cases, many people who wish to work as air hostesses, pilots or cabin assistants know very little about world airlines. You may not be interested in working with Fly Dubai Airline but may wish to know something about it; then you should also read this. Analysts always say that an organization’s management is reflected by the way the organization treats its workers. If you make a Fly Dubai Airline review, you are going to note that workers in the airline have numerous advantages.

Fly Dubai Airline is a small airline compared to giants such as Qatar Airlines. However, those who have worked there have always talked about the benefits that employees enjoy. You many not believe it but this article takes you through six benefits that workers at Fly Dubai Airline enjoy. From this review, you will be able to view the airline differently and may develop a desire to work there.

Fly Dubai Airline Offers Numerous Discounts

Being a state-owned airline, workers at the airline are considered to be government workers, and this comes with a lot of benefits. You will not believe that workers at Fly Dubai Airline receive discounts and offers on most local products. This is quite amazing. Having the worker’s card guarantees you some discounts when you are buying stuff in the supermarket or other shops. You will also receive a bonus on all services such as education and medical services. These are very attractive packages that may attract anyone to work there. Small as it may appear to be, Fly Dubai values it, workers, very much since it knows that its success hugely depends on the workers’ commitment.

Tax-Free Salary from Fly Dubai Airline

May be you have ever heard that the only people who receive tax-free salaries are the soldiers. Well, this is true in many countries. You can attest that many people pay a lot of money as tax that is deducted from their salaries. With Fly Dubai, this is considered to be the best nightmare. Working with the airline guarantees a salary that is not only competitive but also tax-free. This has been one way of motivating workers to give their all as far as work as concerned. You now imagine how that could be possible. If you assess the payment packages of workers from other airlines, the tax-free issue does not come in.

Regular Training Programs

Fly Dubai Airline has hugely emulated Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines in having the best cabin crew. If you assess Qatar Airways, you are going to note that their cabin crew has been voted as the best crew year in year out. This has created a very positive image among the customers as far as service delivery is concerned. Similarly, Fly Dubai wants nothing less. You will find out that the airline is investing so much on the workers’ personal development programs. This is done by having numerous training programs so that the workers can be the best. With the best crew, the airline will be able to move to its goal with great ease.

Annual Education Allowance

You may ask yourself what this means. As part of the regular training and academic advancement, the airline has been giving its workers annual education allowances. This program is aimed at facilitating workers to advance their studies if one wants to. What is the most interesting about the package is the fact that it comes with an insurance cover. In this aspect, your close family members may benefit from the package in case you don’t want to use it. Fly Dubai understands that not all people enjoy furthering their studies and that’s why the benefit may be transferred to a third party. However, as a worker, the airline will highly encourage you to do personal development.

Discounted Fly Dubai Airline Flight Tickets

What you are likely to like most about Fly Dubai is these discounted flight tickets. Working with this airline guarantees you an unlimited number of flight tickets annually. These flight tickets will not only apply to you but also to your close relatives. With this package, you and your close relatives may make trips across the globe, thanks to discounted tickets. The package may not be free in other airlines such as Qatar Airways but, it is a goo package all the same.

End of Service Reward

Many working organizations will only reward you if you retire working with them but not Fly Dubai. If you work with the airline for more than five years, then you are guaranteed for an end of service reward. The reward comes as a way of appreciating your contribution towards making Dubai airlines great. The reward is calculated based on your gross salary. Thinking of changing career will not, therefore, leave you broke, if this package is something to go by.

You become a Member of many Social and Sports Clubs

As a way of relieving work-related stress, Fly Dubai has come up with unique social clubs and sports. This is where you and your colleagues meet to have fun. The social clubs guarantee all workers of the airline free membership while still open to the greater community at a fee. These clubs and sporting activities allow you and your colleagues to have real bonding outside work. Like you know, working as a pilot or a cabin crew can be at times hectic. Therefore, such activities are essential, and Fly Dubai knows it.

It’s, therefore, Fun to work with Fly Dubai

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why you should work with the airline. The benefits also give you a clear picture of what Dubai airline’s management is all about. With the above assessment, you can also determine the future of the airline. In short, one thing remains obvious; Fly Dubai is committed to the best, and it has started it by creating a strong working team. You never know, Fly Dubai’s cabin crew might be the award-winning crew in future.

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