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How Qatar Airways Saved My Day

Qatar Airways
Written by Macy Grace

That sudden business call left me wondering what to do. I was not prepared to leave the following day to get to Thailand for an urgent business meeting. I had been in Qatar for quite some time and was not ready to leave in such short notice. What left me wondering is how I would catch a flight to Thailand within a day. Catching a flight was not even the main issue; the main issue was whether I would get a plain to that destination. Being a weekend, it was very hard to get a plane flying to Asia and to Thailand specifically. Additionally, there were very few flights that made trips to Thailand.

I visited Qatar Airways online portal, and this was the beginning of my miracle. In the timetable option, there was a flight that was scheduled to fly from Qatar to Thailand the following day. You have no idea what this meant to me. My biggest worry was how to book a flight and acquire a ticket within a day. At first, I thought this was impossible, but with Qatar Airways, nothing was impossible. I called a few friends who assured of the possibility to book a flight, pay a ticket and take a flight within a day, thanks to Qatar Airways. How was it possible then?


Like I have noted above, I have enough reasons to believe that Qatar Airways is the best airline in the world. What I liked most about it is its diverse connections. Who would have thought that a fleet of that airline would be flying to Thailand on the weekend? I later found out that Qatar Airways had destinations all over the world, even in areas where other airlines didn’t fly. What could I have done if Qatar Airways was not flying to Thailand? That would have been a great mess for my business.

From that day, I always have my mind set; its either I board Qatar Airways or no trip at all. Don’t see as if I am joking. Human decisions are influenced by small things like that one. Later, I came to understand why many of my business colleagues used the airline on their business trips. For me, I only stuck on the local airline in the sense of being patriotic.


Like I earlier noted, I thought that it would be hard to book a flight and buy a ticket within a day. We are in a new digital era, and the past is gone. With Qatar Airways, booking a flight and buying a ticket takes only a few minutes. This was great for me. With my laptop, I easily accessed their online portal where I booked my flight. Once the booking was through, I simply used my credit card to pay for the ticket. Did I make any travel? Definitely no. After some few minutes, I did a check-in and there my name was, with the flight number, class and the seat I would occupy. A simple procedure it was compared to lengthy procedures that I have to follow when catching flights from the local airline.

State-of-the-art Premium Terminal

It’s good to note that those 24 hours were hectic for me. I had neither eaten nor slept. I felt exhausted even before taking the flight. When I arrived at the airport, it was almost noon. I had only one business in mind; to take flight and go to Thailand. I realized that Qatar Airways flight would take off at 2 pm. I had two good hours to do some extras. What caught my eyes is the premium terminal at Hamad Airport. My problems were sorted there. I paid some few coins just to enjoy hot shower from a Jacuzzi. I later took some meal and drinks. It was an incredible experience with the spur. My stay at the airport for those two hours was quite amazing.

In my flight to Qatar, I hadn’t noted the premium terminal since I was in a hurry to attend a business meeting. At this particular day, I enjoyed it to my fullest. I also took advantage of the duty-free shops to buy some few things for my trip since I hadn’t had time to buy anything in the city. I later boarded my flight with a lot of memories about the terminal.

Baggage Allowances

I had carried some few pieces of luggage since I was not planning to fly back to Qatar on my way back home. At the same time, I had bought some few items in the premium. Suddenly, I noted that one was not allowed to board the plane with many pieces of baggage. Fortunately, I learnt that with Qatar Airways, business class passengers are allowed to carry two pieces of baggage each not weighing more than 15 kg. This sounded really good for me. Mine was not that heavy. It was about 28 kg and, therefore, the airline saved my day again.

In-flight Relaxation

As I have noted, I hadn’t slept the previous night. I was quite exhausted and tired. Fortunately, Qatar Airways offers unique cabins; with convertible chairs, pillows, and duvets. With all these, though it was day time, I took advantage of it and slept soundly. I didn’t note any difference between sleeping in the plane and sleeping in my hotel. At some time, I forgot that I was on a plane and started snoring. Fortunately, one of the cabin crew woke me up informing me that we were almost in Thailand. I woke up relaxed, just to be given a cup of coffee and some snacks by the kind cabin assistant. To me, the flight, though unexpected, was quite enjoyable, thanks to Qatar Airways.

It did save my Day Indeed

I just liked everything about Qatar Airways. Their services such as flight booking, buying a ticket, premium terminal, duty-free shops, baggage allowances and in-flight luxury were amazing. I later reached Thailand, and I am not sure whether that was a miracle or a story to tell, but one thing remained evident; Qatar Airways indeed saved my day.

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