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Qatar Airways Review

Qatar Airways Review
Written by Macy Grace

Overview of Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is the national carrier of Qatar. The airline was launched in 1997 although it had been established in 1993. It is totally owned by the Qatar government and is rated as the largest airline network in the Middle East. The airline has its headquarters in Tower Airport Road that is situated at Doha in Qatar. Qatar Airways is a member of one world alliance. The carrier is one of the most popular airlines across the world, covering all the six continents of the world with about 145 destinations.

The airline has an extensive investment with 10% share in LATAM and 20% share in the International Airlines Group. Qatar Airways has plans of acquiring 49% share in Meridian. The airline’s planes are either two or three-cabin. The two-cabin planes have economy class and business class while the three-cabin planes have Business class, First class and Economy class.

Over the past few years, Qatar Airways has been noted to be one of the fastest growing carriers across the globe. Its expansion is estimated to be averaging to double-digit growth each year.  Qatar Airway’s success is attributed to the dynamic leadership of Akbar Al Baker, who is the group Chief Executive. Through his exemplary leadership, the airline has made noticeable growth turning it into an award-winning carrier.

Why Qatar Airways is unique compared to the rest?


It is obvious that Qatar Airways is among the World’s best carriers. For the last one year, the airline won the Best Airline Staff Service, Best Business Class Airline Lounge and Best Business Class. The airline comes first among all the other airlines in the Middle East. Indeed, Qatar Airways is set to be the first airline in the world to meet and highly exceed ICAO’s Global Aeronautical Distress Safety System popularly known as GADSS. This is enabled by the airline’s use of Global Beacon Technology that ensures every-minute monitoring and tracking.


Comparing Qatar Airways with other airlines that operate in the Middle East such as Delta Flights and Kuwait Airways flights, Qatar Airways comes top. To start with, a Qatar Airway is the only airline that covers the most destinations as earlier noted. By 2016, the airline is expected to raise world destinations to 170. This will automatically give it an upper hand over the rest. Over the last few years, the airline has been able to cover more countries such as Azerbaijan, Tanzania, Georgia, Australia, Iraq, Croatia, Mozambique, Myanmar, Rwanda and Serbia among others.

Its Unique Fleets

Qatar airline that started with four planes in 1997 has over 100 aircrafts today. What makes the airline unique is its many young fleets. Indeed, it has the youngest fleets in the region. The average age of its planes is four years. Moreover, the airline has spent over $ 50 billion to buy new fleets that are pending delivery in the coming years. Some of the fleets awaiting delivery include A380s, A350s, Boeing 787s, and A320 Neos.

State-of-the-Art Premium Terminal

Finally, Qatar Airways is considered the best airline to travel by due to its premium terminal. The premium terminal only caters for its business and first class passengers at Doha Airport. This is a unique terminal that other airlines in the Middle East do not have. This terminal cost the airline $90 million and was constructed within a period of six months. It has unique facilities such as a spar, duty-free shopping, sit-down check-in, business center, delicatessen, fine dining restaurants and a cocktail bar. Qatar Airways premium terminal is an indication and proof of its dedication in innovation and customer service concern. The terminal targets the airlines most loyal customers by giving them hospitality and comfort before catching their flights. This uniqueness makes the airline the most preferred in the region.

Key Features that Distinguish Qatar Airways

One of the key features of Qatar Airways in its ownership. Every available document points out that the airline is fully owned by the Qatar government. The other main feature of the airline is its divisions. The airline has several divisions ranging from Doha International Airport, Qatar Airways Holidays, Qatar Aircraft Catering Company Qatar Executive and Qatar Distribution Company. All these divisions are the ones that strengthen the airline.

Qatar Airways freight department is the third largest in the world as far as international cargo carrier is concerned. To facilitate transportation of the cargo, the airline is in the process of acquiring three Boeing 777F. These planes will help the airline to handle over 750,000 tones of cargo per annum. By 2010, the airline launched its first cargo flight to the USA. This flight has facilitated cargo transportation from Doha to Chicago.

Qatar Executive is also another remarkable feature of Qatar Airways. This is a corporate jet that is mainly hired by business and political executives to offer private flights.

Additionally, Qatar Airways has been involved in various sponsorship programs. One of these programs is sponsoring FC Barcelona’s shirts in 2013. This was a remarkable corporate social responsibility for the airline. The airline also sponsored Al-Ahli Saudi FC’s shirts in 2014. Finally, the airline became the official sponsor of Sydney Swans in 2016. These sponsorship programs indicate Qatar Airways’ commitment to the larger community.

Qatar Airways Review: Some Negative Aspects

There have been a few complaints about certain aspects of Qatar Airways. For example, there has been complains about workers mistreatment and harassment. Additionally, some customers have always raised concerns about their luggage safety. This is because some passengers missed their luggage while others find their luggage tampered with. In other instances, some passengers have been concerned with the slow response of their customer care in case one has a query. In the quest to observe time, Qatar Airways has been accused of being too harsh. Some passengers have missed their flight when late for a few minutes. These are few negative incidences that have been reported though most of the report regarding Qatar Airways is positive.

Why Choose Qatar Airways?

From this article, it is clear that Qatar Airways is the pride of Middle East. The many destinations it covers and the number of fleets it has make it reliable. Most of its fleets are not old, and customer service has been upgraded. In terms of cargo, the airline has provided specialized cargo jets. The airline provides varied travel classes ranging from business, economy and first class. Additionally, the airline has an executive corporate jet that caters for corporate, business and political dignitaries.

Conclusion on this Qatar Airways Review

Though Qatar Airways has had a few drawbacks, it is clear that it has remained to be the best airline in the Middle East. With its unique and exemplary services, the airline has given the world a reason to believe in it. Its varied services and customer care have created a strong trust among customers across the world. In short, Qatar Airways is the Best airline to have in mind when traveling across the world.

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