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How to Pick Your Hotel for a Weekend in Istanbul

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Written by Macy Grace

If you wanted to spend a relaxing weekend in a different city from those you already know, then surely Istanbul is the right city. A city located on two continents, Europe and Asia, a cosmopolitan city that combines modern buildings and malls with the antic traditional bazaars, a place full of history, the main commercial, financial and cultural city of Turkey. This city is ranked among the most venerable European capitals, along with Rom and Athens. It is a city that has over 18 million inhabitants, with many sights, so you definitely need to visit it. for your cheap hotel booking site

The first step to reach Istanbul will be obviously to get your plane ticket, then you will need to book a room at one of so many thousands of hotels in Istanbul. Open a web page and then using Google, you will start looking for your best hotel deals. “hotels in Istanbul”, a group of words which will open the gates of Istanbul for you. You choose as your hotels booking website to pick your hotel and start to define your search. You will land on a special page dedicated to Istanbul city and you can see there are 1366 hotels, 141 apartments, 119 aparthotels, 26 hostels, B&Bs and 24 condos.

You’re greeted with a special offer, only $35 per night for Hotel Sultans Royal, a 4-star hotel located 0.2 miles from downtown and 8.3 miles from Ataturk International Airport. The price for a stay of 3 nights at this hotel, booked on, reaches $134. If you want to stay at a more expensive hotel but more luxurious, you can choose The House Hotel Bosphorus, a 5-star hotel located on the shores of Bosphorus, where a stay of 3 nights will cost you $550. comparing with other cheap hotel websites

If you have not yet booked your hotel and want to see other offer on other cheap hotel websites, then you can enter on, the competitor site of If you search the same hotels, The House Hotel Bosphorus directly om, you will be surprised to see the total price for 3 nights of accommodation is the same, $550. If you look for the other hotel, Sultans Royal Hotel, you will notice the price is identical, $134 for 3 nights of accommodation. In conclusion, prices on these two web sites are absolutely identical, which means that the two cheap hotel websites offer similar prices for the hotels in Istanbul. But each of these sites may have special offers for different hotels.

If you decided to book your hotel on, one of the best hotels booking website, then you can return to the home page and you can start booking. It could be better to choose a cheaper hotel, so you could choose the first hotel which costs $134 for 3 nights in Istanbul, because you will have a lot to see and you don’t need to stay so much inside the hotel. A weekend in Istanbul will pass very quickly. You can eat very well in this economic and cultural capital of Turkey, you can go shopping in several malls, visit the bazaar and see many other sights.

On the special page dedicated to hotels of this cheap hotel booking site, you can find more details that will help you to have a perfect stay. You’ll find a Google map with the exact location of the hotel in relation to the entire city, you can read the reviews left by other tourists who stepped into the same hotel that you want to pick and so you’ll be able to have a more objective opinion. Also you can find very good quality pictures of hotel rooms and other facilities that it offers. You can choose from several types of rooms, price varies depending on the position of the hotel, the superior facilities and more. For example, if the cheapest room would cost $550 for three nights, a luxurious room at the same hotel, a room with a double bed and sea view, could cost $1050. So you can find different prices for different budgets.

The advantages of booking on

Why to make a reservation on Because it is a very good site, recommended by many tourists, a site that has millions of monthly visitors and you can find the best hotel deal. The desktop version of this  is simple and it loads quickly so you can find very fast what you need. Hotels are ranked by price, rating, distance to different sightseeing or attractions of the city. The website has a mobile version that load pretty quickly, it has mobile apps for Android and iOS operating systems.

The disadvantages of booking on

Although you can not find many drawbacks, however, the fact that you can not rent a car directly on this site, may be a disadvantage, but not one that will stop you to book a cheap room for a special price.

Why should you choose for your hotels booking website in Istanbul?

You should choose to book the hotel room for a short visit in Istanbul on, because you will find the best hotel deals in Istanbul, at least for the same prices to other similar websites, also they have a lot of special offers that other sites do not. For example, if you register on and then book 10 nights, you will get the next one for free. Members can also benefit from secret prices, smaller than the regular ones for those who are not members. Find Last minute deals every day, discounts for summer and winter season, cheap hotels for a weekend getaway or a honeymoon stay on this cheap hotel booking website.

With more than 200.000 hotels in their offer from more than 60 countries, is among the top cheap hotel booking sites online, if not the best of them. They have a Facebook page where you can see the latest added hotels or the best deals of the day. If you want to go to Bangkok or Singapore, Las Vegas or Barcelona, offers unbeatable prices and luxury hotels for less.

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