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Need a Luxury Hotel at Cheap Rates? Use Expedia Hotel Search

Expedia Hotel Search
Written by Macy Grace

After years having lots of personal travel experience, we have learned some tricks and tips on how to book cheaper hotel rates. Nowadays it’s not a problem: traveling is cheap, all you have to do is to take some advice into account.

First tip: use Expedia Hotel and Expedia Flights services in order to get a good price. Just think about it: usually, you spend the amount of money on booking hotels and flights. With Expedia you can find only cheap flights and hotels, so don’t hesitate to use it. In addition, Expedia doesn’t charge any extra service fee, so you can expect to catch a good deal.

In this article, you will find some useful tips on how to make your journey affordable and comfortable at the same time. We will tell you how to find a good and not pricey hotel, and we hope that this information will help you to save your savings. So let’s start!

Types of hotels and facilities

All hotels can be classified according to target markets and according to the level of service. Most common hotel types are business hotels, residential hotels, resorts, conference hotels, airport hotels, and suites. In order to find a cheap hotel to book, you should know the difference between all those types. The second thing we have to mention is the level of hotel service. According to this criterion, hotels can be classified into high service level, middle and budget (or limited) level. High-level service usually provided in five-star hotels, which guests are wealthy people.

To talk about middle-range service, this category includes 3-4 star hotels. These hotels are the most popular in the travel industry, as the service usually is quite good and the prices are affordable. The last group includes hotels with limited services. These hotels appeal to travelers who just looking for a place to spend a night: no extra facilities are available, only a comfortable place to stay in. In order to save some money, you should look for hotels with the limited service, and you will definitely get the best price.

How to choose hotel for your vacation

Today there is a lot of useful services available for travelers: mostly all websites are free and don’t charge an extra fee. One of the most popular services in this field is Expedia. Using its website you can easily get everything you may need for your vacation. If you choose Expedia Hotel or Expedia Flights, you will get the best price on the internet. This is the main advantage of Expedia: it shows you only best results and valuable offers. So, in order to choose a relevant place to stay, go to and click ‘Hotel’ button.

However, if you are looking for the apartment, click ‘Vacation Rentals’. On the search page, you will be offered to enter some information about your trip. After that, the system will choose the most suitable places for your vacation. After you decided which hotel you would like to book, you can reserve it immediately. Want to know how? Keep reading.

2 ways to reserve a hotel room on Expedia

There are two simple ways to make a booking on The first one is online booking. It’s quite easy, but if you are experiencing any difficulties, you should contact Customer Service Support and they will help you to solve your problem. So in order to make a reservation online, press ‘Reserve’ button. After that, you have to choose a room and dining type. Now you’re ready to make a reservation! Provide your contact and payment information (you can pay with your Visa/MasterCard). As you can see, that’s pretty easy. If something went wrong or you have some question, you should better call customer service representative in order to get assistance. In addition, you can make a booking by phone.

How to get a generous discount

You did a good job and found a cheap hotel, what’s now? Your next step is searching for cheap flights. You can use Expedia flights search for that: just enter your departure date and destination and the system will find a relevant option for you. How can you get a discount? You should book as early as it is possible: early bookings are normally cheaper. Book a ticket/hotel as soon as it is possible: perfectly two-three weeks before the departure date. The second way to get a good discount is to check Expedia website everyday. Sometimes they have really generous discounts on hotels, flights, and cruises, you can save up to 50%! Don’t miss your chance to get a discount.

Conclusion: Is it worth to book on Expedia?

Nowadays there are a lot of different ways to book a hotel available: you can hire a travel agent, call the hotel directly or you can do it online. Of course, you can do it using the way, which the most convenient for you. In our opinion, there is no need to hire a travel agent, because you can do it by yourself. In addition, travel agents usually charge a very high fee. We suggest you book a hotel and cheap flights online because sometimes you can find really good deals online. Our opinion: in order to save some money, you should use online platforms, such as Is it worth to book on Expedia?

We would say: yes, definitely! Why do you have to spend hours searching for discounts on various websites if you can easily find everything you need for your vacation on Expedia? It doesn’t make sense. Using Expedia Hotel search, you will certainly find a cheap hotel for your vacation. And what is more important, you don’t have to pay any service fee. This advantage makes this service even more attractive. We very recommend you to use this website and hope you will find really good deals there. We kindly wish you to have a wonderful trip and we hope that this article was useful for you.

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