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Need to Fly? Choose Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways
Written by Macy Grace

What about Qatar Airways?

Skytrax, one of the leading consumer website named Qatar Airways as the best airline in the world in the year 2015. The main question that many people keep on asking is to why this was so. Unfortunately, many people across the world do not know why Qatar Airways is the best airline to use when flying across the world. There are many features that make the airline to have the upper hand over the rest. These features range from booking, baggage; destinations covered, prices, comfortability, safety and reliability among others.

Narrowing down from the world to the Middle East does not change the picture. Qatar Airline takes the day as far as flight business is concerned in the Middle East. To be specific, the airline has been voted as the most prestigious airline as far as business class is concerned, not withstanding the other classes that the airline has. Some people may argue that the award was based on the opinion of a few individuals, but this is not the case. The award comes, as a result, a rigorous process that involves voting by 18.9 million passengers across the globe. Therefore, the issues of biases are eliminated by considering this.

One of the most prestigious aspects of the Qatar Airways is its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner which has incredible first class amenities. Those who have had an experience with the plane talk of an amazing in-flight experience that is only found in a few planes in the whole world.

In short, the answer to an awesome flight experience is the Qatar Airways. For those who still have some doubts, they should check on the below aspects of Qatar Airways.

Consider Accessibility and Location

Everyone who has ever traveled by Qatar Airways always talks about Hamad International Airport. To me, I can’t just call it Hamad International Airport. To me, it is “state-of-the-art Hamad International Airport.” Flight analysts consider it to be a major and most popular aviation hub not only in the whole of Middle East but also in the world. The hub is also known for its far-reaching worldwide extensions. What makes the airport unique is the fact that it is situated in the world’s most rapidly growing and most prosperous regions.

To me, Hamad airport is the heart of Asia, Africa, and Europe due to its strategic and central location. There is one thing that I cannot forget about Qatar Airways and Hamad Airport; the airport is considered to be the center of Africa and Europe. All these features enhance not only the accessibility but also make the airport have a strategic location that is appealing to many people across the globe.

Qatar Airways and up to date Fleets

Unlike other flight companies in the world that use hill-age fleets, Qatar Airways is popular due to its modern fleets. Research has shown that the airline has about 101 fleets that are less than four years old. Having new fleets gets away any fear that passengers might be having regarding planes developing mechanical problems thus causing accidents. The new flights also come with up to date in-flight amenities, unlike the old ones.

Qatar Airways has Young, Experienced, and Diversified Flight crew

One thing I like about Qatar Airways is their attitude regarding diversity. The airline respects the fact that it has customers across the globe, thus the need to have flight attendants from different corners of the globe ranging from Asia, Middle East, and Europe to Africa. Doesn’t this sound amazing? Yes, it does. Additionally, all these crews are not only from different backgrounds but are also experienced, young and attractive. Moreover, the crew treats the passengers with a lot of etiquettes. Qatar airline’s crews are also well-known from their stylish attires that make them not only professional but also approachable.

Flying with Qatar Airways means exceptional Service

Nothing makes Qatar Airways’ flight memorable than the superb service from the check-in to arrival time. For me, the service from the airport to the plane is more than what one pays for. The attendants make sure that you are given maximum attention and that every passenger need is fully catered for. The value they accrue to customers always make them desire to fly by them again.

Qatar Airways’ Catering Services

For me, Qatar Airways provides excellent food that many people have never seen in their homes or in the local hotels. Food comes hand in hand with exceptional service. Like I earlier noted, service and etiquette are never compromised in the airline. The etiquette combined with sumptuous food make the flight enjoyable and memorable.

Qatar Airways has Simplified Booking

Booking Qatar Airways has been simplified. Passengers can either do it on the spot or online. The online booking program is the most convenient since it does not require any traveling. Qatar Airways has come up with a comprehensive website where varied booking services are offered alongside other services. One can book a flight or other services offered at the airport such as hotel, car, tours, Al Maha services, transit accommodation, and holiday package or even buy travel insurance.

Qatar Airways Baggage

Qatar Airways has flexible baggage terms. Passengers can only carry at least one piece of baggage for free and any other duty-free item that one may wish to carry. However, the baggage to be also carried depends on the class that one is in. For first class passengers, one can carry two pieces of baggage not exceeding 15 kg. The same applies to the business class passengers. The terms change to the economy class passengers who can only carry one piece of baggage not exceeding 15 kg. It is also worth noting that Qatar Airways gives baggage allowance depending on the destination.


It is clear that there are many reasons why passengers across the world should choose Qatar Airways as their travel partner. The location and accessibility of the state-of-the-art airport, modern fleets, exceptional services, sumptuous food, flexible booking and flexible baggage terms give among many other reasons why Qatar Airways remains the best airline not only in the Middle East but also across the world

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