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This Flight Giant; Qatar Airways

This Flight Giant; Qatar Airways
Written by Macy Grace

It is obvious that many people in the world are currently talking about Qatar Airways. Out of curiosity, I decided to conduct in-depth research on the airline so as to find out why it has become popular at such a high rate. My findings were unbelievable, and I am willing to share with you some of the exceptional things I found about the airline.

Their Fleet

I think I had said about this some times ago. Qatar Airways is known to have the youngest fleets in the whole world. The average age of its fleets is five years. Most of its fleets are either Airbus or Boeing, both narrow-body and wide-body. I am going to examine some of the Airbus and Boeing fleets that the airline has.

Qatar Airways Airbus A350

One of the most popular Airbus fleets is Airbus A350. The fleet has an extra wide body and is fitted with state-of-the-art technology. The plane is designed to add excellence to flight travels by delivering maximum efficiency and comfort.

Qatar Airways Airbus A380

Qatar Airways also has a more improved Airbus known as Airbus A380. If you think that the Airbus A350 is great, then, you are wrong until the moment when you take a flight with Airbus A380. The plane has a tri-class configuration of seating in its Economy, First and Business classes. It is fitted with the modern technology and is the largest passenger plane in the whole world. Its size enables it to give passengers ample space to sit, sleep and enjoy their entertainment.

Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner

With time, Qatar Airways has acquired Boeing models which are an improvement of the Airbus. One of its popular Boeing models is Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This model is believed to be the masterpiece of aeronautical engineering. The Dreamliner comes with a refined in-flight hospitality, and it offers passengers a memorable flight experience.

Boeing 777

The airline also has Boeing 777 which is almost similar to the Boeing 787. The plane has comfortable seat award-winning crew and appetizing dining options. For those who have ever used the plane, they have described it as an exemplary experience and passengers reach their destinations relaxed.

Cargo Jets

In addition to the passenger planes, Qatar Airways has 21 popular cargo jets that have the ability to carry many tones of goods. The airline has eight cargo jets, Airbus A330 Freighter model. This model was among the first to be acquired by the airline. It also has 11 cargo jets, Boeing 777 Freighter, which is an improvement of the A330 model. This new model has a higher cargo capacity and extra comfort for the cabin. Finally, the airline has two cargo jets, Boeing 747 Freighter. These jets have almost similar features with the 777 Freighter. These cargo jets have made the airline to be reliable as far cargo travel is concerned.

Qatar Airways Executive

Qatar Airways has 11 executive jets. These jets offer executive travel services to celebrities, politicians, corporate travels and dignitaries. These jets include 3 Bombardier Challenger 605, Gulfstream G650ER, Bombardier Global 5000 and Bombardier Global Express XRS.

Qatar Airways Travel Classes

The airline has three classes namely First Class, Economy Class, and Business Class. The three classes have different features, thus different fares.

First Class

Like the names suggests, Qatar Airways First Class is purely an exceptional experience. The class has an elegant and luxurious décor with world class personal service in each person’s private space. In this class, the award-winning crew is ever there to cater for the needs of the passengers. The class offers Giorgio Armani amenities and chef signature dishes. Customers settle in their seats and enjoy complete privacy and unparalleled comfort. The class is well designed to make customers feel refreshed and well-rested throughout the flight. To add on it all, the class comes with a fully lie-flat bed that is accompanied with duvet and Frette Linen where customers can comfortably sleep in the course of their flight.

Additionally, the class comes along with thousands of entertainment options. The seats can also be transformed to a workplace since the class has USB plug, Laptop power, and on-board Wi-Fi. Moreover, the perfect meal in the class is also accompanied with a perfect signature drink. The crew offers a combination of spicy zest, fruit fizz, signature cocktails and unique fruit juices.

Qatar Airways Business Class

The airlines business class was voted as the world’s best business class by Skytrax. With the ultra-spacious cabin, private oasis, over 3,000 IFE entertainment options, legendary hospitality, and delicious dinning, customers always wish to fly again and again. Skytrax described the airline’s business class as spacious, luxurious, and elegant and passenger focused service. It further described the class as a place where passengers can rest, relax and dream while in the flight. The class is connected with state-of-the-art communication systems which come with laptop power, large working areas, more than 3’000 entertainment options, and Wi-Fi services.

Economy Class

Qatar Airways’ economy class is not that different from the other classes. It also comes along with extra comfort and services that customers need to make their flights memorable. It has some of the widest and spacious seats that any cabin can ever have. Each customer settles in a personal space where they can sleep, eat and stretch. The cabin has fresh blankets, pillows, toiletry pouches and hot towels. These features, alongside others, make the flight more memorable.

In addition to excellent dining and entertainment options, the class comes along with a big world for the little ones. Each kid is provided with a Mr. Potato head kit filled with numerous fun activities. In the entertainment option, there is a ‘young traveler’s channel’ which has latest movies and cartoons to keep the kids entertained.


It’s vivid that Qatar Airways is the answer to every flight question. The young fleets, the crew, the cabin, entertainment, passenger-focused services, and kid entertainment prove this. For anyone who is thinking of traveling anytime soon, then, Qatar Airways is the airline.

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