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Five Things That Made my Flight with Qatar Airways Memorable

Qatar Airways
Written by Macy Grace

I like traveling but making flights has always being a nightmare to. I can’t tell where flight phobia came from, but I have never liked flying. The condition is made worse by some airlines that make flights to sound and appear hectic. However, this drastically changed when I took a flight from Qatar with Qatar Airways. To me, this was an incredible flight that almost changed my attitude about flying. The idea of Qatar Airways came from my friend from Qatar when I explained to him how uncomfortable I get when flying. He suggested that I change the airline and the attitude might change.

Qatar Airways touched me to the extent of motivating me to write this must-read article so that I can share the experience. Honestly, I don’t like writing, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t tell you about five things that touched me about Qatar Airways. I know there are some of you who are reading, and you think that a flight is just a flight, and it doesn’t matter the airline you use. You are very wrong if this is your line of thinking. However, I understand you since I used to have a similar attitude for a long time. Taking a flight with Qatar Airways made me realize that airlines are like heaven and earth regarding services, comfortability, and entertainment.

Amazing Flight Booking and Monitoring

Being the 21st Century, it pains me to make physical movement to airline’s office just to make a flight booking and enquire about the status. With Qatar Airways, they have a working online platform where one can book a flight. This was incredible to me since I had been used to making visits to the airports to book flights. You now see what almost changed my attitude about flying. It was a simple act of sitting down, taking my laptop, and booking a flight in less than one minute. If it amuses you, then it did the same to me.

Apart from booking, I could easily manage my booking online without leaving my hotel room, thanks to Qatar Airways online platform. For example, business urgency came up, and I had to postpone my flight. I didn’t call any one, and neither did visit the airport. With my laptop, I was able to manage the flight details that I had provided in my booking. Through the online portal, I was also able to do a check-in as well as check my flight status. 24 hours to my flight date, I was able to know the plane I would use and the departure time. Funny enough, nothing changed as far online booking, and actual flights were concerned. With Qatar Airways, it was that simple for me and to anyone else.

Baggage Allowances and Handling

One of the things that have always discouraged me from traveling is the issue of baggage. To start with, I had had bad baggage experiences with some airlines. These are airlines that see your baggage as an extra bother and some of them end up missing. With Qatar Airways, the baggage terms are quite favorable. As a business class traveler, I am allowed to carry two pieces of baggage. However, this baggage should not exceed 15 kg. I think thirty kg would be enough for me to carry; some few clothes and personal items. To tell the truth, I hadn’t had such a baggage experience with any other airline before. For further clarity, I understand that the same baggage allowance is allowed in the first class option. For the economy class, one is allowed to carry one piece of 15 kg baggage. I believe that you are making a keen follow-up on these Qatar Airways’ terms.

In-flight catering

Did I tell you that I like eating? The problem is that I don’t just eat any food but good food and Qatar Airways has it. I liked everything from drinks to food. What amused me most is the fact that you eat what you want. I have never seen an airline where passengers are even served with fresh fruit juice. I saw it first with Qatar Airways. They hire highly qualified chefs so that food issues are sorted out perfectly. At least I am even missing to fly again with Qatar Airways.

Modern Fleets

I know that you are going to like this just like I did. I rarely memorize plane models and rarely do I know any model. However, I have fallen in love with Qatar Airways to the extent of conducting extensive research on their fleets. From my research, I found out that Qatar Airways operates either Airbus or Boeing models. In my further research, I found some of the airline’s Airbus models include Airbus A350, Airbus A380, and Airbus A320. It also has Several Boeing models such as Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Their Excellent Premium Terminal

This terminal is found at Hamad Airport, the headquarters of Qatar Airways. In this terminal, there are hotels, gymnasiums, spurs, cafes, shopping malls and duty-free shops among others. This is the best place that I had ever seen as far as airports are concerned. One gets a chance to relax and relieves tension before boarding a flight. In the duty-free shops, one can easily acquire varied goods at reduced prices since the goods are duty-free.

I Now Like Flying

With Qatar Airways, my attitude towards flying changed. I believe the facts that I have highlighted above are convincing enough to make you try the airline. I want you to note that these are among the many good things that are associated with Qatar Airways. You can also review the ratings of the Airline from Skytrax. The Company has awarded the airline the best online for three years. I am saying this in case someone may think that I am biased. There you are, you have all information at your disposal to make future flight decisions.

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