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Five Reasons why Qatar Airways got the Best Airways Award from Skytrax

Qatar Airways
Written by Macy Grace

Being the best airline is not simple given the stiff competition in the airline industry. When I first read about this award in 2011, I couldn’t believe it. I thought that Qatar Airways was not any better than other airlines in the Middle East such as Gulf and Fly Emirates. Although Qatar Airways and the Fly Emirates stiffly compete in almost everything, Qatar Airways was voted the best for three years; 2011, 2012 and 2015. Such awards are very influential as far as the customer base is concerned. Personally, I had never given Qatar Airways a thought until when I learnt of these awards.

From my curiosity, I decided to conduct a comprehensive review of Qatar Airways, and I found out that there are several aspects that make the airline to be voted the best. The Skytrax award, as I understand it, comes from the opinion of 19 million customers across the globe. The voting does not just come anyhow, but from a set guideline that follows a certain threshold. In my research, I decided to examine some of these thresholds regarding Qatar Airways and what I found out is something that you would like to read.


From my extensive research, I learnt that Qatar Airways has become digital as times change. To me, I was mainly concerned with basic things like flight booking, flight monitoring, booking management and flight status checking. These are vital things for anyone who is a frequent traveler like me. To start with, one can book a flight with Qatar Airways within a few minutes if not seconds. One can also manage the booking in case one wants to the change the booking information regarding the day and destination booked. Additionally, one can check Qatar Airways flight status to know which planes were available, to where and departure time. This is one thing that I liked most given the many journeys I had made to the airports to book flights in the past.

For me, times are changing, and online protocols should change too. I compared Qatar Airways’ online protocols with those of competing airlines such as Gulf Airways and the Fly Emirates, and though the content was almost the same, Qatar Airways had the best. If modern technology and overall digitalization of procedures is anything to go by, then, Skytrax was right to put the airline in the first position.


Apart from the digitalization of its procedures, I think Qatar Airways is the most modern airline that I have ever come across. Indeed, what I found out regarding its modernity is something that I should share with you. According to Skytrax, Qatar Airways is the only airline that has the largest number of young fleets. It is rated to be the airline with the youngest fleets in the world and in the Middle East. Modernity comes along with many advantages. For example, the in-flight experience within the airlines’ fleets is amazing. Ranging from the seats, space, entertainment options and the rest, one enjoys a memorable flight that is always worth remembering. Modernity also comes with a reduced rate of accidents. I can’t remember the last time I heard Qatar Airways being involved in an accident. The experienced pilots are backed up by the modern fleets to give customers nothing but the best.


Like I earlier noted, Skytrax awards come from customer reviews, and believe me; Qatar Airways has millions of positive customer reviews. Some of the social media analysts noted that the airline hit a million mark likes on the Twitter last year alone. Why do you think the airline has such a huge following on the social networks? It is considered the best and people across the globe like to be associated with the best. In this regard, the airline remains to be the most preferred, especially in the Middle East.

I don’t want you to forget that the Middle East, specifically Qatar, has become a major business hub in the world. Many people are traveling every day from different continents to Qatar. If this is something to buy, then, Qatar Airways is likely to continue having its star up there in the years to come.

Excellent Customer Service

To me, this is the main weakness for other airlines. Qatar Airways cabin crew has been voted the best for five years consecutively. This was amazing for me to hear and I guess it is for you. I just developed a strong curiosity to know why this was the case. I even desired to have a flight with the airline just to see this amazing cabin crew. From my research, I realized that the highly motivated cabin crew is always smartly-dressed and there is one thing you can’t miss from them; a smile. They are customer-centered since satisfying passengers is always their priority. One person even said that the attention he got from Qatar Airways cabin crew is a kind of attention that he had not received anywhere in the world. Don’t they deserve to be the best?

Excellent Management

Many people have always argued that the success of the airline has mainly depended on the strategic management of the airline. When other airlines are struggling to make profits, Qatar Airways is continuously thriving. Some people also considered the positive attitude among the workers as a way of measuring excellent management. Most of the workers, who have reviewed the airline’s management, have always termed it professional. Its president is a renowned strategic manager whose decisions have played a vital role in making the airline what it is today.

Wouldn’t you also Vote it to be the Best?

Indeed, if I were to cast my vote, I would give it to Qatar Airways. This article is not public relations from Qatar Airways. It is an in-depth review of the airline’s strategies in being the top among hundreds of other airlines in the world. From what you see above, Skytrax was right to rate it the best and I believe that trend is likely to continue in the years to come.

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