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My Experience Working With Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways
Written by Macy Grace

The years are moving quite fast, and I am almost retiring from my excellent career with Qatar Airways, which is considered to be the best airline in the world. I can’t regret spending more than two decades with Qatar’s national carrier. I guess the good moments with the airline are the ones that have pushed me to write this article. Since I was a small girl, I used to dream of working as an air hostess. However, I had heard a few cases where air hostesses were treated quite badly by the airline management. I grew to have that fear until the day when I joined Qatar Airways. My entry level was as Qatar Airways’ booking agent.

My best experience was when I was confirmed to be an air hostess, and that is where my story begins in Qatar Airways. I would like you to note that I wouldn’t be talking about this if I had had a bad experience with the airline. I just like writing experience articles, and I guess this is one of them. You are reading an article written out of the first-hand experience. Unlike other people who write what they have read or heard, I am writing about what I enjoyed as a flight cabin crew with Qatar Airways. I guess that you are going to like my experiences.

I just liked their Pay

You will all agree with me that we are all attracted to particular jobs because of the pay. Yes, I liked the pay given to the cabin crews by Qatar Airways. I have seen cabin crews from other airlines making comments about their pay on the internet. Most of them make negative comments about the low salaries that they receive. Honestly, most of the Qatar Airways workers praise the salaries that they receive.

Qatar Airways’ good salaries apply equally to all workers, ranging from the baggage attendants, booking officials to flight status managers and the pilots. To me, working with the airline has been more than any other career that I could have pursued. Looking back, I can’t imagine the many things I have accomplished while working there. That explains my mood irrespective of the fact that I am about to retire.

Travel Experiences with Qatar Airways

Everybody across the globe knows that Qatar Airways covers destinations across all the six continents of the world. As a cabin crew attendant, I have had as many trips to these continents just like the fleets themselves. I don’t think workers from other airlines have had such encounters like us. Some of the airlines in the Middle East cover only a few continents. Therefore, working with Qatar Airways makes you a global tourist. I am now tired of touring the world, and I am now yearning to retire and rest. I think the adventure is what I will miss most in Qatar Airways.

When I joined the airline as a booking attendant, I always envied those who worked in the cabin. I enjoyed a few trips here and there since all Qatar Airline workers are given free ride two times a year to the destination of their choice. Even those who have held subordinate positions in the airline have had numerous travel experiences just like us.


All my readers will agree with me that Qatar Airways is the most popular airline in the world. It has been voted as the best airline not only in the Middle East but also all over the world. What does this tell you? Working with the airline, even as a baggage attendant, sounds prestigious. Mentioning the term Qatar Airways means to honor and respect. The airline is, in most cases, associated with comfort and prestige. That is very true. Prestige is not only enjoyed by the passengers but also by the workers. I don’t know how I will be able to survive after retiring without associating myself with the airline.

Comprehensive Insurance Covers by Qatar Airways

At one time, my son made fun of it saying that death or accident to any of the workers won’t make any difference since all workers are comprehensively insured. This is not funny as far as death is concerned, but the insurance part of it is incredible. Qatar Airways puts the interests of workers first. Anything that is likely to have adverse effects on the workers is comprehensively insured against. I guess that workers are even insured against common cold or a slight fall. To me, this was one of the most motivating the airline workers. That explains why Qatar Airways’ workers, the cabin crew to be specific, have been winning awards year in year out due to their exceptional services.

Flexible Working Shifts

Unlike other airlines, where cabin crew is ever busy and don’t have time for their families, Qatar Airways workers work under flexible schedules where they take a few days off every month to cater for their personal issues. This only means one thing; the airline knows the secret behind workers’ motivation. To me, I attribute this to the management. To enhance flexible working shifts, the airline has hired many workers to implement effective shifts. It’s saddening to find some airlines sacking workers in the name of maximizing profits. If the number of workers is one of the factors that determine profit, then I guess Qatar Airways would never make profit. I strongly believe that profit maximization is greatly dependent on the management’s strategies, and Qatar Airways management knows this.

Was it not a Memorable Experience?

From a flight booking attendant, baggage attendant to a cabin crew, my life at Qatar Airways has been more than good. Very few people write positive reviews about their places of work. For me, working with Qatar Airways has been more than fulfilling to me. If you are interested to join the airline, this article gives you a clue of what you should expect. Additionally, people judge organization’s efficiency through the way it treats its workers. From what I have said, how can you judge Qatar Airline’s management? It is indeed one of the best management that I have ever come across.

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