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How to choose your online cheap hotel booking website

cheap hotel booking
Written by Macy Grace

If you want to go on a trip for business or pleasure, obviously you need a hotel. Let’s imagine you want to go on a vacation, in a warm and big city, let’s say US city of Miami. Just click your web browser and open Google search engine, entering “book Miami hotel” hoping to get the best hotel deals. You will get a lot of results, cheap hotel websites or expensive ones. Sponsored results will come first, then the natural organic results. You can see the first sponsored website is, then, the next is and so on. Let’s say you pick, among the best hotels booking website.

Book a hotel in Miami on

Let’s say you browse with Safari and you click on the sponsored link of website. A page opens and you can see the best hotels deals in Miami. In the background of the web site, you can see a photo of palm trees and the Colony hotel, which is located in obviously in Miami. It is a special personalized page about Miami area. And of course, this personalisation is created for each location to every major city in the world.

This hotels booking website is loading fast enough, the colours are bright and pleasant, unobtrusive. On this first page, you can see even the current temperature in Miami. At the top of the cheap hotel booking site you can enter you trip details, check in and check out days, how many people will stay, how many children will be with you and how many rooms you need to book. On the same page, you can see the hotel rooms in Miami, by category. You may choose between hotels, apartments, condos, resorts, aparthotels or motels.

General information about this cheap hotel booking web site

You will see on this first page, the deal of the day, with the most fashionable hotel of the day, then other popular hotels of the moment in Miami, in one word, best hotel deals you can get. Also you can see the latest reviews of recent travellers about the hotels in Miami.

On this first page of this hotels booking website, you can see also a section of city attractions and its surroundings. Maybe you want to book a hotel in Downtown Miami, or Miami Beach or even South Miami. You can find a Google map with the exact location of Miami hotels, a transport section where you can see the exact location of airports, ports and train stations, and another section with hotel types, classified by stars, 5 star hotels, 4 stars, 3 stars, cheap hotels, luxury hotels and pool hotels.

Another useful section of this cheap hotel booking site is the guidance about what to do in Miami, tourist attractions, tips on Miami hotels and where to stay cheaper, and how to get to Miami. You can see the latest booked hotels by other travellers, grouped in order of preference, being displayed the price of hotel rooms and stars respectively.

You can also find travel guides section where you can see a travel guide in Miami, 10 best hotel deals, top 10 luxury things to do in Miami and more. So, the first impression about, one of the best hotels booking website, is a very good one.

Booking a room in Miami using

On your first experience on, you will see on the page you are at, the Deal of the day, and you have to click on that. You will see an amazing discount, almost a third of the original price. Once you click Deal of the day, you are asked to enter the number of nights you need to book. Let’s say you enter three days and hit enter.

The first hotel that comes up has a special discount (Special Deal), with a price of almost half the original price. Below this offer you will find many more hotels with discounted prices, some 10%, others 20% or even 300% of the initial price.

They have even surprise deals “Get secret prices on selected hotels”. Click on the best hotel deals and you land on hotel’s page. You are greeted with the name and location of the hotel or of the apartment. You are informed if there is WiFi, then you can find a lot of high quality photos, more than 70 spectacular pictures.

On hotel’s page you can see the main amenities that include information about the hotel facilities, such as air conditioning, self service laundry, free WiFi, pool and more. Also you may find out what the attractions are nearby. You are informed when is the check in and check out hours, if you need a credit card or a deposit, if you need an ID, or if the minimum age for making a reservation has to be 21 years. You will may also find out if you can bring a pet with you, if there is a parking place or free WiFi.

Finalising your booking on for a hotel in Miami

After you have chosen the convenient room for your stay, you get to the page where you must fill out your name and other details for payment of your cheap hotel booking. You will be informed of booking and cancellation policy for your reservation. At the top of the page you will find the contact telephone number where you can book your room directly by phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your booking is done and you can enjoy your hotel room.

Comparison between and, two cheap hotel booking sites

For the same search of a Miami hotel room on, you will have a very pleasant experience. is a strong competitor for, this hotels booking website is very compact, the search results are very well proportioned on the page, you get clear information, the prices and the reviews can be seen immediately, which is a big plus. It is very difficult to choose between these two important cheap hotel websites, both are extremely professional. A plus for this comparison between these two websites, is the fact that you can compare prices for the same hotel. You will be surprised to see that for example, the price for a hotel on, may be smaller than on

Pros and advantages of

Homepage is well organized, easy to read, welcoming, trustworthy and helpful.

Cons and disadvantages for

You may not like constant redirecting to top after selecting one choice.

The conclusion is you can choose with confidence as you favorite cheap hotel booking website like other millions of users monthly do.

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