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How the cheap hotel booking web sites influence your travel choice

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Written by Macy Grace

Travel agencies exercise a large influence in connection with hotels that appear in the top search results. Hotels do not like this practice, but the regular customers can’t notice this practice. Large cheap hotel websites use evaluations of customers and their complaints to display search results, punishing hotels that have had problems and disputes with their clients. If a hotel is offering more rooms than available, then when the customer will reach there and see that the room is not available, the tourist is sent to a substitute hotel.

Another factor in sorting the search results is the high commission that some hotels pay to this websites, and who pays more, will appear first in searches. It matters even the picture quality of the hotel rooms. If the user experience on a hotel is not good, then that hotel may appear below in the search results. A good hotel or a good location can occur before others.

How the Hotels are Being Displayed on Cheap Hotel Websites Online

Online booking vendors want to display in their first results, the hotels whose rooms have the most important probability to be booked since they make money from commissions on bookings paid by hotels. The biggest factor in the ordering of search results is the conversion rate of a hotel. Hotels that have many positive reviews and good content on these cheap booking websites, like detailed photos of rooms, get to have higher conversion rates and thus they tend to be higher in search results.

Online travel sites have extremely large databases of customer reviews and booking preferences. Many hotels do not like frequent changes the online travel agencies operate and prefer to attract customers toward to their sites, but these changes are due exclusively to the needs of consumers who are in constant change. The internet is like a living organism that adapts to changes and evolves rapidly. The same happens with these cheap hotel booking web sites where you can find the best hotel deals.

The first results of searches matter a lot because statistically it is proven that most customers choose a hotel directly on the first or the second page of search results. It is, therefore a great battle between hoteliers to be displayed on the front pages. It has been shown that whether online travel agencies display their results in order of their preference, however, customers choose hotels by price, reviews or distance to different sights.

Some cheap hotel websites have a system where managers of hotels can be connected and can watch the results of their hotels and they can understand why they are above or below in searches and can also learn what to do to advance in searches. A reason to climb in search results is the improvement of photos quality. It has been statistically proven that due to better pictures, these hotels have a higher conversion rate. So it is very important to know where to book your hotel room and find the best hotel deals, because prices that you find on various websites, can differ greatly.

What Sites to Choose When Booking Online Hotels

To make a reservation online is enough to open a search engine and enter the keyword that contains your destination or the hotel’s name if you know it. A lot of cheap hotel booking web sites will appear in search results. It is recommended to pick on of the largest sites. You can choose,, or any other site you like.

Why Choosing Over Other Cheap Hotel Websites is a hotels booking website where you can find hotels worldwide at the best prices, incredible last minute offers for winter or for summers, or even business deals, all of these on The site layout is very nice, easy to navigate. When you are on a hotel’s page and you are undecided, you can get a lot of information about that hotel. You will receive information about the amenities of each hotel, countless images of the highest quality, maps of places and the facilities they offer for every tourist.

This site loads very quickly, both on the desktop version and mobile. The user experience is superior on smart phone rather than desktop. Currently, most internet users browse the internet on smart phones and the trend is going forward that direction. Therefore, every cheap hotels booking website has created optimized versions of their sites for mobile. They also have applications optimized for smartphones.

On you can find last minute deal, special offers, and the best hotel deals. If you want to go to London, Barcelona or Rome tomorrow, you can do that without any problems find a last minute offer for many hotels. All major cities can be seen in Last Minute offers. If you do not want to go to Amsterdam, you may want to book a hotel room in Berlin, or maybe you want to go to Las Vegas, and so on. If you are traveling with several people in a group, then all could be even better, because offers special prices for groups.

Advantages of Registering on

If you register as a member on this cheap hotel booking website,, then you can benefit from several advantages. Registration is absolutely free and takes less than two minutes. Once you have registered and you reserve at least 10-nights accommodation, the next night will be free. As a member, you can get secret prices, that will be displayed only when you are logged into the site. You can become a silver member if you book at least 10 nights and a gold member if you book at least 30 nights of accommodation.

In conclusion,, one of the best hotels booking website in online hotel reservations, offers a lot of advantages and best hotel deals you can not refuse. You can find more than 220 000 hotels in over 60 countries worldwide.

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