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Cheap Flights: How to Get the Best Price?

Cheap Flights
Written by Macy Grace

In order to find cheap flights, you should know how the ticket prices are calculated. You must be thinking that the passengers sitting in your airplane paid the same amount of money as you did. You will be surprised, but that’s not true. The price of the seat in your plane may vary in accordance with a lot of factors.

Firstly, you have to understand, that you’re paying not only for your seat: your price always includes airport and tax fee, baggage fee, service fee and a lot of other charges. Also, your ticket price includes your food and drinks and other extra services.

Why can the price be so variable in different days of the week? That’s pretty obvious: airlines trying to get a maximum profit. They usually increase rates at weekends and if you are booking on departure day, but if you’re booking a ticket 2-3 weeks before you can expect to get a good discount. Use this information and you will cut your expenses.

 Types of Airlines

All the airlines can be classified into two large groups: legacy and low-cost ones. Legacy airlines are usually kind of pricey because they offer a lot of services, such as first and business classes, entertainment on the board, free drinks and food etc.

As we are looking for cheap flights, let’s talk about the second group. Booking a ticket from a low-cost airline means that you only book your seat: there are no extra services provided. According to this statement, you have to pay extra money for all the services as well as for your luggage.

So if you are looking to save some money, and you travel with your carryon bag, you should definitely use this type of airlines. Of course, the cheapness of the low-cost airline’s flights is a really valuable advantage. However, you must also know about the disadvantages of low-cost traveling. Let’s discuss all the pro’s and cons.

 Pro’s and con’s flying low-cost

Let’s talk about advantages and disadvantages of the cheap flights. The first advantage is, of course, low price. Flying with cheap airlines, you can save up to 90% on your tickets, especially if you book 2-3 weeks earlier. Low-cost airlines also often more discounts on already cheap flights, all you need to do is to check airline’s website.

As you can see, flying with a low-cost airline and booking a cheap hotel will significantly decrease your expenses. Talking about the disadvantages of the cheap airlines, we should mention about the luggage restrictions. If you are going to buy a cheap ticket, you should understand that you probably will not be allowed to take any luggage. Furthermore, some airlines do not allow passengers to take even small carry-on bags and charge extra fees for that.

The second thing, low-cost tickets usually are not refundable. It means that once you booked your ticket, you will not get your money back.

Best booking services

You have read about all the advantages and disadvantages of the low price airlines, so you probably decided if this type of traveling is relevant for you. If it is, you must be thinking about booking a cheap flight. How can you do it online?

First of all, you have to search for the flights available on your departure date. We recommend you to use Expedia Flight search for that. In order to find a relevant flight, you have to enter your departure date and a number of tickets required.

After that, you will be shown the best prices for your dates. Expedia Hotel service will help you to find a good and cheap hotel. So if you are interested in budget traveling, you should definitely try it out. Expedia offers various sales, discounts and coupons for its frequent customers. If you travel a lot, Expedia would be a really good option for you.

How to book cheap flights on Expedia

In order to get a good discount on your flight, we would definitely recommend you to use Expedia Flight search for it. After you enter all the required information into the search form, you will be shown only the best deals available on market for your dates. Choose the best deal and click ‘Reserve’ button.

After that, you will be asked to enter some additional information. Then you will be required to pay using your credit card. That’s pretty it: you can book a low-cost flight with only 3 clicks. The same about hotels: in order to book a cheap hotel, you should look for it using Expedia Hotel search.

As you can see, the booking process is quite simple: all you need to do is to select a service and provide some additional information.

Tips on how to get the cheapest tickets

Saving money on flights is very important for the low-budget travelers. In order to catch the best offer you should take some following tips into account. As it was mentioned before, the price of your tickets may vary depending on various things. So in order to get the cheapest tickets, you should know how it works.

First of all, try to start planning your trip at least two-three weeks in advance. As a result, you will have a chance to get the best price even without discount: early booking is always extremely advantageous.

Secondly, you should use Expedia Hotel search in order to save some more cash for the entertainment and souvenirs. So if you are searching for a good deal, you should try Expedia flight and hotel searches. After you are done with organizing your trip, you should start preparing your stuff and documents.

Don’t take all your clothes: believe me, one or two outfits will be enough. In addition, if you are taking a little backpack instead of a large suitcase, you can save a lot on the airport luggage fees. We hope you will have a wonderful vacation, enjoy your trip!

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