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How to Book a Hotel Room in Dubai for New Year’s Eve

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Written by Macy Grace

New Year is approaching very fast and you are in search of an exotic destination to celebrate New Year’s Eve. If you though to spend this special time in a special place, then it could be Dubai, one of the most beautiful oriental city, a symbol of luxury. A cosmopolitan city where luxury is represented by skyscrapers blending with the old traditional buildings. A very important aspect to consider when you’re thinking about visiting Dubai is finding a cheap hotel booking site for a hotel room at the best price in relation to quality. To do this it is enough to open a web page, your favorite search engine and look for a hotel room in Dubai, on a hotels booking website where you can find the best hotel deals.

How to search online for a hotel in Dubai

When you decided that Dubai is your destination, enter a group of keyword into the search engine that will take you to the hotel that you wanted. One such group of keyword would be “new year’s eve 2016 Dubai”.  You will see lots of web links to different cheap hotel booking sites where you can choose your hotel room. A very good choice would be the site, a website known for best hotel deals worldwide. Clicking on the link to this site, you will get a personalized page specifically for Dubai city, a spectacular city where you can stay on the beach all year long. You will have a choice of 346 hotels, 128 aparthotels, 13 apartments and 10 resorts.

Booking your actual hotel in Dubai, one cheap hotel booking website offers plenty of hotels to choose with confidence. You can find a lot of information about the city of Dubai, for example, you are suggested to visit Bur Dubai, a historical area of town, the Deira which combines modern with tradition, then you find that you can be a spectator in a camel race or you can have a sunbathe on Jumeirah Beach, where the famous Burj Al Arab hotel is situated. You can also visit the tall tower Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world, Dubai Marina or the Mall of Emirates.

Returning to the actual cheap hotel booking, you can choose a special offer, “Deal of the day”, a special price for New Year’s party. Let’s say you choose a period of 7 nights and you click search, you will get back 560 hotels and holiday rentals. From prices of $4000 a week for a 5 star hotel, to a price of $720 for a 4 star hotel. For example, you can choose hotel Meydan which costs $4000 for 7 nights, a hotel built near a horse racecourse. This 5-star spectacular hotel will guarantee an absolutely incredible stay. The hotel has 248 rooms, offers free internet and free parking, has 7 restaurants, swimming pool, a nightclub, rooftop terrace, health club or beach umbrellas.

If you spending budget is less, then you can choose a 3 star hotel, but is well located in relation to Jumeirah Beach, let’s say Regent Beach Resort, a very chic hotel which has a good location and services are of high quality. Price for 7 nights during the New Year can reach $1900. On you can find luxury hotels at high rates, but also you can find hotels with fewer stars, but with an incredible location.

What other cheap hotel websites can help you find your hotel

Apart from, you can make a reservation for your hotel on other cheap hotel websites from the same niche. Another great sites to find great deal could be or While the first is a site exclusively for hotel bookings, the other one is providing reviews of travel related content, but you can make reservations like on any other hotels booking website. Compared with these two sites, has the advantage of the name at first. When you want to book a hotel online, what do you think of first? Of course, to open a web page containing that word, and is about hotels.

Returning to our preferred hotels booking website,, you’ll see that when you are decided on a hotel, you will receive detailed information about it. This site also contains reviews from other tourists who were in the same hotel that you want to visit, information that will help you to have a better opinion about the reality on the ground. You can find out what facilities the hotel offers, if you receive certain services, such a WiFi connection or laundry services, you can learn if you get breakfast and many other information about the hotel that interests you. On each hotel’s page you will find a map with the exact location of the hotel in relation to the city of Dubai. You can also find the distance from the hotel to the main tourist attraction or to the airport.

Advantages and Disadvantages for offers the best prices you can find online in this niche, while offering you exclusive hotels, incredible offers and best hotel deals that other sites can’t give you. A good example to illustrate this, is the offer of a free night when you book at least 10 nights, offer that you can’t find on another site. Another big plus of this cheap hotel booking site is the mobile app and the mobile optimized version of the site, which is very important nowadays, when the vast majority of the population uses smart mobile phones. is so easy to find what you are looking for, it is very welcoming, helpful and trustworthy. The only disadvantage of this site is the fact that you can not book a car. You can get cheap accommodation from over 60 countries, in more than 220000 hotels.

In conclusion, is a great website that will give you everything you need in terms of booking hotels online.

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