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How to Book Your Hotel Online for Christmas in Paris

cheap hotel booking Christmas in paris
Written by Macy Grace

If you want to spend your Christmas in Paris this year, then you definitely made a wonderful choice. Paris is a wonderful city with plenty of tourist attractions, to name just the Eiffel Tour or the Champs-Elysees, a romantic European city where a lot of men would ask their women to marry them.

The first step you need to do for planning this trip is first to find the flight tickets and then the cheap hotel booking for a room where you will stay during your vacation. After you have checked the available flights and you’ve booked your airfare, the next step is to book your hotel room, the place where you will spend you Christmas holiday. This can be done very easily on travel sites where a hotel reservation has become like a child’s play, so you need to find a hotels booking website.

First you need to open a Google page with your favourite browser and enter the following search term “best hotel deals in Paris for Christmas”. You’ll be shown a lot of results from major cheap hotel websites like,, or Let’s say you choose, on of the most important hotels booking website online.

When you click their link, you will land on a page that is called Winter holidays in Paris, it seems the default page for the winter holidays for Paris. You’re greeted with a page dedicated exclusively to this amazing European city. In the background, you can see a picture of the city of Paris in winter. At the top, you’ll see where a table where you need to enter the details for your cheap hotel booking, the check in day and the check out, the number of rooms required for your stay and the number of people staying in that room.

Information about the city you are going to visit

On the same page of this hotels booking site,, you can see some information about the city of Paris in winter time. You will find out that you can walk on the Parisian boulevards filled with trees decorated with thousands of lights and shops dressed in festive clothes. You can walk on Champs Elysees, you can visit the Christmas markets that can be found in Place Saint Germain des Pres, Place Saint Sulpice or Place des Abbesses. You can go shopping and find good deals, because every shop has special prices for Christmas. You can even listen co choral music at Notre Dame Cathedral. You can also book a table for Christmas Eve, in one of the famous Parisian restaurants.

Cheap hotel booking for your stay in Paris

After reading basic information about the city that you will be visiting soon, it is time to book your room and find the best hotel deals. After entering the date of arrival and the checkout day, hit the search button and you will be sent on the page where the Parisian hotels are. You are greeted at first with “Deal of the day”, a deal where you are given a special offer, a cheap hotel booking for a price of 30% less than the original price.

If you do not like that offer, you can choose the next one, which may not be as good as a price, but the hotel can be on a higher scale from the rating point of view. Let’s say you choose the hotel Paris Marriot Opera Ambassador Hotel. Click on the link to the hotel and get the necessary information for your stay.

On the hotels booking website page, you will find information about your home for a few days during Christmas holiday. Over 30 high quality pictures of the hotel, a spectacular and luxurious hotel, where the total cost for 4 nights will cost you $881. This is an exclusive hotel that will make you feel special.

If you want a cheaper hotel you can modify your search and order hotels by price or by the distance to nearby attractions. Let’s say you want to be closer to the Arc de Triomphe, select this goal, then on the left select the maximum price that you are willing to pay for a night. You will be then shown the cheapest hotels, at the shortest distance to the Arc de Triomphe.

Choosing your hotel in Paris using cheap hotel booking site –

If you want best hotel deals and a cheaper hotel, then you could choose a on of the Ibis hotels, let’s say Ibis budget Stains-St Denis Universite, a hotel which lies 7.2 miles to Arc de Triomphe and 6.8 miles to city center. This hotel can be booked for only $142 for 4 nights, a very good price for a city like Paris. The average rating of this hotel is 2.5/5.

If you want a hotel with a higher rating, a hotel with a bigger number of stars, then the price will be a pretty big one. On the hotel’s page you could see the most relevant photos of the hotel, the latest factsheets for tourists, a Google map what will show you the exact location of the hotel in relation to the entire city of Paris, distance from the airport to the hotel or from the train station to the hotel.

Also on this cheap hotel booking site,, you will receive information about the hotel facilities: if the hotel offers free WiFi and free parking, if the breakfast is included, if there is air conditioning. You will be given info about what attractions are near the hotel. For example, near this Ibis hotel from St-Denis, there is Stade de France, a famous stadium, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, Moulin Rouge and Galeries Lafayette., one of the best cheap hotel websites, offers important information such as the size of the hotel, if the pets are allowed or not, if there is WiFi in public areas or in rooms. compared to other sites in the same niche

If we seek the same hotel on another similar site, say it is, you will be surprised to the that the price is similar. Sometimes the price you can find on these cheap hotel booking sites, are even lower than the price you can find on the official website of the hotel respectively.

Advantages of a booking a hotel on

Certainly you will find more advantages than disadvantages. First of all, an amazing number of hotels in offer, you can make a reservation quickly, you can read many reviews of other traveller about the hotel you are going to book. This website also has an incredible mobile version, a very good app for Android and iOs and it is hotels booking website highly recommended.

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