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The Best Hotel Deals and Cheapest Sites to Search and Book Hotels

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Written by Macy Grace

When going on vacation, one of the most important things you have to do is finding a good hotel. To do this, you need to go to a travel agency or go on the internet and look for a cheap hotel booking site that can offer plenty of deals at good prices.

Here are some of the best cheap hotel websites of its kind:

Booking because it has always many options of best hotel deals and a good selection of hostels. And the prices in general are usually below the competition, even if you consult the price on the hotel’s own website.

Another good thing on is that in several hotels, you make the reservation through without the credit card, and will only pay when you get to the hotel. And in many of them, you can make the free cancellation within 48 hours before the date of check-in. This is very good for those who have not yet confirmed the trip but already want to start planning.

You will find in Booking hotels (or hostels) from a few dollars to over $ 1000 dollars per night. So this site is worth every pocket!

Tip: Since you can cancel most of the bookings made by without any cost, you can find the accommodation you prefer, make the reservation on time and if you find something better in the future on another hotels booking website, it is possible to cancel the first booking made at So is a very good cheap hotel booking site.

Other cheap hotel websites recommended are, and do the same as Booking site. Hotels in every 10 nights booked, the 11th is free, and with the Yeego you get 3% bonus of the total amount spent. This amount can be used in the next booking. promises cheap accommodation, best hotel deals and free nights! Their loyalty program is that for 10 nights reserved, you get one free! The website covers over 220 000 hotels in 60 countries. They have three well-marked categories: Discounts up to 40% – Last Minute – Discounts minute! So for your travels, this hotels booking website is among the best choices.


Trivago is another cheap hotel booking site because it is actually an aggregator of hotel and hostel booking sites. It allows you to compare over 200 accommodation sites (such as, Expedia, or the hotel’s own website) on a single website.

Basically you do the research, it gives you several options with prices and then you click on your preferred offer. It will take you to the original site of that offer (and it will keep the same price) and you will see if you really like the accommodation and if the conditions of purchase satisfy you.

Even if you already have a chosen hotel, it is recommended to check out Trivago to take the test to see if it does not look any better and find best hotel deals.


Priceline is used mostly in the United States. Simply because of a tool they got it’s called “Tell Your Price”.

You do search for hotel, say in Miami. Priceline will give you the search result (where prices are actually roughly similar to other cheap hotel websites), but then you can tell how much you want to pay for a certain category of hotel (we would say 3 stars) and in which area of Miami would you want to stay (Miami Beach, Downtown).

Obviously, the idea is to put a value below the value found in the traditional search (comparing hotels in the same category and in the same neighborhood )

You place your credit card and click on the “search” option. If Priceline accepts your offer, it will already give you a hotel reservation.

Remember that you will only know which hotel will stay, after Priceline accepts your offer and charges your card. However, you have the guarantee that you will be in one of the neighborhoods that you have chosen and in a hotel of the same or higher category selected and you get the best hotel deals.

This scheme also works for hotels in most of the countries.

This “Tell Your Price” scheme on Priceline also works to buy air tickets and rent a car.


Expedia is one of the largest hotels booking website in the world and presents an impressive range of hotels, flights, packages and car rentals.

As with, in some hotels, you can cancel your reservation at no cost.

So, if you find the same price on Expedia as on other sites, you should use Expedia.


Hostelworld is undoubtedly the number 1 hostel booking site in the world, operating since 1999. If you are anywhere in the world and have a hostel there, this Hostel will probably be listed on Hostelworld.

Forget those old travel guides where hostels are overdue or have even closed their doors. Just use Hostelworld, for example, searching in Amsterdam, and it will give you as a result almost 70 hostels, where you can compare prices and also, by the comments of other travellers, see details like security, atmosphere (good for a party or No), cleaning among other things.

Formerly they charged 2 dollars to do the booking of their hostel, but they ended up with that rate and now it’s basically the normal price of just the stay.

Well, no other hostel website gives you as many accommodation options as Hostelworld.


And the last hostel search option is Hostelbookers. They do not have as many hostel offerings as the Hostelworld, but if you find the same hostel on both sites, it’s usually a bit cheaper on Hostebookers (sometimes cheaper than at the hostel itself!). Thing for a few bucks or cents a night, but that at the end of a great trip, make all the difference.

So what hotels booking website should you choose in the end with so many options? could the best option for you, you will always find the best hotel deals, you get free nights, the site is well optimized, it has a mobile version and app for smartphones, that’s why you should choose this cheap hotel booking site for your future reservations.

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