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Xbox App Gathers Everybody

Xbox App
Written by Percy Legrand

Xbox App Gathers Everybody

Xbox App is where you can gather with your friends and share a lot of things, such as games or everything you have accomplished along time with Windows 10 devices or, of course, Xbox One.  Contrasting with Windows 8 app, this new one comes with a totally new renovation of appearance, what makes it look like Xbox One’s Friends and Activities pane. Something that has to be highlighted is the streaming between Xbox One and Windows 10 while you use the Xbox One controller.

Do you want to play against gamers around the world and show them who is number one? Or just join their communities and share favorite games? Finding them has become easier than ever before with Xbox App and the feature Looking for Group and Clubs!

The Battle Continues With Apps Xbox One and PS4

Should we compare the number of consoles sold by Sony and Microsoft, we will see a moderate difference that is on Sony’s side.  However, that distance is narrowed (at least a little bit) if we take a look at the Japanese and American firms’ apps. The truth is that there are petite differences, and in fact, both platforms have a lot in common. Gamers from each platform can access to different websites such as the American multinational entertainment company Netflix or Amazon Instant Video. Furthermore, not so long ago, Xbox One was the only App that had included access to HBO. Go in its app, however, PS4 also acquired the benefit making this a toe-to-toe competition.

However, if we count the number and relevance of websites available for Xbox App, Microsoft wins, especially for having Microsoft Edge, OneDrive, Xbox Music and Video services and Skype, in contrast to PS4 app that, noticeably, doesn’t provide them to its users.

Discover The New Features

There is a lot more you can do once you connect to Xbox Live Community, such as sending simple messages using the chat, checking notifications and activity feeds, accessing to Game DVR and adding new friends from social networks, such as Facebook or users from Windows 10 devices, those whose play styles are similar to yours and have comparable gaming goals.

Why always joining gaming communities? With Xbox App you have the power to create your own one with Clubs on Xbox Live; and whenever you accomplish a heroic and whopping objective, you can celebrate it by sharing game clips across PC and Xbox One so you don’t forget about them. With this App you can track your screenshots as well as your game clips, being able even to download each of them to your Windows 10 computer.

Xbox App Offers The Best Gaming Experience

Something noticeable at first sight is the small size of the game logos, what the majority of users thank very much. It has a complete new structure, offering a more practical app, but it’s still Xbox style. The revolutionary Cortana, introduced in every Microsoft product, will be your best assistant, making of you a proficient and more dexterous gamer.

Another excellent benefit of Xbox App is Gaming history, in which you can check out all your deathless gaming moments with Windows 10 and Xbox One. Moreover, view your captured screenshots, game clips, and of course, your achievements whenever you want.

A good gamer needs a good remote control and a first-rate gamer needs Xbox remote control. What does it have to do with the App? It simply eases the way you navigate your Xbox One by touching and swiping on your App. You can easily and smoothly browse the web, rewind movies or TV shows, fast-forward, etc. Just marvelous!

Xbox App Cons

It has been very difficult to find problems with this app, however, after asking many users who had been using the App for a while already, they claimed that the interface was kind of confusing and clogged several times, so the simple (and main) function of Xbox App, adding new friends, becomes time-consuming, intricate and tangled.

In some places, the app has had other types of issues, like the inability to see other gamers, this presumably happens when a persons is wireless connected and others with a hardwired device to the router. Moreover, if your network speed has between 20mb and 300mb, you wouldn’t have complete resolution for streaming.

Another weak spot of Xbox App, even though it’s not a big deal, is that you have no possibilities to adjust volume level separately on your PC, in contrast to different apps running.

Be Part Of The Greatest Gaming Community

Did you realize how much Microsoft and Xbox offer you? Certainly, you did. However, there are hundreds more benefits and incredible features for you if you get the app on your devices. Once you do it you can, for example, be part of Xbox Live to participate in tournaments with Arena, they are online and competitive; the right place for you to demonstrate your dexterity as a gamer. But don’t worry if you are still a beginner because you can also feature it according to your level.

Join Xbox App and whereas you are in the middle of the game, ‘Party chat’ with your peers; no matter if you play a different game. In addition, take into consideration the great number of multiplayer games, then, if you have Xbox App, you can join and invite them to these fantastic games, disregarding if the device they use is Xbox One or a Windows 10 PC.

Summing Up

To summarize, Xbox App, differently from its predecessor –Xbox SmartGlass– is way friendlier. It has a mixture of simplicity and completeness. New features as Cortana, place this app at the vanguard. The possibility to exchange experiences and achievements with others is huge, even if they use a different device or they are on the other side of the planet. There are no boundaries with Xbox App. Despite the numerous features mentioned along the text (and many others that were skipped), Xbox App is applauded for being interestingly easy to manage.

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