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Windows 10, the 10th Version of the Platform

Windows 10
Written by Percy Legrand

The already well-known operating system Windows 10 provides users with the best experience with a “one” philosophy: a store, cloud storage and the convergence of all its products. Windows 10 is an amazing tool, always available to help you in anything you have to do. From the very beginning, people can use the apps in a familiar way with a familiar and faster Windows Start menu accompanied with more choices. Microsoft has designed Windows 10 with innovating and engaging features, such as a new browser. It even offers you technical support via chat or telephone. Everybody agrees that now it’s easier than ever to work on any device.

Windows 10 or Mac OS X El Capitan?

Both of them are definitely in vogue and currently, the best of the best since their release about one year ago. Nevertheless, there are lots of aspects that separate them in the boxing ring. On the blue corner, Windows 10 boasts about providing the perfect personal assistant experience with Cortana, unlike Mac OS X, whose users haven’t gotten the entire Siri experience. On the red corner, El Capitan has already developed the biometric system called Apple’s TouchID, however, it hasn’t been introduced yet to Macs. On the contrary, Windows 10 hits one more time with Windows Hello. Now there is no need of a password, just your fingerprint or face recognition.

Windows 10 Against the Free Software Linux

It’s a real hard battle between these two. Hardware efficiency can be highlighted first, and more than representing an advantage for Windows 10, (but that truly is) it’s a disadvantage for Linux. The problem is that hardware manufacturers, computers in general and programmers don’t focus on Linux when they design a processor or develop an application what worsens Linux performance.

Linux has a terrible lack of options for parental control, the only one could be Gnome Nanny, in contrast to Windows 10 that is integrated or in case you don’t like it, you have multiple additional choices.

Incredible Features

Windows 10 works, and works to perfection with remarkable improvements that definitely engage users world-wide. InstantGo technology allows starting or continuing the operation very quickly. Nothing more important than an efficient and fast OS, and this is exactly Windows 10, therefore, you can do multiple tasks at once, adjusting even four windows, apps or programs at the same time, just like an expert. Moreover, you are able to create virtual desktops in order to organize and work with what you really need. You have your notifications and important settings together on an easy-access screen.

Windows 10 highlights for being especially intuitive and easy to use. So, if you come from Windows 7, the adaptation will be pretty fast. In fact, Windows 10 adapts to you becoming your digital assistant once you install it, synchronizing your PC with your smartphone or any other device you have.

The Best in History

Critically acclaimed, as though it were a Steven Spielberg science fiction movie, Windows 10 has shone its own light and we will describe some of the reasons: The safest: now with Windows Hello, passwords are seen from a different point of view. Use your face, fingerprint or complementary device to unlock your PC faster but safer than ever before. On the other hand, Windows 10 provides complete protection against viruses and malwares with antivirus technology, Defender, firewall and antiphishing. Permanent updates take place in order to protect you from any threat.

The fastest: full of multitask tools, for instance, personalized Windows Start Menu, virtual desktop screens or dynamic icons, Windows is always organized, focused and ready for any new task you have to do. The simplest: as it was described before, Windows 10 adapts to you, especially if you come from “7”, however, no matter who starts using this operating system, it’s really easy for anyone. Clever intuitive design makes the difference.

Everything i$n’t fr€€ nor Cheap

And how do you think Microsoft pays its brilliant and brainy staff? Despite the great offers and free updates Microsoft announces (that are actually true), there are certain things that indeed, you have to pay for. As an illustration, you, as a home user wanting to purchase Windows 10 on USB or DVD. For this you ought to spend from $80 to $90 to get the Home version and approximately $230 for the Pro version. Out of many people’s price range, certainly. In addition, since Windows 10 doesn’t have Windows Media Player, just in case you want to update your PC from Windows 7 or 8, well, you will be required to acquire an app such as Windows DVD player.

If You Haven’t Tried it Yet, What are You Waiting For?

Unequivocally, if you acquire Windows 10, you will truly experiment a difference, something that you have never tried before and that any of its competitor could offer you. There are tons of benefits and special features that it becomes impossible to list them all here. However, we encourage you to think about the browser, a brand-new modern explorer created just for Windows 10: Microsoft Edge. It works way better than any other given that it was designed to make the web works the way you do, less distractive and faster to find information.

Not everything is work, sometimes we need some free time to chill out or have some fun. With Windows 10, users can enjoy games from Xbox on their PC, Surface or tablet. Using the Game DVR characteristic, you are able to record all your accomplishments and share them with your friends instantaneously.

Windows 10 Has Gotten a 10

Undoubtedly, Microsoft has done an impeccable job this time with Windows 10 to reclaim and defend the throne. Any imperfection and critic from previous versions were totally forgiven and forgotten. This is definitely a high-quality product that captivates more and more users around the world. Windows 10 has made it to satisfy every single user. From those who look for efficiency to others who need simplicity and security. It has everything.

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