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Norton internet security
Written by Percy Legrand

Turning to a new company or brand can sometimes be a difficult decision, but when it comes to considering on whether to make the switch to Norton internet security there isn’t any question. You simply can’t get any better than Norton. Over the past ten years the company has grown to make a name for themselves. At first they were known more for their raw power in terms of fighting off computer viruses and blocking malware, but now they have expanded on that reputation. They have grown to also be outstanding in terms of speeding, and of not slowing your other programs down. Superior protection and great performance, all in one place.

Is Norton Internet Security The Best?

When you take the moment to compare Norton internet security to other brands out there, such as McAfee and the free download Avira, you realize that you are dealing with a product that is in a league of its own. Just like you may have already read in a Norton antivirus 2016 review or a Norton antivirus 360 review, you will find in this Norton Security Premium review very similar information in terms of consumer satisfaction. It isn’t just the results of independent studies that make this program one of the industry’s finest, it is the way that consumers can interact, and get the most out of it that matters. The newest, 2017, release is no different.

Along with being able to be used across ten different devices, no matter the platform, you will find that there is a whole slew of extra features that protect not only your software but also your hardware.

Beyond Expert Level

Maximum defense is the name of the game in terms of Norton internet security. Not only is this suite of programs ideal for antivirus protection, it is outstanding in terms of malware-blocking. From the home computer to the network and beyond, the layers that Norton internet security covers are beyond the depths of where even the experts dare to tread. Norton internet security goes down layer after layer to and even anticipates where threats are going to be the highest.

Then Norton turns up its network sensitivity to make sure that the potential threat is continually monitored. Of course, this sort of protection goes on without the consumer ever needing to worry about a thing. If there is something going on wrong, then Norton internet security will let you know.

Norton Internet Security Goes There

After you get to know Norton internet security a little bit better, you realize that it is much more than your standard antivirus and malware-blocking suite. But you already knew that, didn’t you? The suite comes with a system scan. Which, sure, sounds like it might be something simple that all security programs come with, but Norton takes it to the next level.

The scan that they can run on your system penetrates deeper and recognizes far more threats when compared to other programs that are currently available. You should expect this sort of coverage from Norton internet security, but it’s nice to know that it truly is there.

Value Far Exceeds Cost

While some of the other leading security programs out there, like Avira, are completely free of cost they are still a far cry from the coverage that you get for just a few bucks a month from the premium edition of Norton internet security.

When you take into consideration how much personal information that you are probably sharing through your computer (think of online banking) it is sort of an essential way to save yourself from a lot of hassle down the road should your computer become infected and your personal and financial information get leaked. Hackers are continually evolving their tactics and you can rely on Norton internet security to keep pace with the newest and latest developments in antivirus protection and malware-blocking software.

More than PC Protection

Surely having home protection is one thing, but think about the aspect that you can share Norton internet security across 10 different devices and they can be iOS, Windows and even Android. You could wager that Norton would come up with more to do in terms of protection than just simply protecting you against malware and you would be right.

Norton has a password protector that is hands-down one of the easiest ways to manage all the different passwords that you use from your mobile phone to your tablet and then to your home pc. As members of the modern mobile scene, so many of us are using multiple-devices in such a seamless manner that it becomes essential that we have internet security that is going to cover those sorts of transitions.

Norton does that and then more. It has a great feature known as the ‘App Advisor’ that will let you know whether that latest and greatest app is safe for you to download. You can also perform other remote features through devices that you have Norton internet security installed on, such as whether you want your smartphone to take a picture of the person that just stole your phone and is trying to use it, or if you need your smartphone to start ‘screaming’ for you because you forgot you left it on top of the refrigerator.

A Name Well Earned

The main takeaway from these features is that Norton internet security have absolutely resolved to make sure that their product is providing safety in every manner that they find they can program. There is a reason that Norton has worked its way up to the top, and it isn’t because they spent money on advertising. You know how the world of technology works. If it doesn’t happen to be the best in the market, then it simply doesn’t earn that title.

Norton keeps coming back to us with product after product, year after year, that excels in the industry and certainly exceeds expectations on what internet security can protect. Norton internet security takes the tools that we all use daily and finds ways in which we can use them safely without having to worry about others stealing our personal and financial information.

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