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Want to Edit Photos? Use PhotoImpact X3

PhotoImpact X3
Written by Percy Legrand

Corel PhotoImpact X3 is an easy photo editor software that uses easy to use photo editing tools with beautiful digital art and inspiring photo projects to make image creativity and digital photography fun, easy and fast.

Photo Editing Software was Never Easier

PhotoImpact X3 comes with fun, easy photo editing projects, new digital art tools and easy one-click photo fixes that make your projects look beautiful. Quickly touch up your best pictures with innovative ExpressFix editing. Utilize customizable project templates to build memorable image gifts quickly. Get creative with painting and drawing tools, and combine with graphics to improve your video productions.

Whether it is your hobby or a beginner, PhotoImpact X3 helps you build good looking graphics for DVDs, videos, slide shows and more.

PhotoImpact X3 Features

Easy & Fast ExpressFix Mode: Easy-to-understand and automated photo enhancement options keep the simple photo editing tools want at your fingertips. Quickly fix composition, color, and exposure. Beginners love its simplicity, and the experts love its efficiency.

  • Enhanced! RAW Image File Support: Great previews, enhanced performance and a greater number of supported camera types make working with the RAW photos easier than ever.
  • Powerful Photo Retouching: Improve your images using enhanced darkroom tools.
  • SmartGuide “How-to” Help: Step-by-step directions on your screen teach you how to complete good-looking projects. The software has guides for advanced and basic DVD, video, photo editing, and Web page menu tasks. The provided links take you directly photo editing tools that you want.
  • New! Next-generation Crop tools: PhotoImact X3 offers two easy methods to re-compose your photos for better impact. The two ways are Rule of Thirds Crop and Golden Ratio Crop. The Rule of Thirds Crop helps you create dynamic images. The Golden Ratio Crop is used by masters; it is a timeless tool that builds a section that is pleasing.
  • Graphics Tools for Video Enthusiasts: If you love creating videos, you require tools for graphics and photos. Analyze your pictures to look good in a DVD slide show with the Slideshow Prep Wizard. Print and design DVD case covers and labels that match menus in VideoStudio and MovieFactory. You can create your complete custom DVD menus. You can also enhance and correct photos for maximum impact. Make your pictures special with easy-to-understand and automated photo enhancement options for photo sharing and editing.
  • Fun Photo Projects: Utilize easy wizards to build fun photo gifts and projects. Select from more than 200 customizable templates for various ways to share your photos. You can easily create amazing greeting cards, calendars, comic strips and collages.
  • Amazingly simple Digital Art: Paint lovely clouds with the Cloud pen and improve your photos with creative filters. Paint and draw like a pro.
  • High Dynamic Range: Build professional images that capture detail and color in both highlights and shadows. Eliminate elements of the events that alter between shots. The software is enhanced with preset curves for various camera models.
  • New! Photo Projects: You can now share your pictures as comic strips, greeting cards, collages and on DVD and CD labels. Simply choose from the seventy customizable templates. To complete projects quickly, follow the simple and fast three-step wizard.
  • Enhanced! COOL 360 Panorama-maker: The software is fully integrated into PhotoImact, easily combines many pictures and create even or horizontal, vertical panoramas.
  • New & Unique! Cloud Pen: You can now utter goodbye to the dull skies since you can paint good-looking add or cloud fun effects. Select from stratus, cirrus, cumulus cloud types. Be creative with smoke signals, skywriting and fantasy cloud animals.
  • Creative Photographic Filters: Select from the many optical effects, lightening effects and textures to add flair to your images.
  • New! Slideshow Prep Wizard: Ensure your images look their best in a DVD slide show. Select from the different sophisticated frames, color-gradient and drop-shadow background styles. Include time/date labels and batch process. Import your pictures into DVD MovieFactory or Corel VideoStudioto easily build your slide show. PhotoImpact X3 is a good companion tool for DVD authoring and video editing applications.
  • New! DVD Content Sets: Display your video projects like an expert. Create and print case covers and DVD labels that match menus in VideoStudio and MovieFactory.
  • Save Images for Video: Create PNG & GIF pictures with transparency for lower-thirds, logos, and video overlays.
  • DVD Menu Maker Plug-in: Build DVD menus for DVD MovieFactory 6 or 5 and VideoStudio 11 or 10.

PhotoImpact X3 Comparison

  • PhotoImpact X3 has new DVD Content Sets feature that the previous version doesn’t have.
  • The previous versions of photo editing software lack the Next-generation Crop tools that are present in the new PhotoImpact X3 version.
  • PhotoImpact X3 comes with an enhanced RAW Image File Support feature for good performance.
  • PhotoImpact X3 has a new Photo Project feature that makes your projects look lovely and lively. The previous photo editing software lack this feature.
  • X3 comes with an enhanced COOL 360 Panorama-maker compared to the previous versions.
  • The previous versions lack the new and unique Cloud Pen that is found in PhotoImpact X3.
  • PhotoImpact X3 has a new Slideshow Prep Wizard that is absent in the previous versions.

Pros of PhotoImpact X3

  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a good User Interface
  • It serves both the beginners and experts easily and faster.
  • It has many new features that will solve most of your photo editing issues.
  • Makes your photos look professional
  • Fixing of images is made faster and easier.
  • Supports different file formats.
  • Requires less space for installation
  • Runs well in all Operating Systems

Cons of PhotoImapct X3

It requires external devices such as CD-ROM drive for installation

Why buy PhotoImpact X3

PhotoImpact X3 is a good photo editing software. It is faster and easier to use because of its amazing new and enhanced features that the previous versions or other types of photo editing software lacks. Buy this software, and you will be amazed at its good performance.

Our Verdict on PhotoImpact X3

Stop wasting your time in the other types of editing software and try out this fantastic product to achieve the results you always desire faster and easier.

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