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VideoStudio Pro X9.5

VideoStudio Pro X9.5
Written by Percy Legrand

VideoStudio Pro X9.5 is a video editing software with an added MyDVD Templates, new four angle Multi-Camera Video Editor, improved Audio balancing, and controls, new Multi-Point Motion Tracking, new Optimized for 6th Generation Intel chips and a new HEVC support.

VideoStudio Pro X9.5, The Best Video Editing Software

Video Editing Software for All Levels: Video Pro X9.5 has something for each video editor; that is from movies in minutes to improve timeline editing. Share your story in your way with the new Multi-Camera Editor, many of creative effects, titles and transitions, and pro-quality audio tools all in one video editing software that is easy to use.

Powerful Video Editing Software: Case all the angles with the new four angle Multi-Camera Video Editor and grab top-quality sound with the automatic audio-enhancing features.

Unlimited Creativity in Your Video Editing: Feel free to express yourself with, templates, tiles and 1500 plus customizable effects. Enjoy the Freeze Frames, multi-point Motion Tracking, Stop Motion and more.

Perfect for all skill levels: Edit a video or make a move with FastFlick and Instant Projects, move up to multi-track timeline editing to improve your skills.

VideoStudio Pro X9.5  Features

Creative overlays: Change how overlay objects go hand in hand with the background for different effects, and build unique semi-transparent and color blend outcomes. Utilize a video mask to reveal or hide various parts of your video for amazing effects or titles sequences.

Freeze frame: Whether it is your kid scoring a goal, stunning scenery or a beautiful smile, sometimes you need to add extra change by temporarily halting the action to focus on one frame. The Freeze Frame feature makes it simple to choose the frame and set the required time to get the effect you need.

Stop motion animation: Make full-HD stop motion videos with your DSLR camera. Pick up the unique lens and processing power capabilities of your DSLR to life and make stop motion animation your fans will not forget.

Variable speed: Bring along drama by playing with speed, utilize slow motion or speed items up for unique time-lapse effects. The Variable Speed Controls easily alters the speed in any part of your video with no need of editing multiple video clips.

Easy fades and transitions: Grab the perfect look for your production with the drag-and-drop transitions that offers easy fades, wipes, dissolves and many other effects.

NewBlue FX Video Essentials II: Include amazing special effects with bonus tools from the industry leader, NewBlue. The Video Essentials II gives over hundred presets in ten plugins to change less distortion, make vignettes, adjust and enhance color and much more.

NewBlue TitlerEX: Impress your fans with dynamic 3D and 2D titles, and add captions and rolling credits easily to your movies.

Advanced customizable motion controls: Customize the motion graphics, video clips, objects, and titles. It is the best way to make dynamic videos featuring image-in-image and other pro-quality effects. Also, save your customizable movement to a Path for faster and easy reuse.

Multi-Camera Video Editor: Share your story from every angle with Multi-Camera Video Editor. Trim and edit footage from various cameras and synchronize clips with Audio syncing, shooting date and time, Makers and or manually. It supports six angles in Ultimate or four angles in Pro.

Normalize Audio: Making changes to multiple video clips may result in inconsistent audio levels. It is easy to balance the volume of selected video or the whole track to keep audio consistent and clear with the Normalize Audio.

Audio Ducking: Tune up the lead out/in time for Audio Ducking, a feature that lowers background sounds to produce dialog and narration clear. Customizing the Ducking Sensitivity and Level is made easy.

Motion Tracking: Track up to four points in your video. Add moving graphics or text in your video or use a mosaic blur to license plates, logos or faces that you need to obscure.

Subtitle Editor: Limit the effort and time needed to add subtitles to your video. Subtitle Editor automatically identify speech in your video, giving an editable, instant list of possible subtitle events, making it easy and fast to add subtitles.

Comparison of VideoStudio Pro X9.5

  • VideoStudio Pro X9.5 has a new Multi-Point Motion Tracking feature that tracks up to four points in your video, unlike the previous versions.
  • Pro X9.5 has a Freeze Frame feature that adds additional impact by temporarily stopping the action to aim at one frame. This feature is absent in VideStudio Ultimate X7 and VideoStudio X7.
  • Pro X9.5 has Overlay Options that build unique color blend and semi-transparent outputs with Add, Grey, Multiply Key options that are absent in Ultimate X7 and the later version.
  • Pro X9.5 has an enhanced Normalize Audio that automatically balances the volume of chosen clips to keep audio volume consistent. The previous versions lack this amazing feature.
  • Pro X9.5 has a new FastFlick Template Designer feature that helps in creating your FastFlick templates for utilization for both FastFlick and VideoStudio.

Pros of VideoStudio Pro X9.5

  • It is user-friendly
  • It is easy to use whether you are a first-time user or an expert
  • It is faster since it can handle multiple tasks.
  • Adding subtitles is easier as compared to the previous versions.
  • With perfect settings, it produces high-quality results.

Cons of VideoStudio Pro X9.5

  • Requires more space to be installed (minimum 6GB hard disk space) compared to the previous versions.
  • Works well in Windows Operating Systems only.
  • Needs internet connection for updates.
  • It does not support all the languages in the world.

Why buy VideoStudio Pro X9.5

Buy the product to improve your image editing experience and achieve desired results. It is affordable. The product saves your time since it can handle multiple tasks that the other video editing software can’t.


Grab the product and start enjoying its amazing features. Do not be the left behind while your friends are enjoying the benefits of this software. Also, give your fans enjoyable and amazing videos and clips with the help of this VideoStudio Pro X9.5. Everyone loves quality videos that this product can offer.

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