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Protecting Your Mobile With Avast Security

Avast Mobile Security
Written by Percy Legrand

Protecting Your Mobile With Avast Security

Avast Mobile Security is the best way to protect your mobile from the harm that internet can do. As the years have gone by, we have grown attachments to certain things, most of which include our attachment and fascination with technology. Technology has paved the way for a digital world and with advancements, our fascination increases to the point that we cannot live without it. This can be called an obsession for some but in some cases, technology is necessary as it makes certain things easy for us. Be it for work or for study purposes, we have come to appreciate the use of technology. One of the advancements of technologies that we use most often is definitely our smartphones. Doing work on the go has always been the motto of a smartphone and it serves us well in that aspect.

So what then is the issue?

Like a computer, a smartphone is also vulnerable to viruses or hacks. Nothing can be kept safe from hackers and we need to learn how to protect ourselves. This is where Avast Mobile Security comes in. Like its counterpart, Avast Internet Security, this program acts as an antivirus for mobile phones so that we can use them without any fear of being hacked. Before deciding to go forward with using this program, let’s go through some of its features.

What is Avast Mobile Security?

In simple terms, it is as it is portrayed to be. It is an antivirus exclusively used for smartphones.  Avast is known for their good service. They aim to protect any computer and smartphone from viruses and hackers so that people may feel safe using them. Slowly they have made a name for themselves in this aspect. Mobile security was deemed necessary after the number of virus related issues popped up and Avast quickly went around to try and make it.

On how to buy it, well, the good thing is that you don’t have to buy it. It is free to download and there are no strings attached to it. You can simply go into Google Play or the Apple store to download the Avast Mobile Security and use it in your smartphone. It was nice of them to give that feature but sometimes free things are not worth it.

How does it look against other mobile securities?

As we all know, there are no scarcities for antiviruses. There are well known companies like McAfee, Norton, Bitdefender etc which provide internet securities for computers but smartphones or mobiles are different issues all together. They are not built the same way as computers though they can perform tasks as well as computers. It is necessary for us to have different antiviruses for them. All of the aforementioned anti-virus companies have mobile counterparts but unlike Avast, their counterparts are not free.

In case of Bitdefender, you can get it free if you buy three keys of it or if you choose to buy to completely separate from the main antivirus which seems like a wasted investment. In that case, download Avast Mobile Security is the cheaper and reliable method. There is no need to renew it and you can use it for as long as you want.

What does it have?

-Same quality as its counterpart

-Protects you from viruses and hackers

What does it give us?

In a product, we always look for the pros that endear us to it because without it, there is no meaning of keeping it in our smartphones. In case of Avast, there are several pros that come to mind as we contemplate its uses. One of the pros that really stand out is of course the fact that it’s free. This means that you don’t waste any money while you are downloading it and you have the freedom to delete it if you so wish whenever you want.  One particular advantage is that its web support is good. Which is to say that it supports all web pages and protects your mobile from any viruses that may try to sneak in through the webpages.

It doesn’t affect the speed of your mobile. Some antiviruses do have the tendency of doing that but Avast Mobile Security isn’t one of them. They help the mobile work as fast as it used to before and still manages to protect it. Its protection from malicious software is one of the best and it doesn’t annoy you with incessant warnings. Every notification is given methodically without appearing too burdensome. It does routine checkups without needing to be told and it has great network and privacy advisor. All in all, it seems to work as well as its counterpart.

What can it not give us?

Nothing is perfect and this applies to each and every product.

In case of Avast Mobile security, it may seem perfect but there are chinks in the armor and we have to enlighten ourselves of them. One pro is that the web interface setup may be a bit confusing but that just takes practice to get through. People’s level of understanding differs so instead of giving up, give it a chance and try to work it through as it’s not very complicated.

There is a lengthy procedure that you have to follow to set up the anti-theft software but if you really think about it, it’s about the same as going to the bank and looking through your account issues. It’s a way of life and you can’t really change it. The thing that you have to remind yourself in the end is the reward you get for it besides the loss you might sustain can set you back harshly.

Going for it

Looking through the whole thing, it is apparent that the pros outweigh the cons completely. The downsides of it are not many and the ones that are present can easily be worked around. So if you are scared that your mobile phone may be in danger from other sources and you need to protect yourself, look no further and go for Avast Mobile Security! It’s pretty much guaranteed that it’s worth it and you won’t regret your decision!

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