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Protect Your Computer With Avast Internet Security

Avast Internet Security
Written by Percy Legrand

Computers have become a part of our life.

The years have passed and computers may as well have taken over our existence. We use computers for everything. Whether it be our work or for procrastinating, it’s our go to mechanism. The world has become a place where we cannot live without computers and it’s not us being lazy. It’s because the use of the computer makes things easier for us. It helps us perform well in our studies and work. The use of the internet of also intricately bound with the computer as it helps us learn more. We can simply use our laptops to search the internet for whatever information we need. But is it always safe?

The internet is a useful place but it’s also a dangerous place. With advancement also comes idea borne from selfish needs and these are portrayed through people known as scammers. They linger in the internet to try and harm us through viruses. Now, a virus in this case isn’t an illness. It’s an object created to try and destroy our computers. So how do we protect ourselves from it?

We have one way to protect ourselves from it and that’s internet security. More specially internet security in the form of Avast Internet Security.

What is Avast Internet Security?

Avast Internet Security is an anti-virus program which when installed into our computer would work against any viruses and protect our computer. It’s a very simple tool that was created with that sole purpose. Avast Internet Security is available anywhere around the world and it is used by many to protect their computer.

In case of how to use it, it’s easy to buy and install. All you need to do it procure it and install it to get free protection in your computer for a whole year. Simple and easy right?

How does it perform when compared to others?

In terms of internet security, there is some serious competition.

We have internet securities such as Norton, McAfee etc. In case of Avast Internet security, it has the smallest boot time and tries to be as vigilant as possible when it’s trying to protect the computer. Anti Viruses like Norton tend to make the computer slow but Avast doesn’t work that way. It does little to no harm to the PC as a whole. Speaking of prices, all internet securities are priced at more or less the same price so there is no point in comparing them.

Another advantage of Avast is that it’s one of the most readily available internet security systems, preferred by retailers worldwide. This makes it the convenient and cheapest security for everyone around the world.

What does it have?

  • Protects you from scams
  • Good support
  • Stops spam
  • Doesn’t slow down your PC

Is it really worth it?

As mentioned, Avast Internet Security has the best boot time and doesn’t make your PC slow. It works well and in harmony with your PC. It also avoids DNS Hacking which may happen if you use the internet without the use of internet security. The internet is a dangerous place and there is no guarantee when a virus can slip in and start looking through all of your important files. Some people try to do that through the use of their crafted viruses but Avast Internet Security tries its best to make sure that doesn’t happen.

They even protect the use from ever having to encounter Identity scams emails. It’s also an intelligent virus detector along with having the ability to protect your router. Sometimes some people try to hack into the routers to get free internet but Avast Internet Security stops people from doing that. Also it informs the user of virus before disposing of it. This works for the user’s benefit because sometimes internet securities detect some programs as viruses which may be useful for the user. They also help in getting rid of browser add ons that may not be from a legitimate source.

Avast Internet Security also has something called a sandbox which is for instances when you have download a program which you have the suspicion that it might not be safe. In that scenario, you are able to test it our secretly without having to harm your whole PC in the midst of it.

Another good thing about Avast Internet security is that they offer a 30 day return policy along with trials so that you can determine for yourself if it is the way you want to go.

Can it have drawbacks?

The price of the Internet Security may seems like a drawback for some people. Priced at 50 dollars per year, it’s cheaper if you buy it for two years but again it’s a not a big deal. Most Internet securities are priced at the same amount so getting Avast or any other internet security would cost you the same amount.

Avast does have some specifications which may pose a problem for some people. You can only install it if you have Windows 7 or up which may seem a bit excessive for some people but nowadays, very few people have below Windows 7 so that problem isn’t a problem after all.

It was said that the program couldn’t protect itself from virus attacks and it was true in the older versions but Avast has gotten rid of that in the newer editions so you’ll face no problems in using your internet security.

Shall we give it a try?

People may still be hesitant in going forward with it but don’t fret!

There will be no problem in using Avast Internet Security, the advantages of using it proves that it’s a worthwhile investment. Through it, you’ll be able to protect your PC for one whole year or two years depending on how many years you want to buy it for.
So get rid of any inhibitions and go for Avast Internet Security! Trust me, it’ll only be to your benefit in the end!

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Percy Legrand

Percy is a technology author and writes for many websites and blogs. He is interested in rising technology but is more interested in what makes that technology grow.