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OneDrive: Are You On The Cloud?

Written by Percy Legrand

Isn’t it great the fact of being able to share files from the comfort of any platform? This is exactly OneDrive, a tool for personal or business online storing on the cloud that Microsoft provides for free and for everybody.  It’s pretty simple to use it and you can store different kinds of files, from pictures or music to programs and Office documents. But the best part is that you can save these files from different devices with incredible facility and security.

Also, you can share documents with colleagues whenever you need it and you can even edit them in real time with Office Online. You don’t depend on a flash drive anymore to transfer information from one device to another. Don’t worry if you have Mac, Android, Windows Phone or iPhone, you can download your documents easily.

Just access with the app from your mobile or from your Outlook account. You will have up to 15 GB for free to save and admin thousands of files: movies, images, music, documents and so on. The only requisite to enjoy of this amazing service is having an Outlook account and it’s free!

File Hosting Services: Dropbox or OneDrive?

The file hosting service Dropbox has been available for several years already and offers an acceptable service; actually, it’s a great competitor for Microsoft and Google. But it’s always tolerable to compare them. As it was mentioned above, Microsoft’s service offers its users 15 GB storage for free, unlike Dropbox, which only has scarce 2 GB for users. However, when we check out premium services, both offer a maximum of 1 TB. To get this storage extension, Dropbox and OneDrive users must pay for it. $9.99 and $6.99 respectively. Another win for OneDrive.

What about Google Drive?

On the first stage, both file hosting services have a tie because each one offers 15 GB storage for free to all their clients. It’s the second part where differences are observable. Unlike OneDrive, its rivals charges around 30% more for 1 TB premium service. However, we have to admit that Google Drive counter attacks extraordinarily with unparalleled 30 TB for its best plan! But just take a look at what you would have to pay and you will wish to take acceptable 1 TB from OneDrive.

Effective Features

OneDrive is not the only cloud on internet, in fact, there are several of them and it’s likely that new ones continue coming out. How did Microsoft do to offer a better product? This file hosting service is full of fantastic features that make the difference.  It is preinstalled on Windows 8 and 10, therefore, everything you save on your device will automatically be uploaded to OneDrive.

One aspect that must be highlighted is how this cloud help you find what you need and keep your files well organized. Good organization makes finding everything easier. In addition, if you are using OneDrive on iOS devices, you can highlight, draw and sign any PDF document that you have. You will receive notifications in real time when a document is being edited and who is doing it.

Windows and OneDrive, the Perfect Match

It was mentioned above that OneDrive is preinstalled on Windows 8 and 10, as a result, when you start using your device, it instantaneously links your new, let’s say, PC with your Microsoft account. Nothing new, indeed. However, the real advantage is that both Windows and OneDrive are developed by Microsoft, making a perfect match between them and a flawless service.

One more advantage among many is, and this is significant, that you will always have a back-up of all your pictures from your trips or important dates. Furthermore, the app for mobile devices with Windows Phone, iOS and Android will automatically synchronize them without having to upload the pictures one by one, and obviously, you would be able to see them from no matter where, even if you don’t have your phone.

Last but not least, something considered by the majority of users as crème de la crème is that you can upload videos! But wait, that’s not special. Can I watch them online without being forced to download them? This is a big and great YES! It’s the best option to upload videos and giving others the right to decide whether they want them downloaded or not.

Features to be Improved

In contrast to OneDrive, its rival, Google Drive, offers a generous variety of premium plans such as 100 MB, 1, 10, 20 and 30 TB of storage. Microsoft should consider creating more flexible plans. On the other hand, Microsoft has totally disregarded Linux, being impossible to use it with such operating system.

Come and Join Us!

OneDrive has a lot of space for you! We have limitless Terabytes for welcoming new members. This is, indisputably, the best file hosting service with incredible and suitable tools for a single user or for businesses, especially because it can be used freely, and still receive extra space. In case you aren’t satisfied and you need more storage for free, guess what? It’s also possible! Obtain up to 35 GB. Microsoft shows you the different ways: installing the app on mobile devices and enabling the option to upload pictures automatically. Additionally, provided you invite friend to join OneDrive, you will first, share anything with them and receive 500MB for each new user and receive the amount of extra 5GB. You see? OneDrive has more for you.

Summing Up

Every day it becomes more and more indispensable to rely on a file hosting service. All our devices are full of documents and full of numerous files and they are important to you but your device gets slower day by day. You can try OneDrive to save what really matters to you and free some space from your PC or mobile phone. Microsoft continues demonstrating its superiority in every respect, and perhaps there might be aspects that could be enhanced, they are on the way to do it. Meanwhile, enjoy and take advantage of all of them.

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