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Office 365, For Each Day of The Year

Office 365
Written by Percy Legrand

In such competitive market, it is indispensable to be up-to-date at all times, and Microsoft manages this very well with every product they offer, trying to be above the rest and, without a doubt, Office 365 is superior to any other, having the closest competitor light years away. Doubtlessly, you have heard the computing term “Cloud”, despite being relatively new.

Microsoft has managed to take advantage of all Cloud benefits as never before with Office 365. With this powerful tool, you have the faculty to edit documents by yourself on any explorer with Web Apps or edit them even simultaneously with business partners or clients, have online meetings with them or check the email from any device. All this by getting the new Office for a reasonable price.

Office 365 has everything needed for making a business more efficient with the diversity of web tools that permit access to emails, documents, contacts and calendars from no matter where and from almost any device. Therefore, working is possible whenever and wherever you need it, allowing you to respond opportunely to important businesses and clients

Office 365 and Google Apps

First, we’ll describe functionality, and while Google Apps puts forth a surpassingly simple user interface, the provision of service and functionality are indeed limited compared to Office 365. This, notoriously, impacts negatively users’ productivity who claim, among many things, that they aren’t able to work offline mode and also highlight the numerous hindrances to edit Office documents appropriately. On the other hand, Office 365 proposes a very familiar group of tools for those who have already worked with Office, what involves a mixture of wide-ranging functionality and at the same time, facility to use it, primarily, due to careful integration of the different constituents of it.

Office 365 and Zoho Docs

Cloud office applications for business are a tool every single company needs, having to invest on the best option. Even though there aren’t too many, (at least high-quality ones) Zoho Docs, for instance, is considered as a top 3 one and indeed, Zoho Docs is not on everyone’s lips. In contrast to Office 365, which is unparalleled and it’s not a secret, Zoho Docs charges its users the same amount per month! $5 each user, and charges even more for premium service ($8) per month, contrary to Office 365, whose premium plans are diverse and start at $6 per month. Sometimes the less common doesn’t mean money-saving.

Take a Closer Look and Enjoy Matchless Features

Microsoft has created a whole universe with Office 365, full of benefits and special features for its users. No matter what devices you have, from a PC or Mac, a tablet or a smartphone, Office 365 always furnishes the most up-to-date app versions. Moreover, it simplifies your life. How? Storing, synchronizing and sharing your files online in order to have them updated. In addition, if it were not enough, you can edit and make any change with other people in real time.

Office 365 is distinctive for being really easy to set up and administrate. It includes the step-by-step guide, which helps you set users facilely and start using every service in a matter of a few seconds.

Worthwhile Office 365

Besides the advantage of offline working added feature, Office 365 prevents companies from information leakage and furnishes staff members with the possibility of sharing desktops and apps, as well as having conferences with up to 250 participants.

In terms of data security and privacy, strict and audited policy security portrays Office 365, highly recommended for businesses that concern about it, guaranteeing inaccessibility to your information and the elimination of it in case the company dispenses with the service. It’s well-known that Microsoft always tries that its products adapt to the client. Well, Office 365 proposes a wide variety of plans that adapt to your needs and permits you moving your information to the cloud with your pace, paying just for what you use. Thanks to 24/7 available support team, even if one Office 365 user from the company meets any sort of trouble, he will be well-advised to find opportune and accurate alternatives or solutions.

Online Sometimes Means Slow

Relying on online apps and one like Office 365 can represent spending more time to complete a task because it could get, depending on our internet connection, pretty slow. Similarly, the fact of being online diminished power and it doesn’t have as many options as the traditional Office. Whenever the user needs to save the files on the computer, first, he will have to download it, what can take some time, depending on the size of the file. It is true that Office 365 includes OneDrive, however, in case you require to save more than 200 MB you will have to acquire the premium version, that is to say, you have to buy it.

Essential for Your Business

Office 365 is the ideal intermediary for your business. It has a lot for you! Do you want an email with up to 50 GB storage and 150 MB to send attached files? This is for each user of your business. Of course you want it. The familiar and useful Outlook comes with Office 365, an email with business quality. But wait! this isn’t it. Microsoft also included OneDrive for Business, the Cloud that provides extraordinary 1 TB of storage for each user, who can access to their files basically from wherever they are.

On the other hand, Office 365 encourages you to plan and schedule online meetings or videoconferences with high resolution. Moreover, and this is the Office’s insignia: create and edit Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and Excel files, not only Offline but online, too!

In Conclusion

It is evident how Office has evolved, actually it was a complete revolution to continue dominating the market and seeing its competitors from above. Now, a much simpler design but with great potential is what highlights from Office 365. The possibility it offers of working anywhere on earth without needing to neither download nor install anything.

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