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Norton Internet Security Retains Reputation Again

Norton internet security
Written by Percy Legrand

When it comes to finding the best in an antivirus and malware-blocking software you would be hard-pressed to find another better than Norton internet security. The brand has been built up around a strong foundation of continually providing the best and most thorough security available. Though this is a Norton Security Premium review, you will find that for the little bit of extra cash that you would spend on the premium edition you are going to get much more significant protection. In a continually changing digital landscape, protection is most certainly the name of the game.

Norton Stands Alone

There are certainly other antivirus software companies out there that provide stunning results in terms of thorough protection. Avira for instance offers great security and protection against possible security breaches that can occur through your browsing activity. Even companies like McAfee have built a strong reputation for being in the top of the industry. But when it comes to picking the number one, you can’t go wrong with Norton internet security.

The suite comes fully equipped with an outstanding amount of versatility across platforms, and even offers a suite of protection ranging from protecting you against malicious apps and guarding your devices from theft. Norton internet security takes protecting your information and your devices seriously.

Next Level Protection by Norton Internet Security

Along with being able to travel across multiple platforms, the Norton Premier suite offers exceptional protection without dragging down your system performance. Developers have worked hard to make sure that you still get the high-speed that you rely on with your devices along with the top-notch security that you need for your browsing and internet needs.

With Norton internet security, you also get the ability to run your own system scans whenever you wish. This may seem like a basic thing that you would expect out of any antivirus software, however when Norton comes across something that it doesn’t like, or that it finds to be malicious, it pays closer attention to the connections linked to the corrupt file. Beyond that, Norton internet security learns and knows which files that it needs to eliminate without ever interrupting your workflow. This smart protection saves you the time and hassle of having to worry about whether your system is in tip-top shape.

Stop Malware in Its Tracks wtih Norton Internet Security

New threats are constantly being made in terms of malware. Lots of it appears far beyond layers that even experts in the fields can’t readily anticipate. Norton internet security can dig deep through files, apps, websites and just about any digital place you can imagine to fight off malware attempts.

One of the worse things about browsing on the internet anymore is that it is easy to suddenly click on a link to URL that may seem like it is a recognizable and safe website. Hackers have a knack at being able to slide in the back door on sites and accomplish what they are after without even being recognized by the host site they are using. Norton internet security can make sure that you are protected layer after layer so that you can trust which sites you visit and which financial transactions you make.

Hard to Find Flaws

It’s hard to imagine that there are any cons to using Norton antivirus protection. First off, it’s the industry’s leading number one software defense. It didn’t get that name simply because of a few tricky bells and whistles. But those extra features are just about the only thing that could come close to comprising some sort of downside to working with Norton that this Norton Security Premium review could find. Those extras cost a little bit of money.

The cost itself of Norton is somewhat minimal. It even fares to run less than many of the movie streams that you may already pay for a monthly subscription. But the simple fact remains that it does cost you to have the full suite of options and protection. When there are other antivirus software suites available for free, such as Avira, you may be tempted to go with what is free. The protection that you will find is nowhere near the level that Norton encompasses.

Well Worth It

Though you may find that you could get your antivirus and malware blocking security through another program for free, you won’t find another program that gives you the multi-platform protection that also comes with all the extras you will find in Norton internet security. With the full premium edition, you also get the added capacity to protect your mobile devices with special features such as being able to remotely take a picture of a person that has stolen your device and is currently using it. The picture is then sent to you so that you can access the location and see exactly who has your device.

Protecting you from theft is just a simple special feature compared to the way that Norton internet security goes about making sure that the Apps that you download are clean of malicious content. While the App Store and Google Play may be completely safe sites, it doesn’t mean that the material that you find on them is going to be equally safe of malicious content. Whenever you go to download an App you run the risk of getting something you didn’t bargain for. That simply isn’t the case when you have Norton internet security on your side.

Norton Internet Security: Heavy Duty Protection

When you are looking for serious beefed up protection for your computer and other devices, then you want to head right for Norton internet security. The combination of top-tier malware blocking and antivirus protection paired with cross platform capabilities opens the possibilities for Norton internet security to keep you guarded around the clock. Never again will you have to wonder about why your computer is running slow and sluggish. Norton keeps your system guarded and when something does make its way through, then Norton is going to let you know as well as go ahead and eliminate it from your system. There isn’t too much to think about when it comes to configuration which also makes running Norton internet security seamless and simple.

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