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Norton Internet Security, Your Internet Armour

Norton internet security
Written by Percy Legrand

If you are looking for top-shelf security, then you don’t need to look any further than Norton internet security. As a company Symantec, has built their brand to be the very best in terms of providing excellent antivirus protection along with a virtually seamless product that carries itself without hardly any visible drag. In the world of antivirus protection if you are willing to shell out the little bit of money for the Norton Antivirus Premium edition you won’t regret making the purchase. Just like with any Norton antivirus 2016 review or Norton antivirus 360 review, you are bound to find that the newest edition has followed Symantec’s tradition of producing the best there is to offer.

Norton Internet Security; A League of Its Own

When you compare Norton to McAfee or even to Avira, you are practically comparing apples to oranges. Sure, they are all great antivirus protection suites, but with Norton you are getting those extra perks of having the absolute best in the market. Along with providing some of the top scores in independent testing for antivirus protection, Norton internet security continually makes itself one of the top choices among consumers that are looking for a great defense line without having to spend a lot of time worrying about configuring and slowing down their computer’s performance and speed. This software comes in with high marks for being completely user-friendly.

Other features of Norton internet security include a password manager that will help you keep all your passwords safely protected against all the different devices that you use, and using multiple devices is an area that Norton internet security excels at. You can use this antivirus and malware-blocking software across Windows, iOS, and even Android devices. Now you truly can sync all your different devices under the same safety umbrella that Norton internet security provides.

Malware-Blocker Supreme

Norton internet security reigns supreme in terms of adding multiple layers to its malware-blocking protection. Many of these layers are well beyond the awareness of even the most advanced computer users. The thing about malware is that many of the new threats that are posing a risk against consumers’ systems are proactive and continually evolving so that they may attempt to get past the protection of computers with less of a defense. Any Norton Security Premium review is bound to touch on this advanced feature of Norton internet security.

In Depth Scanning

Along with providing maximum malware protection on both the personal level and network level, Norton internet security can run thorough scans on your computer that will make sure nothing has made way through. This complete diagnosis may seem like a simple feature, but when you take into consideration the in depth and advanced performance that the producers behind Norton internet security have put into their manufacturing, you realize that you have the most advanced product right at your fingertips.

Is Cost a Factor for You?

Just like with all good things, there can come some downsides. With Norton internet security, the same applies to the latest premium version as does any Norton Security Premium review. The simple fact that it is a program that you should pay for is a downside for many consumers that are looking for the cheapest way to protect their computer.

However, if you are searching for the best possible protection that you can have then you need to invest a few dollars. As of the 2017 release, the cost is still less than $8 a month. That isn’t that expensive considering how much you already have invested in your online portfolio, computer system, and any extra paid or free services that you may use.

App Protection Adds Bonus

If you are considering whether you should make the plunge and purchase this inexpensive software, then another feature that may push you further in the direction of buying is the unique way that Norton internet security is capable of scanning through apps that you download onto your device. Surely, you would think that stores such as Google Play and the App Store are fully capable of making sure that the risk level is minimal when it comes to apps, but the truth is surprisingly daunting.

Sometimes malicious content sneaks its way through. This Norton Security Premium review found that you can run a program inside of Norton that is called an ‘App Advisor’. This feature will run through all of Norton’s specific anti-theft tools to make sure that what you are getting ready to download is safe.

Pair this aspect with Norton’s mobile features which allow you to do safety features such as take a picture of whoever may be holding your device and remotely send it to you, and you don’t need to think fast when it comes to deciding whether you should add Norton to your home system and mobile devices. You can even decide whether you want to lock your devices up if they are stolen and run a feature called ‘scream’ where the device will make enough racquet that you’ll be able to hear it whether it is buried in the sofa.

Best Protection Across Devices

When you are looking for a product that is going to cover you across all your devices, Norton internet security has all the features, and then some, that you could possibly ask for. Sure, the Premium version is hands-down the route to go, but the added cost is minimal to allow you to install on both your Windows’ devices as well as your iOS systems.

Norton internet security isn’t lightweight. It is designed to cover all the bases and it does. Review after review will tell you the same thing, and the reason for that is because the software is the top of the class. It has high-performance speed, maximum antivirus protection, malware-blocking and a wide assortment of added features to help keep pace with the ever-evolving digital landscape that we all navigate daily. Now you don’t need to worry about whether that link you click on is going to give you a virus, or if that free app that looks too good to be true is loaded with malicious content. Norton internet security has got you covered.

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