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Norton Internet Security; Brings Next Level Protection

Norton internet security
Written by Percy Legrand

Finding the right internet security and antivirus protection, as well as malware-blocking, in a single application might not seem like to daunting of a task. Then you start to look at what is out there on the market and you realize that there are simply too many options. There is one name though, that you are going to find over and over and that is Norton internet security.

Norton internet security by any standard, whether in a Norton antivirus 2016 review or even a Norton antivirus 360 review, you will find that reviewers, designers, consumers and experts in the field have continually watched as Norton has risen to the top of the industry over the past 10 years.

Multi-Platform Coverage Makes Norton a ‘Must-Have’

If you are considering other security measures, such as McAfee or the free version of Avira, you will find it difficult to get the same sort of coverage that you will find with Norton internet security. As of the 2017 release, you get one subscription and that will end up covering ten different devices. That is some serious coverage that can cover a family or even a couple that is techno-savvy. Plus, choosing a coverage that gives you added features to cover those specific devices is a coverage that you simply don’t find elsewhere.

There is also an awesome password feature that comes along with the suite that is designed to keep all your passwords together across all your devices. When you think about joining some third-party coverage there is always that looming thought in the back of your mind (or at least there should be) in terms of who out there is getting your information. When you use Norton internet security you don’t have to worry about Norton tracking your passwords and using them for ill purposes.

Norton Internet Security; The Malware -Blocking Giant

Antivirus coverage is certainly something that you get in abundance in terms of the Norton internet security brand, but that is just the tip of the security iceberg. The suite comes equipped with some of the market’s best, if not the best, malware-blocking protection.

Along with being something that Norton internet security excels at, it’s also something that doesn’t hinder the performance of your computer. It seems like often, when you get a powerful program, it seems to suck the juice right out of your processor, but that simply isn’t the case with this malware-blocking giant.

Super Scanning Power

One of the extra perks of choosing Norton internet security over other brands that this Norton Security Premium review has found, is that this program comes equipped with a powerful scan that can comb your computer like no other.

The scan runs through layer after layer, on both the personal computer level as well as the network level, to ensure that you aren’t being infiltrated with any malicious content. The program’s scan is so intricate and in depth that it is capable of scanning on a level that even experts can’t quite reach on their own. That’s quite an extra pro to going with Norton internet security over any other.

Worth Every Penny

Even though it is worth every penny, if you were going to consider any possible downside to going with Norton internet security then you would be looking at the cost factor. The cost factor isn’t much when you consider that, as of the 2017 premium edition, you are looking at less than $10 a month. That is less than most of the monthly subscription plans that most programs require, and you are getting a program that is going to protect every aspect of your internet and computer usage.

The cost ends up being one of those unfortunate, but necessary aspects that you must deal with when you decide to take the Norton plunge. Just remember that you aren’t going to question your purchase. Other downloads that are free, may cover a great deal, but remember none are as advanced, and proven so, as Norton internet security.

Beyond the Basics

Once you go beyond the features that the antivirus and malware-blocking aspect that Norton internet security provides you start to realize that there is, even yet, far more thought that has gone into this suite. For beginners, there is an excellent app scanner that you can run to make sure that apps that you download are free of malicious content. This app scanner can work across devices. That means you can easily use it for the App Store and Google Play.

The main thing is that the outer appearance of an app and even the cost of it are not indicators as to whether there is anything threatening hiding behind the scenes in it. The App scanner can make sure that you don’t inadvertently put all your personal information at risk. With the amount of online shopping and banking that many consumers use these days, makes for this sort of protection extremely important.

There is also a whole slew of remote actions that you can accomplish from your home computer if something should happen to one of your devices. If a device of yours becomes stolen you can use a feature called, Sneak Peak, to have your device take a picture with the front facing camera so that you can see who has stolen phone. Other information, like it’s location, will obviously be taken as well. Norton internet security isn’t just about software attacks. It also helps protect your hardware too.

Worry-Free Security with Norton Internet Security

Keep in mind that though there are a significant amount of different aspects that Norton internet security has thrown into their premium package, they have made the entire experience highly user-friendly. You don’t personally have to know anything about internet security, that’s what Norton’s job is.

Once you get your package up and running all you need to do is sit back and let Norton do their work. If something shows up on your computer that shouldn’t, Norton will be the first to let you know. When they do, just make sure you listen.

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