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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – An Overview

Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Written by Percy Legrand

The new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is so much. You have everything you need in a versatile, ultrathin and fast tablet. The most advanced tablet came to replace your old tablet and laptop. It is astonishingly light so you can take it with you wherever you go, but light does not mean weak, actually, it is even more powerful than a full desktop workstation. Provided with an amazing 6th generation Intel Core processor and storage up to 1TB, it has the precise balance of power and weight, being able to run any professional software.

You have the choice to use as a desktop, or feel free to use it as a tablet. Do you want a full keyboard, a mouse or any other tool? Just connect it to Surface Dock. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 displays magnificent colors and amazing contrast, giving you a super realistic image.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs MacBook Air

Surface Pro 4 has definitely all to upstage and beat any rival, no matter the aspect or the point of view you want it to look it from –lightweight, touchscreen, power, facial recognition, memory, resolution or camera– it is always the same result. To illustrate, whereas MacBook Air, which is the closest competitor, weights 2.96 lbs., the Surface Pro 4 weights 2.36 lbs. The latter belongs to the 6th generation Intel Core and the rival to the 5th.

Surface Pro 4 can save up to tremendous 1TB, while MacBook Air barely reaches half of it. The greatest beating comes when they are compared to RAM memory, which gives the Microsoft tablet the victory with fantastic 16GB of RAM vs 8GB of RAM.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro

It does not matter if it is challenged with a desktop computer, a laptop or a tablet; it is always the same result. In this case, the iPad Pro, provided with iOS Mobile can only run mobile apps, differently to our tablet that was designed to run all professional-grade apps. Versatile, Surface Pro 4 has a kickstand with 120-degree recline in contrast to iPad Pro which is rigid when paired with keyboard.

Best features: Surface Pro 4

First of all, this amazing device is able to run full Windows and Office software, such as Outlook, Excel Word, OneNote, etc. but also the latest professional software. Having being conferred with great 16GB of RAM, anything can stop it, anything. Even if you are running full professional-grade apps such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, furthermore, you are downloading movies and music, and you are having an interview via Skype, it will never freeze.

Surface Pro 4 has a revolutionary 12.3” PixelSense™ with Pen and touch screen that, as it was described above, displays splendid colors and contrast, giving you an easy-on-the-eye display with low glare.

Another feature that stands out from this device is its incredible mobility and versatility, allowing you to work and enjoy of it everywhere.

The display: its main attribute

With 2,762 by 1,824 resolution, the Surface Pro 4 screen, besides being slightly bigger to previous models, is also sharper with approximately 267 pixels per inch, being humanly impossible to see them at a glance. You will certainly enjoy of an exceptional movie-viewing experience. Even if the display is exposed to direct sunlight, it will still be bright enough. All this shows how far away from closer competitors Surface Pro 4 is. This attribute really stands it out, making it be praised by everybody and grow so fast in popularity and recognition.

The Surface Pen is another trait that highlights a lot. It is because of the fact that pressure sensitivity has been increased considerably from earlier devices. It went from 256 levels to 1024, making writing incredibly smooth as though you were writing with a  real pencil on the finest piece of paper.

Battery life keeps being the Achilles’ heel

Great performance, fantastic resolution, incredible speed and memory, it has everything to be the best, and in fact, the Surface Pro 4 will overcome your expectations, for sure. Nevertheless, something has got to be done to improve battery life. It is not a deal for only this device, but all companies and competitors. It is a task to be solved yet on technology. Three hours and forty minutes are not still enough for the most demanding clients. However, the Surface Pro 4 offers different ways to save some energy and make it last longer.

Other possible disadvantage would be that even though it is really light as a laptop as a tablet it is still a bit thick and heavy.

Buying it is the best choice you have

Microsoft has engineered the most advanced device so far, it was clearly seen the huge difference between its competitors. Evidently, these differences are the main reason why it is a good idea to get one. However, there is more you should know before buying this amazing product. We have already described Surface Pro 4 versatility, even though it was related more to its physical components, but, what about its versatile and fantastic inner characteristics? The operating system, Windows 10, was tailor-made for the Surface Pro 4. It was carefully designed for ‘tablet mode’ and ‘desktop mode’, what allows the user to switch from one to another by just tapping the action center icon.

New security standards were implemented as well, including Windows Hello, the company’s biometric authentication technology which unlocks the device by facial recognition. With this enhancement, instead of looking directly to the camera, Window Hello can recognize your face even if you look somewhere else.

Summing up the Microsoft Surface Pro 4

A new era has come and this device will definitely be considered as an epoch-making one. This revolutionary hybrid has demonstrated that technology will continue expanding beyond, further than we can expect. The Surface Pro 4 is a great example of it. It has settled bigger memory capacity for a tablet, high speed operational system and remarkable features that make it so unique; it is a delight to use it. Competitors, like Apple or Samsung, have a lot of hard work to do and to dedicate much time to reach this level set by Microsoft.

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