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Microsoft Sticky Notes, A Useful Addition to Windows 10

Microsoft: The New Sticky Notes
Written by Percy Legrand

What is this icon? Sometimes we ask when we see that little image on our computer, we think it is new but in fact, it has always been there. As dozens of other programs and apps, we have just ignored them. Well, you will be surprised of how much you can take advantage of those ‘unknown’ apps on your computer. One of those is on this latest version of Windows 10, the Sticky Notes.

This simple app is here to help you remember every single thing you have to do in your day, week or month. This awesome reminder appears so noticeable on your screen that you wouldn’t be able to skip it and forget your plans. Is that it? Of course not because it goes a little bit further. You can also write your thoughts and note down important details. One more thing, Sticky Notes when integrated with Cortana, makes your notes flow across your devices. So, no matter where you are or where you go, you will always be reminded of your plans.

Sticky Notes, above standard

Compared to other apps for jotting notes, Sticky Notes has a great appearance, others have a poor vision. This upgrade shows everybody the interest of Microsoft in enhancing all its products by having better features. For instance, many people have switched from Evernote to Sticky Notes because it has been removing features from the app without informing its users. Moreover, other people claim that for about six months the app looks exactly the same and start to see the difference compared to Sticky Notes. The greatest disadvantage for Sticky Notes competitors is that it is in sync with Office and Google Docs.

OneNote, another amazing app for notes, would also struggle with Sticky Notes. Despite its advantages due to wide and useful repertoire, people continue considering it as a difficult app to manage. Sticky Notes is friendlier in this aspect, basically, it is its main strength. Anyone can use it easily.

Features: Sticky Notes everywhere

Writing a note is simpler than ever before, once you click the icon on your desktop screen you get a quick access and you are ready to write. You will immediately notice a totally simple but smart new design that will captivate you instantaneously. You can type your first thought straightaway, effortless, fun and quick! You have the alternative choice of using your Microsoft Surface Pen as well. So, if you want to write what is on your mind, you can do it with your handwriting, it’s also possible.

This brand new Sticky Notes is not going to let you forget anything again. The new features allow you to create Cortana Reminders that, synchronized with your other Microsoft devices, remind you your plans, daily activities and errands no matter where you are or where you go.

In addition, Sticky Notes is smarter now. It was provided with addresses, cell phone numbers and emails recognition, which permits you, with only one tap, open different apps, such as Maps, Skype or Mail. Smart uh? Last but not least, you also have the possibility to track fligh.ts and stocks. How? Just type the flight number or stock ticker with ‘$’. That’s it. You will receive the information that you need to your note from Bing.

The fastest thought capturing app

It takes you less than a few seconds to jot down your thoughts. Just click once on the app and type your thoughts in a few words. Ready. You can write another one and another one, as fast as that. The small size of a Sticky Notes compels you to type what is really important to you, keywords, meaningful words and sentences, that is to say, it should be composed of a concise and focused idea.

Like this, you take advantage of your screen space. Sticky Notes are visible. With its customizable appearance, you can make them very colorful and visible, making them more appealing to you. But the main target of this, of course, is reminding you of your tasks, something that is done pretty well. You can absolutely rely on this app.

BIG font size, less space on my screen

According to some people who have already gotten this new generation of Sticky Notes provided by Microsoft 10 agree that the font style is way better and stylish, pretty appealing in fact than the previous version. On the other hand, it has a couple of problems: first, it is not possible to change the font style and second, which is even worse, the font is too big and the size cannot be adjusted. So, you are definitely reminded about everything but, at the same time, it messes up your screen with these huge notes. Microsoft has got to do something about it and will do it sooner than later.

Other users claim that it is impossible to paste images into notes. Furthermore, the feature of recognizing pages, phone numbers, and so on, becomes a disadvantage when the app starts to link and save everything you write or type, asking if you want to save a date or make a reminder. Some people just want to type freely and without interruptions.

It is time to remember

Despite critics, the new Sticky Notes is still an excellent tool that you need to upgrade on your computer. First of all because it is easier than ever to jot down your thoughts, secondly, it is absolutely free on your Microsoft 10, third, it was provided with new resources like phone numbers and email recognition and by just by taping on it, you can open different apps. In addition, if you own a Microsoft Surface, you are going to experiment how smooth and sophisticated it is to write your own handwriting using the Microsoft Surface Pen.

Fulfill your daily tasks on time, every day

Do not wait any longer and start using the brand new Sticky Notes. This time, Microsoft has provided a very-well designed app, simple but useful at any time, for every moment of your life. It was created thinking about today’s busy life and schedules. What is more important than having your day well organized so you accomplish your everyday tasks?

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