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Microsoft Skype, Connected Round the Clock

Microsoft Skype
Written by Percy Legrand

Since it was first released in August 2003, 13 years ago, the world has become smaller and distances have been shortened. Unquestionably, Microsoft Skype has come to stay. This innovative app provides video chat services but also call services, regardless of your and the other’s location on Earth. In addition, Skype allows attaching and exchanging almost any type of documents. You can basically share your experiences with friends, have video conference calls, interact with new acquaintances no matter where they are and work with colleagues. The latest version offers even group video calls.

Microsoft Skype also offers subscriptions for which you pay an affordable amount of money and you obtain more benefits, including call phones, text messages, or access WiFi. Skype continues growing exponentially, today more than 663 million users are part of it and every day more and more people get connected to do all sorts of things such as celebrating a birthday or having a date.

Microsoft Skype, Hangouts, Tango?

Of course we cannot compare them in terms of time. Microsoft Skype, very well-known already for everybody, has existed since 2003, moreover, it counts with the support of the huge Microsoft. This first fact gives Skype a great advantage from the beginning. With more than 600 million users, it is already the biggest video calls platform in the world. Hangouts is way newer, but despite its appealing appearance, the possibility to send images and audios, it is impossible to attach videos. With both apps it is possible to make group calls. Microsoft Skype increases the advantage when we talk about calls. Sound quality has always surpassed Hangouts. Avoiding sounds from the environment has made Skype become better on this aspect. Something that Google has not been able to eliminate.

On the other hand we have Tango, an app that claim to have over 100 million users around the world, and who state that it is the best among Skype and Hangouts. In fact, it offers to its customers interesting details, such as filters, online games during video calls, picture edition, etc. However, in terms of image quality, which varies a lot depending on network connection, is below standard and below what Microsoft Skype offers to its clients. Also Tango has many extra functions that can only be used by paying a subscription.

Microsoft Skype has tens of amazing features

Skype to Skype calls, calls to mobiles and landlines, group calls, one-to-one video calls, video messaging, text messages (SMS), voice messages, send files, Skype for, Microsoft Skype translator, and many others are some of this wonderful application, and the big majority of all this is free and available for every software.

Microsoft Skype to Skype calls are free. With them you could call friends, family or colleagues to plan a wide variety of activities and have a great day or weekend. If the person is not on Skype yet, you still can contact him/her to their personal mobiles or landlines paying a reasonable and affordable fee, even if the person is on the other side of the world. As it was described at the beginning, group calls are now possible as well with Skype. How many? Up to 25 people. How much? For free.

Instant messaging was also included on Microsoft Skype and it is also free. Interacting is also fun with all the emoticons and Mojis on this app.

Microsoft Skype is for everybody

When we talk about Microsoft Skype we also mean compatibility given that it is available for several operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, Blackberry, Apple, smartphones and tablets.

Even though email and instant messaging are still important in modern communication and are highly used every single day, real conversations will always be preferred before text communication because of the fact that it helps to reinforce your relationship people, especially when we talk about businesses trying to hire skillful candidates.

There many more advantages but without a doubt, low cost is one of the most important. Skype can work with nearly all functionality with the basic version, which is free, providing chats and calls to Skype users. However, Skype Premium, that runs with barely $5 a month, afford the client with group video conference and ad-free experience.

Skype is for (almost) everybody

We have already mentioned how affordable or reasonable it could be to become a Microsoft Skype user. And indeed, it is. Also, that it is very compatible with almost any operating system, so far so good. On the other hand, as this is an application for video calls and conferences, the user must have a high-speed network connection so it runs appropriately bring out the best of it. Moreover, latest versions improvements have made it basically obligatory to request a fast broadband internet connection.

Another field that worries many users is security because many of them are afraid that hackers could steal relevant information including passwords, phone numbers or secret information. Developers work hard on encrypting Skype calls, however instant messaging and chats are still vulnerable to hackers if the user is not careful with security measures.

Definitely, Microsoft Skype is for almost everybody. This “almost group” includes children. Parents must be extremely careful with the use of this tool, monitoring their activities; making sure all the time the friend list does not include any unknown person. On the wrong hands, this app could promote cyber bullying or chances for adults to prey on children.

Skype can be your key for success

In today’s world, a business to succeed needs to be in contact with the last technology and advancements. You need to hire the best candidate, the most dexterous one; this could mean finding him far away from your hometown. Microsoft Skype has a lot to do with this and offers you its great services for this such as video calls, group calls or instant messaging to interview each of them. It has become an indispensable tool to manage your business the best way possible.

Skype in the future

Nowadays it is very useful and low-cost for all the benefits it includes. Skype, as part of Microsoft, promises to bring more innovative technology to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues from all over the world, improving its image and sound quality, protecting your information even more from hackers, and staying as cheap as it is today.

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