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Microsoft Outlook, an Email Service Beyond Expectations

Outlook, an Email Service
Written by Percy Legrand

Certainly, having an email has become indispensable in today’s world. No matter who you are, no matter where you live or what you do, it seems that you need an email for everything, to transfer money or just registering on a website. Microsoft team knows it and has designed an excellent email service: Microsoft Outlook. It has been among us since 2013. Outlook has as principal service sending and receiving emails that include a wide variety of documents, from Office docs, pictures, videos, to simple messages.

However, Microsoft always comes up with new updates and improvements in order to make people’s life simpler and more organized. As an illustration, not so long ago, Microsoft introduced Interesting Calendars, what permits users to stay connected with their favorite apps, such as Facebook, Wunderlist, etc., providing them with opportune and clear view of the events and tasks they have.

Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, Eternal Competitors

Even though there are several free email services, these two get the majority of users due to their efficiency and advantages. It is possible to compare them from different point of views, so if you are considering creating an account, we are pretty sure you would be able to choose the best option.

First of all, cloud storage. Both of them have it for free. Nevertheless, Outlook clearly upstages Gmail in this field given that while Gmail only offers 15 GB, on Microsoft Outlook storage raises until 30 GB. Another big difference between these two is that Gmail’s interface is not very appealing, instead is kind of monotonous and offers too many options on the first page, what makes it look difficult to handle at first. On the other hand, Outlook shows a much simpler interface with few options. Making it easy to use and identify the icons or where to send a message.

Outlook and Yahoo Mail Ads

Clients always want a clear email, and in this context clear means, ad-free. It is true that all email services show different kinds of ads on their interface, however, some are more annoying and intrusive than others. Microsoft Outlook cannot boast about not having these ads, but they are relegated to the right side of the screen, what conceals them a little. Yahoo, instead, has extremely intrusive ads that cover great part of the screen. You are going to find them everywhere: below folders, on the left and right side and so on. Just in case you want to get rid of them, you have the option to pay $49.99 per year. Outlook’s price is more affordable: $19.95 per year.

Full of Innovative Features

Microsoft launched in 2013 this new email service, replacing Hotmail. Microsoft bet for a complete renovation with absolutely new features, such as better interface: this one uses fewer pixels but makes inbox messages 30% more visible. Microsoft Outlook users can also connect to Facebook and Twitter, check out posts and tweets shared by them or friends, having also the possibility to talk to them given that Microsoft incorporated a chat on the interface.

The most interesting and advantageous feature is that now it’s conceivable to open Office Docs, offering the chance to edit them and share them, even if the PC doesn’t have Office installed.

Furthermore, –as this was briefly described above– Microsoft Outlook has a cloud storage service, SkyDrive, having available free 30GB to save and attach greater documents or folders. In case this is not enough, you could also pay and get 1TB storage.

Simplistic But Safe

From the moment you enter the website the first time, you realize how simple it is to use it. Register and create your account in a few steps and you will be able to find out many contacts that have already registered in this service. In addition, right after you have the Microsoft Outlook email service, you can enjoy of Skype, incorporate Facebook chat, and so on.

Microsoft Outlook stands out for offering two-step verification, what increases security. Once you enable this feature, you will be required to enter a code which is sent to your cell phone as a text message or as a simple voice call after inputting the password. It is up to you to use it each time you sign in your computer, or setting this verification for different PCs only.

When Simple Becomes Dull

People try to avoid advertisements as much as possible, and actually, compared to Yahoo Mail, Outlook ads are less intrusive, however, they’re still there and users have to put up with them. Although they are located on the right side of the screen, Outlook offers images that are likely to distract users while they’re working. Just in case you want to experience ad-free Outlook, you would have to pay $19.95 per year.

Another weakness Outlook may have is the lack of an efficient and complete support system, barely providing plain guidelines to users.

For those who like to customize the page background and general appearance, Outlook is restricted to colors. You can’t opt for a variety of themes, or creating yours, therefore, it’s not possible to make it more attractive for you.

Outlook is Advisable for Everybody…

The fact is that Outlook is much more than an email. Once you sign up, you are automatically connected to different Microsoft apps as well as services, such as OneDrive and Skype, searching your contacts and calendar, and giving the user the benefit to work with Office Online.

As Microsoft cares a lot about your time and wants to offer users a great experience, you can take Outlook everywhere in your mobile devices, store or eliminate a large amount of mails in your inbox in a few clicks or taps, and it eliminates junk emails automatically after a period of time.

…and Always Reliable

Despite the few disadvantages, Outlook has definitely the best email service. The fact of being able to edit Office Docs, connect to Facebook or Twitter, share OneDrive folders, chat with friends and the very intuitive interface, makes the difference. For fun, to complete simple tasks, store images, or for entrepreneurs, business and great deals, you can rely on Outlook: always protected by a two-step verification.

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