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Microsoft Edge; “The Modern Web”

Microsoft Edge
Written by Percy Legrand

As Microsoft calls it, “the modern web”. Yes, Microsoft has a new browser, this time a real one, and since the release, Microsoft has been highly-acclaimed. This brand-new browser, Microsoft Edge, renewed every single detail that almost nothing remains (except for the logo, which is pretty similar) from the pitiful and unsatisfactory old-dated Internet Explorer. The graphic interface is really clean and appealing to use it. It integrates Cortana and offers fresh features, for instance, writing on webpages. Moreover, Edge introduced new technologies that adapt to the current use of internet, including predicting pages you are going to open and a dynamic interface.

MiCHROMEsoft Edge and FirEdgefox

Google’s browser has been leading the competition for a while until now. Browsers like Opera or Firefox have not represented any threat to Chrome. Last November Microsoft released what was supposed to be the new king of browsers, the one in charge to dethrone Chrome. Microsoft Edge. Even though what Microsoft claimed hasn’t occurred yet, because Chrome continues ruling, it’s not a secret that Edge is growing faster than expected and is getting more followers and supporters every day from all over the world. Why is it? Simply because Edge is faster and saves more battery than Chrome or FireFox. In addition, the modern web is user-friendlier. Although the three browsers present a minimalist appearance, Edge is smarter. The introduction of Cortana is a wild revolution.

Kneel Before the Rising King: Edge

Certainly, Edge is still pretty young, let’s say it is the prince, but eventually, it will demand the throne. Edge has au-courant and creative features, nonexistent on any browser you could come up with. Imagine you open a website and you really like the content, well, just write on it, crop it, save it and share it.  Additionally, you want to know more about a specific word or phrase, then, highlight it and ask Cortana. It’s just a matter of time.

Take a Look at These new Features

Despite the apparent simplistic aspect Edge shows at first glance, it has a gallery of great features. Such as Reading view, which completely simplifies the website appearance by eliminating the excessive designs and graphics in order to display only the text and images. In this way, you avoid distractions and it becomes easier to read.

Cortana, which is Microsoft virtual assistant, will send recommendations according to what it knows about you and will answer your questions. For instance, you can underline a piece of a text, right-click and ask for more information about the word or phrase. Edge also included the reading list, in which you can save websites you visit the most or the ones you would like to visit in the future. Additionally, you can organize those favorites easily and even synchronize them with your smartphone, tablets and computers that have Windows 10.

Time-Saver Microsoft Edge

There is something really cool about the modern web: you can “freeze” a website and then type on it, highlight and underline text, write comments or crop parts of it. Later, you could share it with friends or save it on OneNote with all your annotations. Edge is safer, therefore, with this brand-new browser you can block all the cookies, surf the net with private browsing  (InPrivate), and the SmartScreen Filter will protect you from malicious web pages and from fishy downloads with malwares.

Microsoft knows how important time is for you, reason why it has designed Edge. It’s a time-saver browser, it’s faster. As it was detailed above, Edge assistant (Cortana) knows the user very well after some time, then, it can predict the next page you are going to open so it loads faster. Once you click on it, it opens immediately. Isn’t it fantastic?

Edge Still Needs Some Adjusting

Edge is fast, that is a fact, on the other hand, is hasn’t shown much stability, as many users would like and unfortunately, Edge still has some errors. As an illustration, when you open several tabs, it’s probable that the browser closes itself. And when this is not the case, it crashes. Moreover, sometimes it prevents users from inserting text, especially when there are many tabs opened with websites full of pictures and interactive content.

Other disadvantage is that it, apparently, will not reach other important platforms, such as Linux, Android, iOS or even its predecessor, Windows 7, considering that it’s the most common operating system in the present. Perhaps, Microsoft intends to make people update to Windows 10.

There is only one case when Microsoft Edge makes you waste your time: when you use it in your cell phone. It drives you to Bing results, which are inside Cortana, and what you select is opened with Internet Explorer. It’s inconceivable that there isn’t a way possible to set Edge as your predetermined browser. This baffles users because of the waste of time in just a simple search.

Give it a Chance to Demonstrate What It Can Do

It’s hard when you are accustomed to something; this evidently also includes your browser. Perhaps, you’ve been using that “proficient” browser and you think that anything could replace it. You are mistaken. Give the unique Microsoft Edge browser a chance and for sure you will delight in it, forgetting in a blink of an eye your out-dated and obsolete browser.  Edge is faster, Edge is safer. Edge is simpler.

Something else, after streaming HD videos on different browsers, Microsoft demonstrated that they had created a masterpiece, an amazing and competitive service. So, it’s not only time-saver, but also battery-saver. Unlike the rest of each and every browser, Microsoft Edge lasted even 69% more than them.

Summing Up

No one can say anymore that Microsoft didn’t offer a high-quality browser. Rising from the death, Bill Gates’ company has once and for all redeemed itself with a masterful browser, Microsoft Edge. Full of new great features, full of speed and security, is welcoming more and more guests every day. Everyone is invited! And as VentureBeat said: “Chrome set the bar high. Firefox couldn’t match it. Edge jumped right over it.”

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