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Norton Security Premium
Written by Percy Legrand

If you are waiting on a better program to come out for digital security, then you’ll be waiting a long time. Norton Security Premium has grown to the top of the industry over the past 10 years and have continually grown their product suite to keep pace with the growing digital trends. Our current technological needs demand that we have a security system that is going to be multi-platform, cross-device and as versatile as our individual digital requirements.

As of the latest download they are keeping pace with the same high scores that you will find in any Norton Antivirus 2016 review or Norton Antivirus 360 review. This Norton Security Premium review has found that Norton is still packing a punch and pulling out all the stops in terms of being the forerunner in an industry that is highly competitive and always changing.

Not Much Compares to Norton Security Premium

If you are a savvy shopper then you are doing some comparative shopping before you decide whether you want to shell out the dollars for the premium edition of the latest Norton download, but then again there isn’t that much to compare. Sure, you can great coverage from other companies such as the free version of the latest Avira download, or even the paid edition of the McAfee suite, but you aren’t going to get the thorough coverage on both the software and hardware front that Norton internet security provides.

You get cutting edge performance in terms of antivirus protection, malware-blocking power and an assortment of extra features designed around the fact that you can run Norton across platforms and even across 10 different devices with just one subscription. Norton than proceeds to make sure that the software you get is designed to bring out the best in terms of personal and financial protection in each of those devices.

They don’t weight or affiliate themselves with any one given platform. Though, you will find that there are certain limitations, especially with iOS. This, however, isn’t a result of Norton not wanting to provide the same type of functions, it is an operating system issue that Norton makes the most of. In other words, Apple is being as flexible as Apple allows.

What Malware?

Norton Security Premium is known as an antivirus supreme protector, but it has even more to offer in terms of malware-blocking capacity. Here it excels at being able to protect you on the personal home computer front, but it goes out into the network and even further into depths that the most trained professionals can readily access. Norton internet security does this to make sure that your computer, your files, and all your personal and financial information are kept safe from prying eyes and evasive malware.

Norton Dives Deep

Personal level protection and network depth are just the start of how far Norton Security Premium is willing to go in terms of keeping you protected and safe. The package comes with an excellent scan that you can manually run. While this isn’t surprising (most security packages come with similar features), it is something that Norton internet security has proven they can turn into some next level security.

The scan that you can run is designed so that if there is a threat that is found on your computer, Norton turns up the product’s sensitivity to that specific threatened area. It’s almost like a team of antibodies that suddenly run to the rescue to help heal and protect your system. Norton Security Premium protection is simply put, the best in the industry.

Why the Hesitation?

So there most certainly are dozens of reasons on why you should choose Norton security, but there are a couple reasons on why you may be hesitant. One of the number one reasons that most people take a second to consider the benefits of Norton Security Premium is the simple cost factor. There are other programs (Avira) that are completely free and provide great coverage. So why not go with Avira, or some other free program? Sometimes in life you do get what you pay for. The free programs are great, but they lack the extensive and thorough coverage that you get from Norton internet security.

This security suite provides, as mentioned, coverage across 10 different, multi-platform devices. That simply isn’t the same sort of coverage that you are going to get from other resources. The cost in and of itself, is significantly minor considering all the protection you get. Plus, when you take into consideration what other streaming services or monthly digital subscriptions that you are currently subscribing to, the added cost of Norton is practically insignificant and an absolute smart purchase.

Reasons You Should Consider Norton Security Premium

Beyond the simple measures of providing you antivirus protection and malware-blocking superpowers, Norton internet security has features that are designed specifically for mobile apps. An ‘App Advisor’ will let you know exactly what you are truly downloading when you chose your next app.

Remember that just because an app carries the name of a known and reputable company, it doesn’t mean that the app was necessarily made by that company. There are all sorts of 3rd party apps out there, and many of them are highly contaminated with malware. Norton internet security, this Norton Security Premium review, has found to be highly effective at making sure downloading from the App Store and Google Play is safer than ever.

Norton Security Premium is Simply the Best

There’s rarely a situation when you get review after review of a product saying that the product is the best in the industry. However, that is just what you will find when you are dealing with any product from Norton. There is a running status quo that Norton has kept up with for the past ten years and they are clearly on the path of maintaining that with their latest download.

The most amazing thing about the reputation that they have grown is that it isn’t built solely around those members of the tech world that are prudent about such lofty notions of something being the best in the anything. Instead, the reputation that Norton Security Premium has is a direct result of consumer appreciation and a user-friendly interface that makes keeping personal and financial information safer and easier than ever.

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