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The Future is Here, Microsoft Lumia 950XL

Microsoft Lumia 950XL
Written by Percy Legrand

It had been a long wait until now that we can enjoy of high-end devices based on Microsoft mobile platform. With the new Microsoft Lumia 950XL you can delight in all benefits and performance of a high-end smartphone, so why imitating the majority of users? You can stand out from the crowd with a different but powerful device. Outstanding design, great Windows 10 experience and packed with Windows Continuum. Now you can use it as your PC just by connecting it to an external screen.

Anything can stop you now with 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage with possible microSD expansion. You are going to be able to run your favorite apps and programs. In addition, with this competent terminal you can easily use Office apps and Outlook email on it, or just connect it to an external screen and it adjusts itself according to it. Moreover, the brand-new Windows Store was included; then, finding apps, music and videos is easier than ever before.

Microsoft Lumia 950XL vs iPhone 6s

In respect of the display, the difference is observable between Microsoft Lumia 950XL and iPhone 6s. Not only due to the size, but also the resolution, in both aspects, Lumia is the winner. Microsoft’s device has a 2560 by 1440 resolution vs 1334 by 750 from Apple’s terminal. Nevertheless, the iPhone 6s counts with a 3D touch screen, which offers a new experience when using the touch screen. On the other hand, Microsoft includes a distinctive trait highly-demanded by users: Glance.

Another difference that is almost “observable” is that in this occasion Microsoft opted to work with 3 GB of RAM. Obviously, RAM is never too much and its rival has only 2 GB of it. RAM allows users to run more applications without having to close them to free some memory. It was a common headache Windows Phone users had.

Microsoft Lumia 950XL vs iPhone 7

Lumia 950XL still defeats the greatest rival, the iPhone 7, at least in some features. For instance, Microsoft device is still bigger and has a better display, that is to say, better resolution. Another important feature is the camera; but in this case, they are toe-to-toe. While iPhone 7’s front-facing camera has 7 megapixels, Microsoft Lumia 950XL has 5. However, unlike iPhone 7’s principal camera, with barely 12 megapixels, Microsoft’s device has tremendous 20 megapixels PureView, upstaging any possible competitor in this field.

Redefined and New Features

It’s inevitable not flattering about the Quad HD AMOLED screen with a high pixel density (564 pixels per square inch), that lets you see every single detail. It’s just a record, something that had never been seen before in other mobile. No matter if it is exposed to sunlight, users can easily see and read anything on their device. Furthermore, for those who are a bit rough, Microsoft Lumia 950XL has Gorilla® Glass 3, which provides extra protection due to its resistance to scratches.

Do you consider your personal information in your terminal might be assailable to spies? Windows has designed a very personal and secure way to access your Lumia 950XL so you feel more protected. Windows Hello Beta. More protected and, at the same time, simpler and faster than ever to access your mobile. Just look directly to the infrared camera. Without needing to type any password, it will recognize your face and will authenticate you automatically. Definitely clever.

Another great feature is Windows Continuum. By just connecting your Microsoft Lumia 950XL to an external screen, you would get a similar desktop computer experience, being able to work on Outlook, Windows apps such as Excel, Power Point or Word on a bigger screen in a simple and fast way.

Access Your Information With One Tap

Quick access to information highlights with this device. Users have the chance to personalize and set many functions, as an illustration, the user can set the lock screen to see notifications, forecast information or quick access to email or social networks.

I’ve Seen That Smartphone Before

We have no doubts that Microsoft Lumia 950XL is a great device, and actually, Microsoft, in many ways, has reached and even surpassed our expectations. However, there are a couple of details that surprised users: it is really difficult to notice external differences with predecessor devices. Nothing highlights from its appearance, what would make impossible to determine just by looking at it if it’s a high-end device or an ordinary one. Basically, it’s only the software and functionalities that could distinguish it from others.

It is also true that the weight of this device, (165g) is more than acceptable considering its size. However, we think that were Microsoft not to have obsessed with weight and thickness, they could have developed a better battery, because a 3.340-mAh isn’t enough. Even though it was designed with fast charge -which users thank a lot-, according to many of them, it exists a strange energy consumption, especially at night.

Optimal Quality-Price Ratio

There is no doubt that this is an attractive terminal. Once you touch it, discover the colorful and incredible display, take a picture and realize how comfortable and simple it is to use, you want it. Microsoft has definitely designed a masterpiece, paying attention to little details and awesome functions that will captivate you. The quality-price ratio is also a great characteristic because it’s not as high-priced as people could expect.

For those who struggle when texting, Microsoft Lumia 950XL has incorporated a very friendly keyboard. Tapping the space bar and holding it for a few seconds you have the option to move the keyboard where you feel comfortable. Moreover, with Word Flow it’s even easier. Slide your finger from one letter to another and experiment this innovating way of texting.

Microsoft is Always a Good Choice

Microsoft has demonstrated one more time they can surprise and surpass our expectations. Microsoft Lumia 950XL is a great example of it. It’s a powerful terminal that was designed for our current lifestyle. Lumia is time saver with its last-generation Qualcomm processor, resistant to scratches with Gorilla® Glass, captivating with the amazing display, easy to use, and the best, quality-price ratio.

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