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CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 Review

CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7
Written by Percy Legrand

CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 is a technical communication software designed with expert technical illustration tools. It has Repurpose technical design assets; you can share files using industry-standard file formats.

Expert design and technical communication

CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 gives total solution for technical communication experts, featuring powerful professional illustration tools, as well as publishing capabilities for print, and leading file compatibility mobile and online. Build projects quickly by repurposing and accessing technical designs assets from various sources and locations, like the 3D designs and the optional add-on for 3D CAD assembly formats. Share files with working mates and clients with export capabilities to a wide range of more than 100 file formats such as .SVG, WebCGM.DWG, 3D PDF, TIFF and .EPS.

Precise technical illustration

Build detailed designs and illustrations with confidence utilizing dedicated technical illustration tools, layout features, and graphic designs, as well as professional image editing. Get technical communication projects of high quality, including user and maintenance manuals, sophisticated documentation and detailed assembly instructions.

Leverage technical assets in your illustrations and drawings

Get your important data from different sources, such as the optional add-on and 3D designs for exclusive 3D CAD collection formats. Make sure all of your critical technical files can be delivered in a readable format. The 3D visualization efficiencies, helps you insert 3D models as embedded or linked objects into any technical illustrations for immediate access, reference, and sharing.

Unmatched publishing options for illustrations in technical communication

Change to a wide range of more than 1000 file formats such as TIFF, WebCGM, .DWG, .EPS, .PDF, .SVG, to easily share files with working mates and clients in the world. Publish your document as a Lattice 3D or 3D PDF file format for immediate publishing and sharing through mobile and online.

Advanced standards compliance

Share your technical documentation and designs with a various set of cross-media distribution and publishing capabilities. Build technical illustrations with localized text that is for global technical communication work that features ISO standard A/PDF and 3D PDF support.

CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 Features

Projected drawing modes

Build parallel or other isometric projected illustrations for collection and maintenance instructions by dynamically drawing on projected plane. You can project your planar objects to the plane you want instead of calculating the rotation and skew angle manually.

Advanced dimension tools

With the advanced dimension tools, you do not need to draw and project dimension. Display exact measurement figures in build plans and more, such as the diameter and radial dimensioning. Also, with projected dimension options, projected drawings are quickly documented with a dynamic and exact dimension of text and lines.

3D PDF publishing

You can publish to 3D PDF with the interactive 3D content together with other text and visual elements. Change from Corel DESIGNER to 3D PDF to produce output with all graphics and pertinent data in a single document for cross-media publishing. The 3D PDF can be viewed with a free PDF reader apps that are always installed on most laptop and desktop computers.

3D import and visualization tools

Include context to your technical work using 3D models and views in your illustrations. The enhanced Lattice 3D Studio helps you build high-quality renderings from the 3D views that are imported from XVL, 3DS, DWG and VRML files, or you can use the unique Insert 3D functionality to make 3D models as editable elements with high-resolution preview.

Insert 3D models into technical illustrations

Select one of two methods to insert a 3D model into a Corel Designer document; you can either embed the 3D model or insert it as an external reference in the Corel DESIGNER document. As you embed the 3D file, the model is accessed for changes within the Corel DESIGNER file. Then share the .DES file with the other users authorized to access the embedded file.

Translation Memory System (TMS) support

Target a wide audience with a new option that permits you to send text content from graphic files in Corel DESIGNER to TMS (Translation Memory System) with the use of XLIFF standard, and get translated content from TMS. Translation output can then be imported into existing document to build a new file for a particular language. Most companies can accomplish their global business needs since the illustrations are readily available in various languages.


The features of CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 are good to use. However, there are more new and enhanced features in the new versions such as CorelDRAW Technical Suite X8, CorelDRAW Technical Suite X8 Ultimate, and CorelDRAW Technical Suite X9.

Suite X7 supports almost all the languages, unlike the other versions.

Pros of CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7

  • It is easy to use.
  • It supports different file formats.
  • It is easy to target a wide audience since the text you share can be translated into various languages.
  • You can build high-quality renderings from the 3D views that are imported from the various file formats.
  • It can run on all Operating Systems.
  • It calculates the rotation and skew angles for you instead of calculating manually.
  • Projected drawings are quickly documented with a dynamic and exact dimension of text and lines.
  • Gives high-quality outputs for your projects.
  • It has advanced automation capabilities.
  • It is compatible with most file formats.

Cons of CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7

  • It requires not less than 2GB RAM for it to run efficiently and faster.
  • It uses more space because of its many helping features.
  • It may not solve all your technical communication issues, but it can solve almost 90% of the issues.

Why Buy The product

CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 serves you just perfectly when it comes to technical communication. It will reduce your workload of sending a text manually to your workmates and clients, saving you time to do your other extra work. It is faster and easy to use


Grab the CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 version and enjoy its amazing features. Improve your day-to-day technical communication experience with this technical communication software. We are in a digital world, change from your traditional styles and join the digital styles with this technical communication software.

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