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CorelCAD 2017 – The Best in CAD Design

CorelCAD 2017
Written by Percy Legrand

Overview of CorelCAD 2017

CorelCAD 2017 is a powerful 2D and 3D designing tool that has versatile file support for .CDR, .PDF and .DWG. It has extensive output options such as 3D print-ready. It is adaptable for customization and automation.

CAD software for 3D design, 2D drawing and 3D printing

Make a right decision in computer-aided design software with an efficient and affordable powerhouse that gives you an intuitive User Interface, customizable tools and industry standards in an interactive platform. CorelCAD  2017 provides you with the precision and sophistication you require to produce the CAD results you expect in 3D design and 2D drafting. Work in a known environment as the CorelCAD 2017 uses .DWG file format that gives compatibility with all primary CAD programs. CAD software is made for Mac and Windows Operating Systems, and CorelCAD Mobile adds support for Android phones to give consistent speed and performance across various platforms. Also, the CAD gives flexible options, like the plugins and add-ons, for both existing customers and new users to match any workflow.

2D drafting tools

Draft with confidence using a full set of expert drafting tools that give the flexibility and precision you need, including the new PowerTrim tools and Pattern commands. Also, the Quick Input tools permit on-screen cursor coordination, and the Annotative Scale puts text a right size at any drawing scale in your layout.

3D design tools

Give yourself a natural transition as designing shifts from 2D drafting into improved 3D design. Rely on the professional tools for the full 3D design workflow that is from project sketches to the 3D output together with the 3D printing. 3D Solid Modeling tools help you create excellent and primitive 3D shapes with the use of 3D editing operations.

Familiar user interface

You can communicate your daily CAD design requirements using Classic User Interface or Windows Ribbon to get graphic superiority. The design and high-caliber tools are customizable to your requirements to give you impressive and visually rich results every time.

Compatibility and customization

You can open, save, and edit files in .DWG format for easy teamwork with suppliers and colleagues, in addition to. DWF and .DXF support up to the new version of AutoCAD file format. Arrange any working environment to meet your design requirements with enhanced automation and customization support options in CorelCAD 2017.


  1. Native .DWG files

Save, edit and open files in .DWG format to team up with suppliers and colleagues easily. As the essential file format, CorelDraw gives .DWF, .DWG and .DXF support to the newest version of AutoCAD (R2013 .DWG) file format.

  1. Industry-standard CAD features

The CorelCAD is compatible with all the main CAD programs; hence experienced users will feel comfortable and contented with the simple command aliases, command bar, and menu and toolbar items.

  1. 3D modeling and solid editing tools

Compute 3D solid primitives to your work and use Boolean operations to subtract, intersect and combine bodies. Utilize advanced editing tools such as Filleting Edges of 3D Solids, and offsetting, coloring, rotating, and moving individual faces of 3D solids.

  1. Patterns along paths

Use the new Pattern commands to make copies of specified objects along a path. The new path can be in different shapes, like a circle, line, arc, spline, ellipse, or polyline, and the alignment options will control the final pattern appearance.

  1. Trimming options

Trim faster with confidence using the PowerTrim and handy Trim tools to make changes to solids and hatches, multi-color or single-color gradient fills. Once the sub-sections are created, the resulting color fills and the hatch will maintain their combination to successive boundary objects and remain as one object.

Comparison with other versions

  • The new CorelCAD 2017 version has new pattern commands that make copies of specified objects along a path that the previous versions lack.
  • CorelCAD 2017 has centerline construction feature that is not found in the previous versions.
  • The new version has PowerTrim and handy Trim tools for trimming options, unlike the other versions.
  • The new version has enhanced object snaps and EntityGrips features.
  • The new version has enhanced print dialog that improves the user experience.
  • With the old version, the user has to write a full command to execute a command, but the new version has a feature for auto-completion for commands.
  • The new version comes with a SplitDimension feature that other versions do not have. The SplitDimension feature helps you to split or rejoin dimensions and extension lines that were initially split.

Pros of CorelCAD 2017

  • It supports both 2D drafting and 3D designing as well as 3D printing.
  • It is user-friendly, it has an interactive User Interface.
  • It is easy to use whether you are an expert or first time user.
  • It is affordable
  • It is fast to use since it has an auto-completion for commands that saves your time in typing the full commands.
  • Supports different file formats.
  • It has wide output options.
  • It has customized tools that meet most of your needs.

Cons of CorelCAD 2017

  • It cannot be used with any other Operating System apart from Mac and Windows OS.
  • It uses more space than the previous versions; this is due to the new features added in it.

Why you should buy this product?

CorelCAD 2017 is the best CAD software so far. It has a wide range of outputs and features that will amaze you once you start using it. Also, if you want to produce more quality and standard designs, buy the CorelCAD 2017. This CAD software makes drawing and designing a lot easier and enjoyable.

Our Verdict on CorelCAD 2017

If you are still using the previous version CAD software, this is your time to start using the new version to experience the new features that improve your designs and drawings. Who knows, you can be rated among the top designers just because of using this product that produces standard and quality drawings and designs. To cut the story short, try out the new software, and you will not regret using it.

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