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Corel WinDVD Pro 12 Blue-Ray Player Review

WinDVD Pro 12
Written by Percy Legrand

WinDVD Pro 12 is the leading Blu-ray and DVD software. It has a new 4K video support, new more file support, new clean, modern interface and an enhanced smooth high frame rate playback.

Get Hollywood home with the best video playback, DVD software, and Blu-ray, Corel WinDVD Pro 12. Enjoy a wide range of formats with Dolby sound, stunning quality and more. The Intuitive controls in an updated with modern interface helps you to fine-tune audio and video easily. Also, enjoy the smoother playback with the new 240 fps performance.

#1 DVD and Blu-ray player software

Build the movie theater anytime you want at your home, with full Blu-ray and DVD software. WinDVD is the world’s most recognized video playback and DVD software.

Best picture. Big sound.

Place yourself in a high-quality sound and picture with powerful audio and video controls, and the new 4K video support. Improve color, enjoy smoother playback and stabilize shaky video with higher frame rate support. Increase audio levels, enjoy quality Dolby audio and reduce noise.

Play all popular formats, including 3D

Use all popular formats with just one click of your mouse. Join the action with improved 3D technology that gives an incredible dynamic viewing experience. Also, you can change your standard video to 3D for lifelike movies.

Standard to HD video upscaling

Give your video a good look with proven upscaling technology that gives near-HD quality video from the standard DVDs. GPU-accelerated upscaling works on different platforms.

Color correction and lighting controls

Fine-tune to achieve the look you need with simple changes for enhanced lighting and richer color. Utilize presets to enhance the picture, change brightness, contrast and more.

Optimized 3D mode

Those who have a NVIDIA graphics card with a 3D Vision support on their computers, WinDVD Pro 12 enters an exclusive mode automatically to play high-quality video files in 3D, optimizing your playback experience.

3D Blu-ray software

Have fun with high-quality Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray movies, theatre-like surround sound and HD-quality. You can experience 3D playback in your way with the leading 3D technologies.

2D to 3D video conversion

Enjoy and change your 2D movies in full 3D definition. 2D to 3D is supported for high-definition and standard video and the DVD-Video files.

Playback interface

Use your viewing experience with easy-to-access audio and video controls in the new and modern interface. Make playlists, video clips of favorite scenes or take screenshots, improve quality and more.

Playlists and Bookmark tools

Choose your best movies and make your playlists. Enjoy continuous video playback during the rainy days or upcoming big events.  You can mark your best scenes as the video is still playing to watch them again.

Powerful video playback

Bring yourself closer to the action and get every detail with high and smooth frame rate video playback which supports almost 240 frames each second. Also, it is possible to increase interpolate frames and frame rate to eliminate jitters from motion video.

Capture the action

You can capture a screenshot of your best movie scene as a video clip or a still picture. Save it as a file and finally, upload and share with your pals. Even crop or zoom your video to have a closer look and be closer to the action.

Time Stretch

You can watch your movie on your time. Change the speed of video playback to come in line with the available time you have. You can speed the playback up to two times quicker, or slow down to less speed.

Enhanced performance and extended battery life

Thanks to optimization for new AMD, Intel, GPUs from NVIDIA and new CPUs, WinDVD 12 is faster than before. Also, the extended power-saving support gives your computer more life.

File support

Enjoy vivid playback of all popular file formats, including HEVC (H.256) and new 4K video. Enjoy 3GP, Blu-ray 3D, MP4, MKV, BD-Live, m2ts, MTS, MPEG, DVD-Video, Media (MWV), Windows, FLV, DivX, AVCREC, BDXL and much more.

Cinematic surround sound

Enjoy the cinematic surround sound that is supported by the two leading industries, DTS and Dolby. WinDVD Pro 12 gives a wide range of support for the powerful audio technologies available.

Special audio effects

Modify your audio to match your environment. In a busy and noisy locations, set your controls to ‘noisy’ and increase the sound levels. While at home, you can try the ‘theatre’ effect to maintain the original dynamic range of the video and get theater-quality sound.

Comparison of WinDVD Pro 12

  • WinDVD 12 has a new Smooth high frame rate playback that is absent in WinDVD 11.
  • WinDVD 12 has a new DVD ISO format playback that is absent in WinDVD 11.
  • WinDVD 11 lacks the Blu-ray ISO format playback that is found in WinDVD 12
  • WinDVD 12 has an HEVC video support unlike the WinDVD 11

Pros of WinDVD Pro 12

  • WinDVD Pro 12 is suitable to use in any environment; that is noisy or silent locations.
  • It supports different file formats
  • It produces high-quality sound and pictures.
  • It is the fastest Blu-ray and DVD software.
  • New users can find it easy to use since it has a simple step-by-step guideline.
  • It has a user-friendly User Interface.
  • It makes your video viewing experience lively.
  • You can capture a screenshot of your best movie scene as a video clip or a still picture.

Cons of WinDVD Pro 12

  • Internet connection is required for updates.
  • Cannot run smoothly on machines with less than 2GB RAM

Why buy this product

WinDVD Pro 12 improves your video viewing experience. It makes the videos on your screen look lively. You can always capture your favorite scenes to watch them later.


WinDVD is the leading Blu-ray and DVD software in the world so far. Grab your copy and start enjoying good quality sounds and videos.

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