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Corel Painter 2017 for Windows and Mac

Painter 2017
Written by Percy Legrand

Painter 2017 is a new digital art and drawing software with new features such as new, Texture painting source content, new Artist layouts with tools for each genre, new Interactive gradients with express painting and new Glazing brushes for translucent paint transitions.

Digital art & drawing software created by artists, for artists

Improve your digital art method with painted textures, realistic Natural Media, interactive gradients, and subtle grazing brushwork in Painter 2017. Easily change from traditional to digital art with dripping watercolors, thick oils, and many other texture-filled strokes. Get more workflow layouts such as fine art, illustration, photo art, manga, and concept with specialized tools for each style. Join the world’s most live digital art software that is transforming what is possible in art.

The most natural change from traditional to digital art

Associate yourself in painting software that gives the largest selection of Natural-Media canvas textures and brushes on the market. Model your art with beautiful reality with an array of authentic wet and dry media. You can forget you are painting on a computer when combined with a pressure sensitive drawing solution.

21st Century media you won’t find in any place

Build your art with Image Hoses that spray the item of your imagination. Liquid Ink to pile up and get carved into it. Particles that glow, spring and flow and hyper-digital Pattern Pens defy traditional art boundaries.

Incomparable composition tools

Do your painting in perfect symmetry using Kaleidoscope and Mirror tools. Position a perfect scene with one to three-point Perspective Grid tools that are create built into this amazing digital software.

Your workflow, your way

Changing from custom brushes to palettes, the Painter allows you to import content from others, build you own, or chose from built-in artist layouts to meet your workflow requirements. Painter provides a personal experience that blends with Photoshop and works well on Windows and Mac so that you can improve your artwork.

System Requirements for Painter 2017


  • Windows 8 (64-Bit), Windows 10 (64-Bit), or Windows 7 (64-Bit), with the latest updates
  • Minimum of 2GB RAM or higher (8GB RAM recommended)
  • AMD or Intel Core 2 Athlon 64 processor, 2 GHz or faster
  • 1 GB hard disk space for application files
  • 1280 x 800 screen resolution or higher
  • Tablet or mouse
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • A DVD drive is needed for box installation
  • Internet connection is required to activate your product and register it.
  • Additional space may be required for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6


  • Multicore Intel processor that support 64-bit
  • Mac 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11 OS with the latest revision
  • Minimum of 2 GB RAM or higher (8GB recommended)
  • A 750 MB hard disk space for application files
  • 1280 x 800 screen resolution or higher
  • Tablet or mouse
  • DVD drive is needed for box installation
  • Availability of Internet connection to activate your product and register it.

Features of Painter 2017

Texture painting; Any character, object or environment that you make with this Painter comes to live. The environment, character or object appears lively giving you’re the urge to love your painting more and more.

Dab Stencils; You can mask your brush dab before painting the canvas.

Glazing Brushes; You can apply translucent, velvety paint transitions like the Renaissance masters.

Interactive Gradient tool; Opacity and edit color in the context of your painting with the help of the enhanced node control.

Gradient Express Paint; Fill any gradient with amazing, stroke-filled paint.

Palette Drawers; Arrange the palettes and limit clutter.

Property Bar; You can get instant access to important brush controls.

Brush Selector; With the painter, you can display the Brush Selector as a convenient panel.

Dropper tool; The dropper tool helps you get the exact color you want when needed.

Artist layouts; With the Artist layouts, you can get all the important tools for your specific workflow.

Artists Oils; With the Artists Oils, you can sample and mix multiple colors and achieve luscious blending on canvas.

Comparison of Painter 2017

  • Painter 2017 has 106 brushes unlike Painter 2016, 2015, x3 and 12.
  • Painter 2017 has twelve new Texture Cover brushes unlike Painter 2016, 2015, X3 and 12
  • 2017 has 46 new Dab Stencil brushes unlike 2016, 2015, X3 and 12 painters
  • 2017 has 23 new Texture Source Blending brushes, unlike 2016, 2015, X3 and 12 painters.
  • Dynamic Speckles are only in 2017 and 2016 painters
  • Audio Expression is only in 2017 and 2016 painters
  • Painter 2017 has enhanced Particles plus Impasto compared to the other versions.
  • It’s only the 2017 painter that comes with Palette Drawers.
  • Painter 2017 has a new customized Artist Layouts that are absent in the other versions
  • Painter 2017 has a new Portable Brush Selector that is absent in the other versions
  • 2017 painter has a Quick Access Property bars that are missing in the other versions.
  • It is only the 2017 and 2016 versions that contain Paper Rotation feature.
  • Painter 2017 is much faster than the other versions.
  • The other painter versions lack the Multi-level stability support.

Pros of Painter 2017

  • It is easy to use since it is less complicated
  • Makes your art look lively
  • The User Interface is user-friendly
  • Makes your art look more of 3D images
  • It has many new features that give you the results you want
  • It is the best drawing software so far

Cons of Painter 2017

  • Cannot perform well in other Operating Systems apart from Mac and Windows
  • Requires external devices such as DVD drive for box installation
  • Cannot run on machines with less than 2GB RAM

Why buy Painter 2017

For those who love art, this is the best software you can have on your computer to make your art more enjoyable and lovely. It is faster and easy to use. It simplifies the overflow of work you have.

Grab the new Painter 2017 version and enjoy its new amazing features. Improve your day-to-day art experience with this drawing software. We are in a digital world, change from your traditional styles and join the digital styles with this new painter.

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