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ChickNova: Online women shopping

Written by Percy Legrand

ChicNova: Online Women Shopping

Overview of the product

ChicNova has provided a platform on which online women shopping thrives. It provides options on which online women shopping has proven easy with a collection of many products from different providers across the globe. The site provides products that suit different needs for women and for different functions including official wear, party dresses and casual wear. ChicNova also provided links to different other ads for online women shopping leading to other sites offering similar services. These have increased the shopping abilities of women and provided them with options all collected in one place. Online women shopping prove easy with ChicNova due to its variety option and connection to other sellers of similar clothing products. It provides links to other websites and outlets that provide online women shopping options hence coming in handy as an accessorized site for online women shopping needs.

Product compared

In comparison to other sites offering online women shopping abilities, ChicNova proves unique with its approach to marketing. The linking to other websites and platforms connect the website to competitors as part of their marketing option increasing its market advantage. It provides its visitors with variety of option for their online women shopping needs, which increases the level of shopping performed by this group of customers. ChicNova is simplified and organized accommodating numerous other links giving its customers a wide variety to choose from compared to its competitors. Many online women shopping providers in the market have focused only on their specific provider embracing less diversity compared to ChicNova. These approaches to marketing and meeting the needs of online women shopping make ChicNova unique.

Features of the product

Some of the features that make ChicNova unique include its ability to accommodate many links that drive customers to other sites from which they would obtain their clothing products. These have featured it as stop centre for online women shopping attracting many customers from different parts of the world. ChicNova as an online women shopping site is also simplified with an easy to locate search option that customers may exercise in finding clothing options and providers. Online women shopping websites provided on ChicNova provide the required variety that increases its ability to satisfy its customers. ChicNova provides different products for online women shopping catering for women with all clothing needs ranging from the plus sized to those small bodied. It includes retail-clothing shops that cater for those intending for retail products, fashion designer products, and clothing designer among others. The site also provides room for those selling online women shopping products.

Pros of the product

The advantages of the approach employed by ChicNova on online women shopping include the increase in the level of traffic that it creates through its platform. It provides the users with a variety of options which increases their shopping abilities and hence revenues for the company. ChicNova proves easy to use for any online women shopping needs. The simplicity of the site that increases its customer usage has an impact on the growth of customer activities. It provides online women shopping through linking a variety of suppliers of these products hence increasing its effectiveness. The domain of the company provides information on various products through links, which increase awareness of the customers on the products. The platform does not only serve buyers but also sellers of online women shopping products. The sellers use the platform to direct customers to their sites, which increase the level of traffic for them.

Cons of the product

The business model employed by ChicNova in online women shopping proves complex and centred on marketing products for other sites. It exposes customers to sites that may not provide the quality guarantee necessary. The limitation that this approach provides has an impact on the online women shopping market providing a wide variety of options but with few fully controlled by ChicNova. The connection to other third party users of the site increases the possibilities of cyber criminals taking advantage of the customers. The possibilities of customer disappointments proves higher considering the site may provide links to sites that may not meet the customer needs hence affecting the image of ChicNova and online women shopping providers. The limitation provided by this approach to business increases the distance between the customers and the company.

Why should the customer buy the product?

Despite the above challenges, ChicNova remains an effective approach to online women shopping offering links to other providers with a variety of products that meet the customers’ needs. ChicNova also offers options for sellers of these products to provide their links on the site, which increases the connection between the buyer and the seller. It creates a market option that the buyer gains the ability to check through the large variety of products before making the decision on which products to buy. ChicNova has also provided simplicity in usage through their coloured and attractive website that offers easy access to providers of online women shopping. The options available prove many with customers experiencing many suppliers and comparing prices before deciding on the online women shopping option to consider.


In conclusion, the approach employed by ChicNova in online women shopping proves different from the traditional approaches to online shopping. It provides a platform through which the buyers are linked with the sellers providing the ability for customers to have variety of products to choose from easing their purchase decisions. Online women shopping through ChicNova has eased based on the simplicity of the site providing users with the ability to navigate the products offered with ease without finding challenges in identifying the best options for their needs. ChicNova has embraced this approach considering it reduces the level of effort needed in serving the customers. It ensures that the buyers link with the sellers and transact at a different level, which reduces the level of risk that the company faces but provides support to buyers on choices. These features make the site unique and different from the common online women shopping sites.

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