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Avoiding Onlookers with Avast’s Secureline

Written by Percy Legrand

Privacy has lost its meaning over the years.

Whether it be due to the person or because people have become nosier, the fact stands that privacy has gotten to the point where you are unable to have any privacy or you have too much privacy. This can be attributed to the advancement of age and the decrease in need in people for a social life. It’s not as dark as it’s portrayed and it’s a fact that cannot be taken negatively or positively. The problem with having no privacy is that people can easily see what you are up to which is not something that you want to be aired out like dirty laundry.

The violation of privacy usually happens through technology in cases where you cannot hide your history or your mails without having someone sneak a peek at them, whether it be a family member or a malicious hacker, there is a need to protect yourself from instances such as this. And there is a place that can provide that sort of protection and that is Avast which has a service called the Avast Secureline which makes your activities private so that no one can sneak a peek at them.

What is Avast?

In simple terms, Avast is known commonly as an internet service provider but they try to do their best by making other programs that try to make the usage of a computer safer for the user. This includes making things private for the protection of the owner.

In case of acquiring this service, it’s easily available on their site where you can easily find the desired product. It’s unfortunately not free and you have to buy it from the site so that you can use it for the year limit. This program is available for IOS, android and Pc so we can that it’s versatile at best.

How does it look when we compare it?

There are several different types of antivirus programs around them. Avast is one of the well-known ones out of them because it’s readily available, be it online or at any shop. Known as the one that’s used by the common people, it has a good reputation amongst people. The service that they provide is not as well-known with other anti-virus programs.

Usually anti-virus programs only focus on protecting the PC from any viruses but Avast has gone on to diverge from the norm and try to protect the PC in another form, by hiding the emails that may be important and not suitable for all eyes. In matters of privacy, it seems to be in the lead.

What does it have?

  • Secure encryption
  • Invisibility without leaving any traces
  •  It can bypass any geographical restrictions
  • It provides good speed and performance

What can we expect from it?

When there is the probability that a hacker or your internet provider can snoop through your history and know what you were looking through, even going as far as to hack through some of your important sites, you know that there is a need for you to protect yourself. The horrible part is that it’s not just in your home, this can happen anywhere where you can get a free WIFI connection so that makes the prospect even more terrifying for you.

So what’s good about Avast?

The first pro of course is that it protects your history and prevent anyone from snooping. That is a big point in its favor and it stays true to its purpose. Another thing that works for it is that it provides high speed and doesn’t make your PC or mobile slow. Sometimes, programs do tend to do that but Avast works around this particular issue. It also has a simple method of signing up and usage, making it as uncomplicated for the consumer’s benefit. This is an issue that is often faced by people who may not be conventionally tech savvy. So making things as simple as possible is good for the benefit of the person.

The servers that they use to mask your IP is also geographically diverse so they at least deliver on what they are promising to give you. Seeing as you are buying the product from, they make sure that you get its worth.

But can there be a problem?

There is always a flipside to any coin and Avast is no exception to this issue.
The secureline does have some drawbacks which depending on people may seem severe when they are actually not so severe. One of the issues is that it is considered expensive as it’s priced at 60 dollars but there can no price on privacy. It’s a small price to pay if you are protecting yourself from a hacker who may be able to hack into your email and get your bank details. So that’s a thing to keep in mind.

An issue that is more related to real life rather than your online life is that the need for privacy can cause some problem among loved ones who may not see your need for such privacy. It’s a not major issue and trust is a big factor so if you have people who trust you then this problem is easily overcome.

There is another problem which is the need for separate licenses for mobile devices. This may seem like too much for the Avast Secureline service but at the end of the day, they are a business and we can’t judge them for it. Besides the makeup of a mobile phone and a PC is completely different so this isn’t as farfetched as people might think that it is.

The conclusion that we can arrive at

If you are worried about your lack of privacy and overcome with the anxiety of having your history looked through then this is the perfect thing for you to use. At the end of the day, you have to think about your own protection and this provides that, in more than one way.
So if you are looking for a way to safely go about your business, Avast Secureline is the perfect thing for you to use.

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Percy Legrand

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