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Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 2
Written by Percy Legrand

Apple Watch Series 2:

Product Overview:

Apple Watch Series 2 is the main topic for today’s discussion. In the world of technology, where the development has been exponential during the past five years, Apple Inc has come with another beautiful stroke of its masterpiece. Apple recently announced the second series of Apple Watches, the Apple Watch series 2, after its big successful campaign with the Apple Watch Series 1. “Bigger Better and Bolder” is what the company promises from its newest product in the list of its innovations. Powered with the Watch OS 3, the Apple Watch series 2 is your daily workout trainer and fitness companion in your own gymnasium. The most coveted gadget of this year, the Apple Watch Series 2 is definitely a fitness freak’s freak friend on the go with no doubt.

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The Apple Watch series 2 sports a S2 Dual Core CPU. The case is 38mm long and sports a gold aluminium alloy finished case. The Apple Watch Series 2 also features 2x brighter OLED Retina display with Force Touch technology and a built in GPS facility. The Apple Watch Series 2 can help you synchronize the device with the iPhone using the WI-FI 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0.

Moreover it is fully waterproof up to 50m which is the most advantageous, because you can take it with you even during activities like swimming and surf, when they are a part of your workout schedule. It also has an all-embracing workout app. This device is exclusively available for discount in UAE souq, souq Dubai, souq KSA, souq Egypt. If you want someone to count every single step you take in a day, literally, the Apple Watch Series 2 is something you need to get obsessed with as it is a good personal health and fitness tool which tracks your movements to give out statistics at the end of the day to provide feedback on what workout you overdo and what you can actually do more.

Comparison with the competitors:

In comparison with the competitors Samsung Gear S3, Moto 360 2nd Generation, pebble smartwatch and fit-bit challenge smartwatch, Apple Watch Series 2 stands out in almost every aspect to be the top smartwatch brand that is in the market as of now. Though the Apple Watch series 2 loses out to the competitors in battery life, it aces the others in every other aspect making it the most sought after smartwatch brand of the year. The display in the Apple Watch is a OLED one with a gold aluminium finish which you can never find in other watches made of ceramic and thus easily breakable.

The Apple Watch Series 2 stands out in water resistance abilities too as the others are just merely certified with IPv6 and IPv7 certifications, but Apple Watch series 2 satisfies ISO standards too. The OS version on the Apple Watch also beats the others like Tizen OS and Android in terms of interface and app compatibility. Considering all these comparative aspects, the Apple Watch Series 2 wins the race by miles. Like Apple, UAE souq with Dubai souq, souq Egypt and souq KSA also stands out with its discounted prices. So go grab yours before stock ceases.


Pros of Buying the Apple Watch Series 2:

  • Tracking you workouts and activities with the Apple Watch Series 2 has been optimized with watch OS and thus makes it highly comfortable for anyone to just wear and use it.
  • Unlike other smartwatches which promise about the waterproof abilities of the device and later announce to the public not to “submerge the device in water”, Apple gives everyone the guarantee of the water resistance of the Apple Watch series 2. So you can wear and go to swimming and surfing without a second question.
  • The Apple S2 dual core processor is at least 50 times faster than the processors used in other smartwatch of the same specification and price category.
  • Since the Watch OS is integrated with the renowned iOS, without second thought you can rely on the Apple watch series 2 for its performance capabilities. Also, the apple watch series 2 can be used to download a wide range of apps from the App Store.
  • The newest feature in the Apple Watch 2 is the digital crown. Anyone can scroll through the watch with the digital crown almost effortlessly and the ergonomics of its position makes it comfortable for usage.
  • The sensor that comes with the Apple Watch Series 2 helps tracking the heart rate and steps of the user. This data is later self used by the highly integrated apps in the watch to suggest personalized exercises and workouts for the wearer. Apple also introduced Care-Kit and Research-Kit to its range of health apps, which works with the Apple Watch to help predict seizures.
  • No matter how big or small your wrist is, the Apple Watch series 2 can be customized to be worn by anyone. Also, it comes in a wide variety of customized colors and a ceramic finished band from Nike.

Cons of buying the Apple Watch Series 2:

  • The Battery life has been of a major concern by many users as the estimated usage time is just 18 hours. If you are someone who is obsessed with sports or fitness and if you continue doing it for more than 18 hours, god bless you.
  • Also the Apple Watch Series 2 does not work without the iPhone. So, you need to buy an iPhone with the Apple Watch in order to see it working beautifully.


Why should you buy this product?

As I already said, if you are a fitness freak or a sports horse who needs to monitor yourself for you physical health and fitness, this device is a must go. You can grab the discounted product on UAE souq.



The Apple Watch Series 2 powered by Watch OS is a device that is inevitable for any person who wants a smartwatch. With its super standard qualities and abilities, the cost to quality ratio is justified for the device. And thus you can buy Apple Watch Series 2 without a second thought on UAE souq.

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