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Apple Watch Series 1

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Written by Percy Legrand

Apple Watch Series 1:

Product Overview:

What if a watch has a touchscreen? What if a watch acts as smart as the one in movies? What if the watch makes you feel like James Bond? Here is Apple’s answer to your fantasies- the apple watch. The watch by Apple is integrated with the popular watch OS, a version of iOS the default operating system of apple hand-held devices and this integration is a pretty intriguing fact that has been gaining interest in the field of technology in the recent days. The Apple watch features a mechanism to change preferred straps as required by the user

It has a touch screen featuring Force Touch technology, which also includes multi-touch features and an additional input called the “digital crown” has been placed in order to enable zooming. Though there are no official claims that the watch is waterproof, it withstands rain and gentle splashes of water. However, the company advises not to immerse it in water. UAE souq offers you this product for a very less and discounted price on souq Dubai, souq KSA, souq Egypt.

Another innovation is that the watch can be paired with any iPhone and an interesting fact is that, when it is connected, one can use the music from the iPhone and control it using the Apple Watch. The watch is a boom in the innovation of watches and devices used to keep track of health.

This fantastic watch is available in four variants- Apple: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Hermès, and Apple Watch Edition.  The primary aim of the release of the product, Apple Watch, as claimed by the company, is to free people from their phones to make them free from using phones that add awkwardness and thereby to make them look in a way little more human. By doing such an innovation that is considered a breakthrough in the list of Apple Products that are always welcomed as genuine, Apple Inc has added capital to the company and a base for future innovations and the additional trust of its users.

The Watch by Apple is available on souq online and souq KSA, Dubai souq, souq Egypt for a low price of about 900 Arab Emirates Dirham. And that’s the cheapest a smart watch with this much quality can get to.

Comparison with its competitors:

This watch has its own set of competitors. The close competitors are gear S2 by Samsung, Moto 360 by Motorola. The comparison between the three is completely intriguing as it gets to the saturation limit of development and innovation of technology in the three for the price for which they are available in the market. All the three products sport a 512MB RAM with the Apple leading the pack in the internal memory. The watch has a good memory of 8 GB while the other two competitors have 4 GB memory each.

The Apple Watch also features loudspeakers similar to Gear S2 and unlike moto 360. With their own screen protection, Apple’s Ion-X glass and sapphire protection are better than Corning Gorilla Glass 3, used in the other two devices. All the three have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities also along with an accelerometer, gyro and heart rate sensors present in all the three. With the highest quality to price ratio, In that aspect, Apple always tops the list with its OS optimization and other undisputed awesome capabilities, that makes it one of the best smartwatches available on souq Dubai, souq KSA, souq Egypt


It has a touch screen and an almost water resistant display. The watch has a total storage of 8 GB. It sports infrared and LEDs. It can control the iPhone remotely. It has a heart Rate sensor and uses an Apple S1 chip as its CPU.

Pros of buying the Apple Watch series 1:

  • With a sleek design, the watch is a great workout companion if you are an exercise enthusiast. It is a product that will make a non-exerciser want to exercise. It shows the calories burn rate, the heart beat rate and the steps you make while you run each day and a lot more features.
  • It can be considered as a wrist held version of a miniature iPhone itself. It can send and receive calls and text messages. You can store photos and videos in it. The catchiest advantage is that it also supports every app on your iPhone.
  • With the Apple Watch in your hand, you can even book cabs through the apps in it and using the in-built GPS system. The presence of the GPS enhances once experience with the Apple Watch
  • You can receive notifications without actually waking your phone up. And although it is usually paired with the iPhone for usage, not pairing it does not cause major problems except battery drain.

Cons of buying the Apple Watch:

  • If you don’t have an iPhone, God bless you. The Apple Watch wont do any good to you without the iPhone. The Apple Watch needs iPhone 5 and later versions and variants of the iPhone in order to operate.
  • Though the Apple Watch generally works fine with and without the pairing, when paired, the proximity of the Apple Watch with iPhone is a little problematic. Users have complained that the Watch performs less when the proximity of the Watch from the iPhone increase.
  • The Apple Watch has a less battery power than its competitors. It promises 18 hours and even falls short when the usage increases. Another pain is that the charge time is incredibly slow.

Why should you buy this product?

Well, if you are a fitness freak, regular to workouts, this is a smartwatch that you will never want to miss. Also, UAE souq offers the watch for a discounted price which is less that the original price. So, UAE souq gives you a double advantage to go grab the watch to make it yours and carry it daily with you for workout sessions.


With the highest quality to price ratio, with better performance than the competitor brand devices in this price range, the Apple Watch is a must go for anyone who wants a smart watch. Go grab your Apple Watch soon on UAE souq online.

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