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Written by Sam Oldwin

Technology is playing a major role in making our lives easier for us. Few years back, we used to go outside in order to get things. But, now with technology we can get everything at our door steps. This is all possible just because of the advancement in technology. We can get everything with the help of few clicks.

This trend is now increasing day by day. Online shopping websites are playing a major role in the progress of e – commerce market. They are successful in meeting the demands of the customers. Most of the customers are satisfied by the services provided by these online shopping websites. Now a days, a large number of online shopping websites are available. But, some of them are popular all around the world. These websites are providing their services in many countries of the world. In addition to that, they have excellent delivery services.

Now, I am going to share some websites which are perfect for buying stuff. You can get electronics, toys, furniture, clothes, gaming consoles a lot of other things through these websites. These online shopping websites are world famous.


Amazon is known as one of the most famous as well as largest online retailer in the whole world. It is present in many countries of the world. This website was an online book store but now the company has diversified its products. Now, you can get thousands of other products under the roof of this platform. In addition to that, Amazon is known for providing best and easy payments to its customers.

People get a lot of payment options on Amazon. In addition to that, several discounts and sales are offered in order to provide excellent services to the customers. This shopping online site is also popular for its fast delivery methods. You can get the best prices of products on Amazon.


eBay is an online platform which is available for the people of many countries. eBay is a very popular online auction platform. In addition to that, eBay is popular because it is beneficial for both sellers and buyers. On eBay, you are not bound to purchase products only. On the other hand, if you want to sell anything, eBay is the best choice for you.

Electronics, accessories, clothing or gifts, eBay has everything for you. The delivery system of eBay is excellent. Here, I would like to mention that eBay is shopping online website which is free for people who wants to purchase something. But, if you want to sell something through eBay, you need to pay the website for listing your things. Moreover, eBay will also charge you when those items are sold.


Walmart is a world famous online retailer. You can get anything while shopping at Walmart. It has an excellent variety of electronics, video games, home furnishing goods, clothes, accessories, auto-mobiles, gifts, sports as well as a lot of other things. Walmart is popular because it will help you in getting the best product while remaining in your budget.

In addition to that, Walmart is also participating in providing fresh grocery to its customers. Free delivery of products and sale offers of Walmart are making this website popular in online customers. Now, you can save your visits to the traditional stores by enjoy shopping at the online website of Walmart.


Alibaba is considered as the largest business to business trading platform. It is also known as the largest commerce company of the world. This website has millions of users. It is said that this online shopping website is handling business more than any other e-commerce corporation in the world. We can say that Alibaba is earning a lot more than Amazon and eBay combined. More than 80 % of China’s online market is occupied by Alibaba.

Alibaba is introducing a lot of new things in the market. The growth rate of this website is increasing day by day. It is now on the top of the list of most valuable companies in the world. Alibaba is also expanding its business in many other countries.


BestBuy is another American multinational platform which is serving people best products. You can get cell phones, laptops, video games, TV and home theatre, computers and tablets and a lot of other things under this platform. The speciality of BestBuy is the quality of its products. There are a lot of deals available on this online shopping website.

Featured products and best sellers are the main categories of this website. Home appliances are also available on BestBuy. It is known for providing expert services to its customers. The website claims to have an unbeatable price on its products.

Mr. Porter:

Mr. Porter is an online retailer which specializes in offering men’s clothes. This website is specific for men. They are providing world top brands on its website. You can get high quality shoes, suits, accessories as well as high lifestyle products. You can also select gifts through this shopping online site.

This is a very well managed and well organized platform. You can get 400 designers through Mr. Porter. The products are of high quality. In addition to that, if someone is not satisfied by the product, they can return the product. Keep this thing in your mind that you can return the products only if you fulfil the criteria set by the website.


Here, we have discussed a lot about online shopping websites. Most of the websites mentioned above are providing everything to the customers. But, there are many websites which are now working on a single product. These online shopping websites are attracting people by using a lot of digital marketing strategies. These online shopping websites are providing products in very reasonable prices. You can get more variety on these websites as compared to the traditional stores.

On the other hand, it is the best way to save your money and time. Now, you don’t need to waste your time in parking your car. Now get everything just by a few clicks.

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