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Written by Sam Oldwin

When you want to shop from any online shopping website like Daraz, you know that you have to get the best at the best price to look fabulous. Did you ever wonder how those celebrities have such a perfect face, perfect makeup? They simply glow. Yes, they do have money, a lots of money, and they do have their own makeup artists and they don’t have to do their own makeup. But what is the secret? Can I look that way? Can you look that way? I think you can, you just need to know some basic stuff about makeup and it’s usage.

You need to follow basic steps and figure out what kind of makeup suits you. Maybe you don’t have time to buy makeup, or maybe you don’t have some products in your country, but don’t worry, you can always shop online. Visit daraz online shopping website and find everything you need. I am going to tell you about my daily makeup routine and I am going to suggest you some products which you can find on some of the best online shopping websites.

Steps to have perfect makeup & products found on daraz online shopping website

Firstly, deeply wash your face. You need your face to be clean in order to have perfect makeup. After washing it and drying it you need to moisturize it. Always do that to protect your facial skin. You can find some great moisturizers on online shopping Pakistan websites.

Then, the second step is to spread primer onto your skin. This product fills your pores and it prepares your skin for foundation. Check the Daraz online shopping website and find Kiss beauty – illuminating primer. This one will give glow to your skin and it will hold your makeup base for many hours. Make sure you always use this before the foundation.

The third thing you need is a foundation. You need to know which type of foundation your face needs. If you have an oily skin, matte foundation is a great choice for you. It will cover the shiny parts and it will make your skin look very good. Visit daraz online shopping website and find Rimmel – Stay matte 12h foundation. But, in case you don’t know, matte foundations are very heavy for skin, so don’t use it on a daily basis.

And if you have dry skin then try some moisturizing liquid foundation. My recommendation is a Junaid Jamshed luminous moisturizing foundation. These foundations are very light, and you can wear them often.

Also, there is one more thing you should be careful about, and that is shade. You need to choose the right shade of foundation. Try it out, order samples and figure out which tone suits you the best. If a foundation doesn’t match your face tone, but you still want to wear it, make sure to put foundation on face and neck also. Even that out and maybe no one will notice.

The next thing you need is to contour your face. Visit some of the best online shopping websites and order some great contouring products. I will recommend you – NYX cosmetics – wonder stick. This stick has two sides, dark one and the light one. That is everything you need for contouring. Apply the contours, gently spread them and even them and you are done with this part.

Now  you’re done with the basics.

Makeup products – Daraz online shopping website

The next step is to enhance your features.

Use shopping online sites and you find the following products.

Half of the work is done, now the other half. Enhance your features! I am going to tell you which products do I use to fill up this step and to finish my makeup routine.

Eyeliner – I just love eyeliners and they are absolutely unavoidable even in my everyday makeup routine. I love the one by Color studio –  Proffesional Hypno eye marker and also Liquid last liner – point black by MAC.

Sometimes when I want to have matt looking eye makeup, I use an eyeliner pencil, I prefer Khol power eye pencil – Feline by MAC

And, of course, you need to have great eyebrows because they are the main part of your face. They make your face look unique as it is. I personally love eyebrow pencils because they are so precise, and I use the one by Essence, but eyebrows powder is also a great thing. Search through some shopping online sites and find – Make me brow duo eye brow by essence. Find it on shopping online sites.

Mascara – the product that makes your eyes look bigger and fabulous. If you want to have a natural look, choose a dark brown mascara, otherwise just use the black one. There are different types of mascaras and also different types of mascara brushes, thick ones, thin ones, curvy ones and so on. Choose which type of a brush suits you the best and which type makes your eyelashes bigger.  Visit some of the best online shopping websites and find my favorite mascara – Maybelline New Yerk – Volum’ express collosal mascara. You can find those on online shopping Pakistan websites.

Now you can add some blush or a bronzer. Do you know what the difference between a blush and a bronzer is?

Blush comes in pink tones and it will make your cheeks look natural and rosy. You put blush on your cheekbones to make it look natural.

And bronzer is something that will make your cheeks look like the sun kissed them, tanned and great looking. You put bronzer on the cheekbones and you pull the brush all the way down to the corner of your mouth. Use a brush to even it out.

From the blush products I would choose his ones – Eyeshah’s real face blush on light pink for women, and Makeup revolution London – ultra blush and contour palette – all about cream.

And from the bronzer products, my choices are – Giordani gold bronzing pearls – natural radiance by Oriflame and Makeup revolution London – baked bronzer for woman – golden days.

Check out online shopping Pakistan websites and find those.


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