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ChicNova: Shopping Online Sites

Written by Sam Oldwin

ChicNova: Shopping Online Sites

Overview of the product

The increasing shift of customers from the traditional shopping approaches to shopping online sites has occurred more in the fashion industry especially those dealing with women clothing, jewellery and accessories including fragrances. ChicNova has taken to online shopping by creating a shopping online site that provides a link between suppliers of clothing products and the buyers. It has created a platform through which buyers may have a variety of products related to female clothing hence increasing the ability of one finding their desired dressing on this shopping online site. The product is well designed in attractive colours and simple alignment to increase usage abilities. A shopping online site whose platform proves simpler to use attracts more traffic. Many people consider it due to their ability to operate it without any complications. ChicNova has gained dominance of shopping online site due to the above that it offers to its customers.

Product compared

In comparison to other online shopping sites, ChicNova stands out as unique and attractive to customers. The site focuses on providing links to different online providers of female clothing, which results in many suppliers on one platform. As an online shopping site, these suppliers create ease for the buyers considering they avail many options for the consumer. Many other online shopping sites luck the diversity that ChicNova provides. They focus on one supplier to provide products for customers and hence limiting them. ChicNova has over the years developed the art of managing different suppliers giving them a platform to meet customers from different parts and hence promoting the online shopping site. As an online shopping site for women, ChicNova understands the need of its customers more than any other online shopping site. The company has studied the shopping trends of women and their need for variety. It has employed this in its website to increase the ability of meeting the needs of its users.

Features of the product

As an online shopping site, ChicNova has embraced a wide range of features that have made it unique to its users. These include its variety element that has increased the possibilities of buyers meeting their needs in comparison to other online shopping sites. ChicNova provides many links to different suppliers of female clothing hence feeding its customers with a wide range to choose from in their shopping needs. The feminine colouring of the website increases its attractiveness to the target audience. The online shopping site is marred in feminine colours to fit the target market and increase its attractiveness to them. The simplicity of the website makes the online shopping site dominate the women clothing needs business. The easy to navigate site has a search option that allows users to search easily for their preferred products. These abilities have increased the efficiency of the online shopping site.

Pros of the product

ChicNova provides a wide range of advantages to its users. These include the variety option it offers compared to any other online shopping site, the simplicity in usage that makes it possible for anybody to use and the design and coloring the fit the target market. The online shopping site provides users with the diversity in options and allows free and fair competition among the sellers by providing a uniform market opportunity. The links provided for the different providers of female clothing provide the uniqueness of the online shopping site that make it thrive over its competitors and hence offering quality services to its users. The online shopping site provides users with protection considering it allows them to peruse through a variety of products before deciding on their purchase option. Users may only share their information when they finally decide the provider to shop from hence providing the ability to evaluate different options.

Cons of the product

In its quest to provide variety to its customers on the online shopping site, ChicNova attracts a variety of people including hackers that purport to provide products but target information from the buyers. These endanger the users of the online shopping site and expose them to possible exploitation from cyber criminals. The third party approach to conducting online shopping affects the abilities of customers to develop loyalty for the online shopping site with many creating accounts with the buyers they identify hence reducing their interaction with ChicNova. The website proves seller oriented than it is buyer oriented with the links providing customers a connection with sellers of clothing products. Many sellers would prefer using it to attract customers then create accounts for the customers on their sites limiting the level of traffic that ChicNova obtains.

Why should the customer buy the product?

As an online shopping site providing diversity, customers would consider shopping from it due to the many options it provides that increases their possibilities of meeting their needs. ChicNova has embraced a variety approach that relates closely with the shopping needs of female buyers. Many women embrace shopping habits that include visiting different online shopping sites before deciding on their product needs. ChicNova proves to understand the needs of its female buyers compared to other online shopping sites. These have influenced the development of a connection with users of the site that have made it unique and increased its customer impact.


ChicNova has developed a different style in online shopping sites providing a wide range of clothing products under one. It has created a site on which different buyers provide their products for buyers to view and make a purchase decision. The simplicity of the site has increased usage abilities with many users finding it easy to navigate it and view the available options. The connection between the users and the site through embracing a chick approach to marketing increases the attractiveness of ChicNova. It aids in developing an attachment with its users yielding to customer loyalty that is central in the development of the business. Based on the above, ChicNova proves the best option for any current generation chick looking to engage their clothing needs and find products from a variety.

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