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Best online shopping websites – what do they offer? Why should I buy things there?

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Written by Sam Oldwin

Why should I buy things online? What are the best online shopping websites?


Why not? You know that days when you need something but you don’t have time to shop, to search for things. The one great thing that internet can offer are online shopping websites. Sit comfortably in your couch, take your laptop, tablet or phone and search for things. I have done a research, I wanted to buy a dress and I have visited tons of sites, but the one site that I really liked is aliexpress USA. I have found a dress, not one, but 5 dresses that I can wear on every occasion. And you would say, easy for a person with big wallet. But believe me, aliexpress USA offers things for cents, literally.

The other day I checked my calendar for events and I was surprised that I forgot about my friend’s birthday.  I have nothing to wear, I have no gift for her, nothing. The birthdays is in two days and I have tons of other obligations.

But I solved it all in an hour. I have searched internet, found some online shopping websites, and I chose aliexpress USA, because I lived in USA and I liked the fact I can find the whole outfit there and also a gift.

I bought a new pair of pants, a shirt, a cardigan, a bracelet and one pair of beautiful heels. And as a gift, I have found a beautiful swatch. My friend will love it. All that for a very small amount of money. I love shopping online.


Is it safe to shop online? Are those best online shopping websites protecting me, or?


It’s not always safe to shop online, it is best for you to do a research and choose which online shopping websites suits you the best. Depending on your safe buying and payment process, depending on the place you live, and so on… My cousin asked me the other day, which one should I use? She lives in Canada, so I highly recommended aliexpress Canada. The items will arrive in no time, you only need to find a thing you like and pay for it, and it will be on your very soon.

She was very satisfied with aliexpress Canada, she bought everything she needed.

What is important to do, to keep your money safe?

Always check the seller, always. If he has more negative than positive feedbacks that means you shouldn’t buy from him. Feedbacks are given by people who already bought items from that seller, and they are sharing their opinions, so in order to improve safety for yourself and for other users, make sure that, also, after receiving an item, you also leave a feedback.


How do I know when my item is going to arrive?

On every item you select, there should be an estimated delivery time. Check that and keep it in mind, in case that order gets lost, you can always contact the seller.


What if I get an item that doesn’t match the picture?


Always check the size of an item. If you are buying a piece of clothing, be sure to have your measurements, and then check if that piece of clothing that you have chosen, fits you. And when it comes to other kind of things and items, check if there is a description. If it doesn’t have a description, better not order it. But if it does, read it carefully.


Can I get a refund?


Of course you can. Once it happened to me that I ordered a purse, big purse. I have done a research, read a description and it was a perfect purse for me, because I like to have my make-up, perfumes and lots of other stuff, always near me. I got a package soon, and once I opened it, I knew they made a mistake. I got a very small purse. I contacted them, but I got no response, soon after I got a refund.


Can someone else use my credit card if I start shopping online?


No, if u use these, best online shopping websites, you are completely safe. No one can use your credit cards, but you. Just make sure you don’t give away your password, never, ever. If the site asks you for a credit card password, don’t shop there.


Can I track my order?

Yes, some items and some sellers give you an option to track your order, so in every moment you can know where your item is. Some items do not have a tracking option so you will just have to wait. Remember, check for an estimated delivery time.


What things to buy?


Whatever you need, free your imagination, search for stuff, you will soon discover that you can find some genius things that you didn’t even know you need. My cousin, that I mentioned earlier, she uses aliexpress canada, and the other day she said to me that she ordered one great Batman coffee mug and since she is a big fan of Batman, I knew she was really happy she got it. I found a shirt and a pen with a Batman sign on it. I am sure she will like that gift.

And guess what I bought?!

A great alarm clock that hides from me, even though I really like to sleep, I have to get up from the bed every morning and find it just to turn off the alarm. Great thing.

My husband is a coffee lover so I bought him a Thermos mug so he can always have his coffee the way he likes it, always hot, fresh and delicious.

Almost every great item that you find in my house is an item from these best online shopping websites.

So, before you order, make sure to read everything in my review, make sure to check everything and you are good to go.

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